December 1

Tips on Bringing Life to Your Winter Garden

It isn't too late to add mulch even if the ground is frozen. Just two to three inches will insulate up to 10 degrees, keeping roots alive and making the yard more appealing. 

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December 5

Coordinate Decorations

Repeat decorative holiday elements to pull a room together. For example, sprinkle red throughout the room, from the tree to the table to the pillows on your sofa. Decorate with the same greens and themes, such as glass ornaments, reindeer or plaid.

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December 15

Avoid the Post Office

This is typically the busiest day of the year for the US Postal Service. Instead of shipping gifts in person, consider doing any remaining shopping online. Expedited shipping will cost extra, but you'll save in time and stress.

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December 20

Donating 101

December 28

Order in the Kitchen

Declutter your countertops by removing appliances you don't regularly use. Replace ordinary spice containers with glass jars with metal lids. Install an under-the-cabinet magnet strip, and store the jars there, freeing up counter space.

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