America Has a Clutter Problem; Are Apps the Solution?

We just need to overcome a little thing called "low sell-esteem."

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It happens seemingly overnight.

One day, you look around and realize how much junk has taken up residence in your house. When? How? Why? Those are questions for a therapist. But, as for the "What now?" question, we can answer that - improve "sell-esteem."

According to a recent study by selling app, Mercari, Americans mistakenly believe that they're bad at selling stuff or that no one will even buy their stuff if they do sell it. Participants in the study cited dealing with strangers, not having time and not knowing what their items were worth as top reasons for not selling unneeded belongings.

Mercari Infographics

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In other words, we're at a standstill. Petrified by fear of selling, we continue to hold onto the very objects inhibiting us from moving forward. Lucky for us, the solution is as easy as taking a photo with your phone.

Apps like Mercari, Poshmark, OfferUp and Letgo make selling super-scary easy. These apps are user-friendly and cater to those of us who prefer minimal face-to-face interaction with buyers. Some will even ship your sold items for you!

Chair and Jackets as Focal Point

Everyday Objects

When a space is primarily white and clutter-free, simple everyday objects like a well-made chair or your favorite puffer jackets can become a colorful focal point. Less is more when it comes to Scandi-style so choose what’s out on display carefully and you’ll love the final result.

Photo by: Flynnside Out

Flynnside Out

As for the worry about no one wanting your stuff? Trust that they do. In the study, 59% of participants said they purchased second-hand items in the past year. And most selling apps reach buyers in all 50 states, which means there's a greater probability that someone will purchase your old collection of souvenir coffee mugs.

So, it's your turn, America. Those excuses no longer hold water now that we have intuitive selling apps at our fingertips. It seems the quickest way to overcome a selling insecurity is just to snap a picture, post the listing and get back to living your life, clutter-free.

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