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10 Apps to Help Organize Your Family's Schedule

Keeping your family's schedule straight can feel impossible. Download our top 10 app picks to help get everyone organized.
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Especially beneficial for busy families, this app is easy for anyone to use. It consolidates your calendar, to-dos and shopping lists in one place, so no one books a hockey game on Grandpa's birthday or dinner reservations on parent-teacher night.

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Grocery iQ

Always forgetting the milk or buying eggs when you already have enough? This app allows you to make a grocery list that you can access and share across multiple devices. It also features barcode scanning, coupons and the ability to sort by aisle, so you don't do laps around the store.

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Photo: Two Happy Homes

Two Happy Homes

When parents don't live together, staying on the same page with kids' schedules can be tricky. This app centralizes everything from medical records to finances and makes it easy to share files and photos.

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This clean interface is like a homepage for your family. Instantly see everything on your agenda at once — from weather to shopping lists —and message blast the family with just a click.

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