Find Healthy Products With These 8 Apps

Overwhelmed by products with long lists of ingredients you can’t even pronounce? These apps offer expert advice on the fly to help you choose the healthiest foods, beauty products and cleaning supplies.

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Think Dirty

Next time you’re in the beauty aisle, you can use this app to barcode-scan the items you’re thinking of buying. You’ll get an instant read on how healthy (or gunky) the ingredient list is, plus a list of safer alternatives.

Food Scores

An app from clean-living non-profit Environmental Working Group. Search 80,000 food products to find out, on a scale of one to 10, how healthy or unhealthy that tasty-looking snack really is.

Dirty Dozen

This Environmental Working Group app offers a cheat sheet, listing which 12 conventionally grown fruits and veggies contain the most pesticides (steer clear!), and which 15 contain the least (save a few bucks and skip the organic produce without sacrificing your health).

Safe Seafood

Check, please. Next time you’re deciding which fish to order, check this app to find out which varieties contain the fewest contaminants, do the least environmental damage, and aren’t being overfished. A green/yellow/red color code system makes clear which seafood to enjoy and which to avoid.


Low in calories doesn’t always equal good for your body. Fooducate is a fitness and weight loss app focused on nutritionally dense foods — a barcode scanner reveals which items are truly healthy, and which are packing unhealthy levels of sugar, fats or additives.


Created by a professor of environmental and labor policy and overseen by an expert in chemical risk assessment, this app offers health, environmental and social impact ratings on more than 200,000 food items and household products, from shampoos to clothing lines.

Chemical Maze

This app, based on a decade of research by writer Bill Statham, specializes in decoding those hard-to-pronounce chemicals on your food label or beauty product bottle, explaining which are safe and which aren’t.

UP Coffee

From Jawbone, makers of the UP fitness tracker, UP Coffee tracks your caffeine intake and sleep patterns, so you can figure out if you’re overdoing it… or if you’re one of the rare few who can sip espresso and still sleep like a baby.

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