Literally Just 15 Cute Pictures of Puppies

National Puppy Day is March 23rd, and these adorable puppers are more than ready to celebrate.

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Just imagine this carefree pup is bounding straight into your arms for a serious snuggle session.

Could you ever say no to those big sappy puppy dog eyes? I know I couldn't.

There's just nothing quite like a pup who hasn't grown into their paws or ears yet.

This little cutie would like to humbly request that you not go to work and stay home to cuddle instead.

Okay, are they finally going to create a season of America's Next Top Dog Model? Or is this little fluff just naturally talented at finding the light?

Honestly, I've never seen a better set of ears in my life. Those babies could pick up radio waves.

I wish anything made me as happy as running through grass makes this tiny Corgi.

Best of luck to this little guy working on his bark. You can do it!

How is this dog even real? Are we sure it's not a teddy bear?

I've never been a big nap person, but this Shiba Inu just might change my mind.

This fluffy friend would love just a little more dinner. How could you resist?

What's better than one puppy? Three puppies! Especially when they're this lovable.

Don't let that wrinkly face fool you; this little pupper is far from old.

Yep, those really are ice-blue eyes you're seeing. And yes, they are incredible.

If looking at so many cute faces has tuckered you out, take a page from this pup's book and settle in for a little snooze.

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