30+ Must-Have Pet Products HGTV Editors Swear By

From deodorizing dog wipes to design-worthy cat towers, these pet products get a stamp of approval from us and our four-legged pals.

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August 25, 2022

When I asked my HGTV colleagues, “What are your absolute favorite pet products?” I received — not surprisingly — a flood of responses. Like most folks around the world, we’ve all been spending serious quality time with our pets over the last several months. (I don’t think my dog knows what it’s like to be home alone anymore.) Karen Webb, an associate producer, has been testing out treat puzzles for her pup, Yadi, to keep him entertained (and challenged) during the workday. Paul Cox, manager of editorial operations, adopted a puppy, Simon, during the pandemic who is now a serious trail-running companion, and he swears by Ruffwear gear for his uber-active and adventurous pup. Editor Keri Sanders, who is around her cat’s litter box a bit more these days, has found the best unscented litter that both her and her cat can get behind.

From bowls and beds to grooming tools and interactive toys, we share our can’t-live-without pet essentials for dogs and cats. Shop our must-haves in the links below.

Bowls and Feeders

From $15.95

"I have three dogs who go through a lot of water, so an automatic water dispenser saves me from having to refill their bowl multiple times a day. This model includes a charcoal filter that purifies the water as it flows out, plus Microban Antimicrobial Protection to help prevent the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria." — Shannon Petrie, Managing Editor


"These chic pet bowls are super affordable, easy to clean, durable, non-skid and don't show grime — basically, everything you want in a dog bowl. (I have the large and small sizes for my two dogs.)" — Molly Miller, Assistant Editor


"There's nothing fancy or high-tech about this auto feeder, but it has made life so much easier and efficient in our house. It's super easy to program and has five rotating slots for food. (It uses four D batteries, which you probably don't have on hand, so grab a pack of those.) Each cat has his or her own feeder that goes off at their preferred breakfast time of 5 a.m. Now, I can keep sleeping and they can eat when they like." — Kayla Kitts, Managing Editor

$16.99 $13

"These silicone, waterproof mats are not only cute but are super helpful in containing pet food and water messes. All it takes is a quick wipedown or rinse in the sink to keep each food station nice and clean — and free of ants!" — Kayla Kitts


"Hands down this is my cat's favorite thing in the house. She wasn't sure about it at first, but now we notice she drinks way more water, enjoys swatting at it and even just enjoys watching it sometimes. Since she is getting older, it's so fun to be able to spoil her, and this is a cat product we can both love because it looks great too! I also find the water stays fresher longer, and it's really easy to clean, win-win!" — Karen Webb, Associate Producer

Litter Box Essentials


"This cat litter 'end table' has been amazing since we don't have a mudroom or basement to store the cat litter box in." — Karen Webb


"We LOVE this litter and box system. It doesn't track, it doesn't smell and it's so easy to use. Bali, our cat, is incredibly picky when it comes to her litter and has literally wrecked our sleep schedule over not liking a litter change, but she loves this, and I find it is easier to clean." — Karen Webb


"There are few things worse than stepping on scattered cat litter in the house. After a lot of trial and error, these trapper mats have proved to be the best. Just shake out the litter! At least once a month I like to hose the mats down and give them a good scrub outside (because one of my cats has an accident every now and then)." — Kayla Kitts


"This cat litter has been a total game-changer in my house. I know I’m not alone in saying that the litter box smell is the absolute worst part about having a cat, but I personally cannot handle the scented litter options. I was using another name-brand litter with baking soda for a long time before stumbling on this Purina litter that is shockingly better. There's one downside, though, which is that while it clumps, it doesn’t clump quite as well as other brands I’ve used. Despite that, the smell is still non-existent if scooped regularly. If you have a cat, you seriously have to try this litter!" — Keri Sanders, Editor

Our Editors' Favorite Cat Products
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Home Tech


"Looking for a way to connect to your pets when you can’t be at home but want something more interactive than just a camera? The Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser is a way to check in via cell phone. The device features a built-in wide-angle, 160-degree-view camera (with good picture quality) to watch your pet’s comings and goings via the free Petcube app. But next to the camera to keep tabs on your pets, the best part of this device for me is a receptacle for pet treats that allows you to launch snacks at your buddies either on a timer or just when the mood strikes you. Watching my cat, Nathaniel, scramble for a treat and then wait expectantly for more manna from heaven was priceless and highly entertaining in its own right." — Felicia Feaster, Managing Editor



"The FURminator is a must-have for pets that shed. I tried several other brushes and combs to keep my pups’ excess fur under control, but none of them removed the loose undercoat nearly as effectively as this tool. If you use it regularly (especially before and after baths), you should see a huge difference in the amount of pet hair that makes its way onto your floors and furniture. It comes in multiple sizes for small, medium and large dogs, and there are models for short or long hair." — Shannon Petrie


"Our puppy loves to get rowdy and messy at the dog park, and every trail run ends with him at least partly covered in mud. Sometimes we don’t want to go the full bath route after an outing with our dog. In those cases, these pet wipes are perfect. We keep these in a drawer right next to the back door, along with his brush, and give him a wipe and a comb before we let him inside. He’s clean and smells pretty fresh, too." — Paul Cox, Manager of Editorial Operations


"Because I'm a total neat freak and hate paw prints and hair on the floor, I use these compostable unscented wipes on my dogs before they come inside to brush off loose hair and clean their paws." — Molly Miller


"I'm convinced my dog actually enjoys bathtime. She acts annoyed, but I know she secretly enjoys the free massage she gets from this shampoo mitt. The rubber nubs help create a nice lather that works into your dog's coat better than with bare hands alone. Plus, it keeps your hands clean and dry." — Kayla Kitts


From $24.99

"My senior Schnoodle, Sophie, has a hard time cooling down on hot days so a few years ago, we tried out the Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat and haven’t looked back since. Trust me, your pup will have it made in the shade with this pressure-activated cooling pad that cushions and cools your furry best friend. Sophie likes hers so much that we even take it with us in the car for long trips and on vacay so she can sleep cool and calm all night — no matter where we are." Camille Smith, Managing Editor

$199 $119

"Cat furniture is traditionally hideous and covered in beige or brown carpet that ends up everywhere. This Cat Silo 'side table' is not that. If it wasn't for the sisal scratch pads, you would never guess this was a cat bed/toy. The black wood-grain finish and gold metal legs add an elegant touch and make it a beautiful piece of furniture for your living room, bedroom and more. I have my Cat Silo sitting next to my desk so my cat can keep an eye on me while I work, and my beloved houseplant — sitting on the top shelf — can get some much-needed sunlight." — Kayla Kitts

From $99
Tuft + Paw

"I can’t say enough good things about this bed. Shockingly, my cat took to it immediately and has made it his main hangout in the house. I’m thrilled he loves it, and I’m even more thrilled it means less kitty fur on my sofa as it works well to trap his hair and is easily vacuumed up. I love the style as well. While the price is higher than what I would normally spend, I think it’s well worth it for the elevated design (it’s so much more attractive than anything I’ve seen in stores) and the amount of use it gets. The wide version is perfect for my 15-pound cat, sits beautifully on the couch and blends well with my other accessories. It’s an all-around win in my book." — Keri Sanders


$14.49 $5

"When I say my dog is obsessed with these squirrels, I don’t mean that she really likes them. I mean that she lives and breathes for these squirrels. Wake up: squirrel. Sit down: squirrel. Mealtime: squirrel. She won’t even eat if she thinks there is a chance my foot might accidentally kick her squirrel, giving her a reason to chase it down. They are both her prey and her precious babies, and she carries each one from room to room with her. It’s a love thing." — Keri Sanders


"Burrow puzzles are my dog's favorite! It took her two days to figure it out the first time. Now she loves this puzzle so much and has me put the cookies back in the milk carton so she can play again." — Christina Holbert, Digital Video Editor

$27.49 $14

"This is amazing. We didn't think our dog, Yadi, would be into puzzles, but since we've been working from home this has been the best way to keep him entertained. We opt for these treats because they're a bit smellier and help him hunt down in the puzzle." — Karen Webb

$13.59 (Pack of 3)

"Both my terrier mix and my brother’s Great Dane go crazy for these squeaky balls. They’re natural latex and easy on the teeth, they last a shockingly long time for the amount of use they get, and if that doesn’t win you over, they’re also bacon scented. I stock up because when it’s time for a new one, I want to be ready. One squeak and my dog starts visibly shaking she’s so excited for a round of fetch." — Keri Sanders

$159.99 $128

"We have this cat tree for [our cat] in the sunroom and both her and I love it. It's the cutest cat tree I could find at a reasonable price, and I love that it doesn't have carpeting on it. Since she's getting older, the levels to jump up on are awesome, and she loves scratching on the rope poles or snuggling up in the top nest. Additional win: she doesn't like the nook at the bottom, so we store her toys there. If anything happened to this, we would totally buy a new one." — Karen Webb

$17.99 $10

"My cat is a bit of a wild child. As in, he was literally wild until he decided he liked the idea of sleeping indoors and having food and water at his disposal. But when the wildness comes out, this tunnel is his favorite thing. His zooming back and forth through it is extremely entertaining for both of us, and seeing him jump out to surprise me is one of the cutest things he does. Bonus: It packs up really small for storage, so I don’t have to leave some giant tunnel around my house when it’s not in use." — Keri Sanders

$34.17 $14

"It takes my cat a second to warm up to new things, but that wasn't the case with this toy. It's great because the concealed motion quickly captures their interest, and they go into a fun little hunting mode that is awesome for getting out energy. If you ever want to distract your cat or just give them some extra playtime, this is the perfect toy!" — Karen Webb

$26.99 $22

"If your cat loves zooming around the house, this is the toy for you. The laser is adjustable so you can determine how big of a play zone your cat can enjoy. Once my cat warmed up to it, she was running around the family room chasing it and trying to grab the red dot. It runs for 15-minutes and shuts off, so it is great for planned playtime or even just distracting your cat." — Karen Webb


"I love this snuffle mat! It keeps my corgi from eating her food too quickly and lets her use her natural foraging skills. She prefers having her meals served in some sort of puzzle rather than a food bowl, so this is perfect!" — Christina Holbert


"My dog used to get really nervous when we would leave him home alone, and this toy gave him something to look forward to. I love that it is a way to give them a treat without it being gone in 3-seconds. Instead, they have to work at getting the treat off the toy and end up enjoying playing with the toy once it is done. When I used to live in a townhouse, this was my secret weapon to keep him from barking after we left because he'd be too busy trying to get his treat. " — Karen Webb

4 Toys That Keep Your Dog Busy
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Food and Treats


"My dog, Yadi, has to take anti-anxiety supplements, and he will literally dance for them if they are in these pill pockets." — Karen Webb


"Like many pets, my three poodle-mix girls have *loved* having me WFH for the past year. While I like to think that they’re fans of our maxed-out mommy-pup time, I’m also keenly aware that they’ve enjoyed the resulting increased access to treats. Their favorite: Milk-Bone Brushing Chews. Each day after lunch, they line up next to the pantry and stare determinedly at the red-and-white bag until I open it and give each of them their treat after much dancing in circles and excited tail-wagging. A treat they adore that also cleans their teeth = a dog-mom win/win!" — Camille Smith

Health and Safety


"I have two senior pooches that are in need of easy-to-get-up-and-down steps. Enter the COZIWOW XL Portable Dog Ramp. It’s super sturdy, folds and stores easily, and best of all, the doggos aren’t afraid to use it. We have used it to get in and out our front door and to load the doggos up in our camper. — Michele Purcell, Executive Producer

$69.99 $45

"My toddler and dog are both equally interested in the cats' litter boxes. This pressure-mount gate 'installs' in minutes (no holes or drilling!) and features a little pet door so my cats can pass through to handle their business, while my pup and little one are denied access. Plus, the gates are white and blend into my home's molding so they're not a major eyesore." — Kayla Kitts

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