11 Dreamy Ways to Spend an Adult Snow Day

When it comes time to trade your snow boots for slippers.

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Nothing makes me giddy quite like a snowy forecast. Given, where I live, we only have a few of those each year. On those days, I’m a kid again and my excitement is fueled by each flake that falls. Sadly, my adult snow days don’t quite look like my kid snow days did. My husband (who’s decidedly less enthused by snow) and I don’t own a sled, and although I make him frolic in the fluff with me, I get So. Cold. So. Quickly. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to have a magical snow day in the comfort of your warm home. Read on to learn how.

Host a Snow Day Soup Swap

Watch the forecast closely to plan a snow day soup swap ahead of time. Ask friends to bring their favorite homemade soup or chili, and make a large pot of your favorite, too. Provide a variety of soup garnishes like herbs and cheeses, and offer plenty of bread and crackers. Set out your coziest pillows and blankets, and settle in for a day of relaxation and fellowship.

Make Snow Day Margaritas + Play Games

2 Homemade Margaritas With Freshly Cut Oranges

Snow Day Margaritas

Add freshly fallen snow to our easy margarita recipe to enjoy a taste of summer during the chilly depths of winter.

Photo by: H. Camille Smith

H. Camille Smith

Put some of that beautiful white fluff to good use — in your margarita glass. Sip your snowy concoction, and get out a puzzle or board game.

More Cold-Weather Cocktails

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Arm-Knit a Blanket

Arm-knit a blanket in less than one hour.

How to Arm-Knit a Chunky Wool Blanket

Arm-knit a blanket in less than one hour.

Photo by: Emily Fazio

Emily Fazio

There’s no better day to learn the super-trendy skill of arm-knitting than a snow day. The best part? You’ll probably be snuggling beneath a chunky, handmade blanket next time snow starts falling.

Get Your Bake On

Baking Ingredients Splayed on Black Countertop

Round Up Baking Ingredients for Cake & Frosting

Put a modern spin on a traditional holiday dessert with a layer cake made from basic gingerbread ingredients and a simple, four-ingredient frosting.

Do you find yourself making boxed cakes and break-and-bake cookies because you never learned basic baking skills? Maybe today is the day you change that. You’ll be happy you did!

Dive Into Aromatherapy

Learn how to make your own essential oils with plants from your garden.

Make Your Own Essential Oils

Learn how to make your own essential oils with plants from your garden.

Read our guide to aromatherapy to discover the benefits of essential oils. If you’re on board, try making your own.

Make a Winter Wreath

Your front door post-holidays can be so sad. Make yours more cheerful with a handmade wreath. Bonus: This one features a snowflake, so it matches the landscaping.

Tackle That DIY Project

To me, uninterrupted free time means it’s time to get out my DIY supplies. In fact, I typically keep a list of all the DIY projects I want to complete on a day such as this. Here are three on my current list.

Easy Fabric-Wrapped Storage Bin
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DIY Sticky Note Calendar
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DIY Milk Crate Ottoman
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Get an Early Start on V-Day Cards

Finished Card Display

On the Line

Transform a blank wall into a drying rack with red and white kitchen twine, origami hearts and clothespins. Write the name of each guest onto heart-shaped pieces of card stock, and hang on the line to identify everyone's work. Completed valentine cards display beautifully and create a playful backdrop as they dry.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the next holiday on your calendar — Valentine's Day.

Color to Your Heart's Content

If your days are typically busy and full of stress, spend your snow day relaxing. One great way to do that? An adult coloring book.

Make It an At-Home Spa Day

Bathtub With Tray

Bathtub With Gray Tile Backsplash

A gray tile backsplash is offset by multicolored mosaic tiles for a hit of visual interest. Add a tray across the tub and bubbles and the next hour is well taken care of.

Photo by: Nancy Snyder

Nancy Snyder

Or, you could always go the self-pampering route. Hey, sometimes a bubble bath just does a soul good.

Exercise Indoors

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable young woman practicing yoga indoors


Cropped shot of an unrecognizable young woman practicing yoga indoors

Photo by: PeopleImages


While I’m not going to recommend going for a run in the snow, I am going to recommend a serious yoga session in the comfort of your home. Endorphins, FTW!

8 Herb Soups to Make While Snowed In

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These tasty soups will warm you up from the inside out.

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