Clear Office Clutter in Three Easy Steps

Professional organizer and guest Liz Witts shares advice for getting a home office in order.
Colorful Home Office With White Desk

Colorful Eclectic Home Office

This home office is a colorful, cozy space that features plenty of places to sit and store office supplies. Whimsical artwork keeps the room from feeling too serious.

Photo by: Emily J. Followill ©Emily J. Followill

Emily J. Followill, Emily J. Followill

Paper Clutter is the Worst!

Don't let your paper get the best of you and your space. Put easy-to-maintain systems in place to help manage the paper in your office.

Do you have a plan for the incoming bills? Where will you put the newspaper when you get it and don't have time to read it? How many magazine subscriptions do you have, and do you actually read the magazines? Designate a specific bin, box or basket for mail, magazines and newspapers. You have a home that you return to at the end of your day, so should your paper. Make sure your box, bin or basket is not too large, otherwise you will find yourself having enough room to save several weeks worth of newspapers instead of just a few papers. Plus, a week-old newspaper is full of week-old news.

Watch Out for Large Furniture

Large furniture can really clutter up a room and make it harder to feel organized. I know, you love the huge desk, but are you using it and keeping it clutter-free, or is it just one more surface for you to dump stuff on at the end of a work day? Pare down the size of your furniture to meet the size of the room. You will be so surprised how the "less is more" theory applies here. Having less furniture will create more space and less clutter.

Combat Closet Clutter

I know, I know, you have no space in your closet! I hear this all the time, but it is not the closet's fault. Here are some quick tips for getting your closet in order:

  • Ask yourself this: When is the last time I sorted through the things in my closet? Do this first, and you will be shocked at what you find. Two key things to remember: If it does not fit, don't keep it. If you don't wear it, don't keep it.
  • When it is time to put it all away, use the same kind of hangers throughout, and group like items together.
  • Use the inside of the closet door for added storage.
  • Store frequently used items at eye level or below and long-term storage items above eye level. This is storing smart and will keep things super organized.
  • Before you buy that next pair of shoes, think to yourself, "Do I have room for it?" Use the one-in, one-out rule: If you bring something new into the closet, find something to take out.

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