12 Coffee Hacks You Need in Your Life

Get your hack on for National Coffee Day.

There are coffee people, and then there are coffee people. And often, coffee people turn into coffee people given some time. But, I digress. September 29 is a day for all the caffeinated souls to unite and celebrate those lovely, magical beans together and what better way to celebrate than learning new tricks to add to your java belt? Whether you want to make tastier iced coffee, learn how to recycle leftover coffee grounds or find the two-second cure to a bitter brew, you’ve come to the right place.


3 Iced Coffee Hacks
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Are you an iced coffee addict? Watch, and learn.


Homemade Coffee-Scented Soap

Coffee Inspired Christmas Gifts

Coffee Grounds Soap Bar

Use your leftover coffee grounds to make homemade coffee-scented soap. In addition to adding a contrast of color, the coffee grounds aid in exfoliation.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

Leftover coffee grounds make for delightfully scented homemade soap. The grounds will also provide exfoliation.

Garden Booster

Plants like this creeping fig can benefit from the minerals found in coffee grounds.

Using Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Plants like this creeping fig can benefit from the minerals found in coffee grounds.

That’s right — your garden can benefit from your coffee habit. Leftover coffee grounds can lower soil pH, fertilize plants, deter pests and feed the worms. Learn more here.

Homemade Face Mask

DIY Pumpkin Face Mask

Pumpkin Spice Latte Face Mask

This sweet autumn scrub is perfect for an at-home spa day.

Use coffee grounds and pumpkin puree to enliven your looks. Our homemade scrub will give your face that I-just-had-a-cup-of-joe glow.


Make Your Own Syrups

Coffee Inspired Christmas Gifts

Coffee Syrups

For that friend who prefers a more flavorful coffee experience, gift them with coffee syrups from your grocery store's coffee aisle. Pour the syrups into oil pourers from a craft store and label the bottles for a more personal touch.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

Make your daily coffee a bit more gourmet with homemade syrups. Simply stir two cups of sugar into two cups of water over low heat. Once the sugar dissolves, add in any flavor you’d like. Caramel sauce, vanilla extract, peppermint extract or smashed berries work well. (Be sure to strain out any berry chunks.)

Try an App Designed for Coffee Lovers

Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker

Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker

Almost as good as having a butler, the Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker from Belkin has WeMo connectivity, so you can start your morning coffee from the comfort of bed. Use a smartphone and the WeMo app to schedule up to a week’s worth of brewing plans. The coffeemaker is compatible with Apple (iOS 7.0 and higher) and Android (4.0 and higher) devices, as well as non-morning people.

Photo by: Belkin


There are tons of apps out there designed for people just like you. (I’m assuming if you’ve made it this far, you view coffee as liquid gold.) Try one of these 10 options to perfect your java routine.

Add Coffee to Your Smoothie

Freezer Smoothie Bags

Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfast: Freezer Smoothie Bags

No need to chop in the morning when you create custom smoothie bags to keep in your freezer. Just pop the ingredients in, add 1-1½ cups liquid and blend. Your morning smoothie prep just got cut down from 15 minutes to two minutes. Get the recipe >>

Photo by: Rachael Hartley, RD

Rachael Hartley, RD

Are you a smoothie person, too? Combine your morning habits into one delicious concoction with our raspberry coffee smoothie recipe.


Bitter Coffee?

Coffee takes a multi-step journey before it reaches your cup.

Cup of cofee

Coffee takes a multi-step journey before it reaches your cup.

Photo by: Debbie Wolfe

Debbie Wolfe

Hey, it happens. Next time you’re left puckering your lips, add a pinch of salt to your cup. Seriously, it works!

Coffee Stains?

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

The Many Uses of Baking Soda

Baking Soda: The non-toxic multipurpose cleaning product you should always have on hand. Baking soda can be used for deodorizing, cleaning, cooking, beauty rituals, science projects, putting out fires and more.

You know those beloved coffee mugs that have seen one too many sunrises? The ones with the permanent coffee rings left in the bottom? Great news: they can be salvaged! Simply sprinkle enough baking soda to cover the bottom of your cup, and add a bit of water to create a paste. Grab a brush or a rough sponge, and get to work. Your cup should look as good as new with a little elbow grease.

Too Hot to Handle?

DIY Coffee Mug Sleeves
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Don’t burn your hands. Make an adorable DIY coffee sleeve with an old sock or flannel shirt, instead.

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