Celebrate Valentine's Day With a Stay-at-Home Date Night

If crowded restaurants aren’t your style, and PDA makes you cringe.

Maybe you forgot to make dinner reservations, or maybe you’re not a fan of crowds. Maybe you’re on a tight budget, or maybe you simply like the idea of a romantic night in the comfort of your own home. Whatever your reason for staying in on Valentine’s Day, I totally get it. I’m a big fan of stay-at-home date nights, especially when it comes to super-busy holidays like Valentine’s Day. Just let me say one thing, fellow love hermit. Don’t let your night roll by like any old, regular night. Resist the Netflix urge, and hide the takeout menu. Make plans and preparations, so you and your S.O. actually feel like you’re on a romantic date night. (By make plans, I mean follow the plans I've already laid out for you below, and thank me later.)

Step 1: Make a DIY Valentine’s Day Gift

A handmade gift, like this 52 Reasons I Love You Jar, is a thoughtful, meaningful — not to mention budget-friendly — alternative to a store-bought trinket. You’ll want to make this gift in advance, as it might require some time.

17 More DIY Gift Ideas

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Rose Petal Sugar

Make heart-shaped rose petal sugar for a surprise on your loved one's breakfast tray.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sally Effman of Trio3

Plantable Valentines

The gift that keeps on giving, these hearts are plantable and will yield flowers in the spring.

Heart-Shaped Love

These heart-shaped cookies are the key to your Valentine's heart.

Felt Valentines

Make these charming heart Valentine flowers for a pretty tabletop display.

Garden Gift Box

Nothing says love like a homemade gift: this clever DIY project uses a compartmentalized wooden box filled with garden treats.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Valentine's Decor

Felt Valentines make for a lovely table centerpiece.

Homemade Vase

This hand-crafted wood vase is the perfect way to personalize store-bought or garden flowers.

Candy Valentines

These candy Valentines pay homage to some of our favorite garden critters.

Share the Love

Extend the spirit of giving to the great outdoors with these adorable heart-shaped birdseed treats.

Make Rose Oil or Water

Great gifts don't have to come from the store: make your own perfume by bottling the scent of roses in a rose oil or rose water. Find the recipe here.

Photo By: Image courtesy of David Austin Roses

Kissing Ball

This gorgeous kissing ball is a wonderful Valentine's Day DIY gift.

Dried Rose Petal Shadow Box

This charming shadow box craft uses dried rose petals to create an original work of art.

Tissue Paper Flowers Bouquet

A novel spin on the typical arrangement, these tissue paper flowers are a wonderful surprise for little children.

Photo By: Photo by At the Picket Fence

Rose Petal Cocktail

Greet your honey with a rose petal cocktail on Valentine's Day.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Felipe Cuevas

Fashionista Sip

Show your beloved she's got style with this rose and jasmine cocktail, the Fashion Galore.

Photo By: Image courtesy of One Aldwych hotel.

Rustic Flower Arrangement

Turn plain grocery store flowers into a gorgeous homemade bouquet by following these easy tips.

Tussie Mussie Bouquet

A tussie mussie bouquet you make yourself offers a sweet arrangement brimming with sentiment. Find out how to make one here.

Photo By: Photo by Ben Rollins

Step 2: Decorate Your Home

Make Valentine’s Day (and your S.O.) feel ultra-special by decking out the house in festive, love-themed decor. This XOXO wreath is a perfect way to greet your love.

Valentine's Day Paper Heart Garland

Valentine's Day Paper Heart Garland

This paper heart garland is easy to make and is the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy above your dining table.

Make sure dinner is romantic by decorating your dining area with this whimsical paper heart chandelier.

Step 3: Make a Flower Arrangement

Don’t forget the basics — flowers are a must! Instead of dishing out serious cash for a professional arrangement, make your own with grocery store flowers. Before you buy your blooms, learn what they mean with our fun flower symbolism quiz.

Step 4: Sip Cocktails in Fancy Flutes

DIY Glitter Champagne Flutes

DIY Glitter Champagne Flutes

Make easy glitter champagne flutes to add sparkle to a romantic tablescape.

Photo by: Jeff Romaniuk

Jeff Romaniuk

Buy the ingredients to make one of our Valentine’s Day cocktails, and make these DIY glittered flutes ahead of time for sophisticated sipping. More of a wine couple? We’ve got you covered there, too, with bottles for every budget and an adorable wine glass DIY.

18 Valentine's Day Cocktails

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Romeo and Juliet

This fruity cocktail combines tequila and raspberry liquor for a drink that truly is to die for. Get the recipe.

Valentino's Delight

To follow a romantic meal, delight your special someone with this sweet and creamy cocktail. Get the recipe.

Romance Caribeno

Whether you're rendezvousing on a romantic island getaway or keeping warm by the fire, you can channel an island feel with this beachy delight. A mix of Malibu rum, lime and lemon juice makes for a fun, flirty cocktail — perfect to share with someone special. Get the recipe.

Rose and Mint Champagne

Sugar, honey, mint and dried rosebuds create a gorgeous and tasty rose syrup that's perfect when mixed with dry champagne. Get the recipe.

Amour a Mosa

For a fresh spin on the classic mimosa, add orange-infused vodka and mango juice. The result is sure to please your sweetie, and the preparation could not be easier. Get the recipe.

Cocoa Raspberry Heaven

Cozy up with hot chocolate infused with raspberry liqueur. A dollop of whipped cream and a fresh raspberry add a sweet finishing touch. Get the recipe.

A Rainbow of Love

This colorful cocktail is made up of four savory fruits on top of chilled Prosecco and gin. Get the recipe.

Arturo's Positano Winter Sunset

Dreaming of a Mediterranean vacation with your sweetheart? This Italian cocktail is perfect for daydreams of the Italian coastline. Get the recipe.

Hop, Skip and Go Naked Punch

If your Valentine's Day plans include two tickets to his favorite sporting event, then this tasty beer punch will be the icing on the cake. Get the recipe.


Un Dia en el Paraiso

This ruby-red cocktail is the perfect drink to share with your sweetheart, making any night a night full of amor. Get the recipe.

Touch of Venus

What's more romantic than a luxurious white wine? Try a white wine with amaretto, Limoncello and lemon juice. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Mandarin Dream

Fall in love with this cocoa creation, and let it transport you to another place — one filled with delicious, chocolatey goodness. Get the recipe.

Citrus Spritzer

Pair sweet citrus infusions with mint sprigs and orange slices to create the perfect winter spritzer. Rim the glasses with edible gold glitter for a glamorous touch.

Rose Lemon Champagne Punch

Dress up champagne and sparkling white wine with fruit juice and frozen berries. The result is a pretty and refreshing winter cocktail.

Berry Brazilian

Pretend that you're on the next flight to sunny Brazil with this sweet rum and berry cocktail. Get the recipe.

Pom-Berry Bellini

Use sparkling cider or non-alcoholic champagne to create this simple yet elegant concoction. Get the recipe.

White Sand

Lemon and mint are the stars in this delectable drink. And as simple as it is to make, this cocktail leaves plenty of time for dinner and dancing with your loved one. Get the recipe.

The Lover

Before enjoying a romantic meal with your love, enjoy this sumptuous cocktail, the perfect blend of Prosecco, Limoncello, vodka and Cointreau. Get the recipe.

Step 5: Serve an Unexpected Dinner



Embrace the beet with the nutritious Russian soup borscht.

Photo by: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo by Mick Telkamp

Impress your Valentine with a bright red bowl of Borscht. This Russian soup is delicious and chock-full of romantic powers thanks to the beet, an aphrodisiac.

Make It: Borscht

Step 6: Satisfy Your Sweet Teeth

Is it even Valentine’s Day if you don't overload on sugar? Make one of our tasty treats, and woo your sweetheart with your creativity.

42 Decadent Desserts

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Chocolate Brownie Pudding

This super chocolatey treat is sure to satisfy your sweetie's sweetest tooth. Is it a brownie? Is it pudding? We're not sure. All we know is that it's sinfully delicious. Get the recipe.

Pink Champagne Truffles

Toast to love and another year of happiness with these bite-sized truffles that pair perfectly with a chute of champagne. Get the recipe.

Cupid's Arrow Hot Chocolate

Kids and adults alike will love this fun twist on a classic winter treat. Dress up hot chocolate with heart-shaped marshmallows and a paper straw "arrow" for the finishing touch. Get the recipe.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cookie Truffles

You're probably familiar with classic chocolate truffles. But these beauties mix chocolate sandwich cookies, cream cheese and fresh strawberries for a treat that's seriously irresistible. Plus, you can use a heart cookie cutter and hot-pink sprinkles to make them even more delightful. Get the recipe.

Conversation Heart Cookies

This year, swap those traditional candy conversation hearts for something homemade and customized. Make vanilla sandwich cookies and use a custom stamp-setting kit and food-safe decorating pen to create personalized and scrumptious messages right on top. Get the recipe.

Heritage Red Velvet Cake

You don't need any special supplies to make this sweet, heart-shaped cake. Just create a hand-drawn template and cut out the heart with a knife. If you can resist eating the cake scraps, crumble them and coat the cake for a soft, crumb layering. Get the recipe.

Pie Crust Designs

Spell out "love" on your significant other's favorite pie, then mail it, or hand-deliver for a true reaction. Get the instructions.

Photo By: White Loft Studio

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes

Nothing goes together quite like chocolate and strawberries, but here's a combination you probably haven't seen. Chocolate shortcakes give this traditional dessert an unexpected twist. Get the recipe.

Perfect Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Bake the perfect batch of sugar cookies to decorate for Valentine's Day. Get the recipe and four decorating how-tos.

White-Chocolate-Dipped Fortune Cookies

Surprise your valentine with a special delivery in the form of white-chocolate-dipped fortune cookies packaged in a personalized Chinese takeout box. Get the recipe and how-to.

Chocolate Chai Cups

Who puts dessert in a porcelain bowl? Not us! Not only can you eat the cinnamon-sprinkled chai cream, but the chocolate cup is edible, too. Get the recipe.

Neapolitan Cupcakes With Bonbon Toppings

These cupcakes are rich and decadent from their bonbon tops to their chocolate cake bottoms. Get the recipe.

Fluffy Waffles

Wake up your loved one with fluffy, heart-shaped homemade waffles covered in sweet maple syrup. Get the recipe at DIYNetwork.com.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer ©ten22 studio 2013

Raspberry Muffins

Make your favorite muffin recipe extra-special for Valentine's Day by using heart-shaped muffin tins. The sweet results will surely surprise your significant other. Get the recipe at DIYNetwork.com.

Coffee Shortbread

Get a taste of coffee in the form of shortbread squares topped with powdered sugar. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Mint Dessert Smoothie

You can still be naughty while remaining health conscious. Ingredients like pear and avocado make this healthy, but add in the cacao powder and dairy-free chocolate chip ice cream for a perfect after-dinner treat. Get the recipe.

Champagne-Glazed Fruit Tarts

Does your sweetheart prefer something a little less rich? These fruit tarts feature a mix of fresh fruits on mini tart shells with mascarpone cheese. The champagne-apricot glaze is the perfect mouthwatering finish. Get the recipe.

Cupid's Crispie Treats

Spice up classic crispie treats by adding cinnamon imperials and inserting Cupid's arrow as a sweet embellishment. It's the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Get the recipe.

Red Wine Lollipops

Lollipops always bring back a bit of nostalgia, but these are purely for adults. Top off your romantic meal with a red wine lollipop that offers a bit of a kick. Get the recipe.

Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Instead of going out for ice cream, why not treat your valentine to a night in with a homemade recipe? It's easier than you think, and you only need six ingredients. Get the recipe.

Ganache-Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone loves a good ole' chocolate chip cookie. But if you dip it into chocolate ganache, you have a tasty chocolate explosion. Get the recipe.

Rose Swirl Vanilla Bean Cookies

Nibble on these delightful frosted sugar cookies all weekend long as you celebrate being a couple. Get the recipe.

Pina Colada Baked Doughnuts

Doughnuts may feel like a naughty breakfast food, but try baking the dough instead of frying it. You and your sweetie will feel less guilty. Get the recipe.

Strawberry Milk Whoopie Pies

These colorful whoopie pies might be too pretty to eat! Strawberry milk gives these pink sandwich cookies their sweet color and flavor, while vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles embellish the exterior. Get the recipe.

Better Than Heaven Cakelette

Give your love something they can eat (guilt-free) in one sitting. This cake-in-a-jar serves one, but can easily fit two spoons. Get the recipe.

Photo By: 5ive15ifteen Photo Company

Heart Mints

You'll be ready for that goodnight kiss with these homemade candy heart mints. For an extra-special touch, incorporate your sweetheart's favorite color or flavoring. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Brownies

Imagine a dessert with brownies, cheesecake and a variety of chocolate chips all mixed together. This dream treat does exist, and your sweetheart won't be able to resist. Get the recipe.

Tiffany-Blue Macarons

Anyone can buy delicious macarons, but impress your love with these handmade sandwich cookies embellished with sugar pearls for an extra-special touch. Get the recipe.

Pink Raspberry Macarons

Or, whip up these pink raspberry macarons with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. Yum! Get the recipe.

Fondant Glitter Hearts

Make your sweetheart's favorite cupcake, then top them off with a sparkling fondant heart (your own special touch). Get the recipe at DIYNetwork.com.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer ©ten22 studio 2013

Chocolate Soup

Thick and creamy chocolate soup with a soft, whipped topping that serves only two — need I say more? Get the recipe.

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Three types of chocolate — bittersweet chocolate, dark chocolate and cocoa powder — combine to create the most swoon-worthy brownies you've ever tried. Get the recipe.

M&M Sugar Cookies

No one can resist soft, chewy and delectable sugar cookies, especially when they're filled with melt-in-your-mouth M&Ms in traditional Valentine's Day hues. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Make your beau this royal-inspired chocolate cake made from tea biscuits, lots of chocolate and cinnamon. FYI, it was Prince William's groom cake, and it's simple to make, too. Get the recipe.

Petite Apple Pie

There's no need to feel guilty about eating a whole pie; these petite pies are baked and wrapped-up with one recipient in mind. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are the perfect bite-size treat to satisfy any sweet-tooth cravings. Plus, they're easier to make than you think. Customize the fillings with extracts or flavorings, cookie pieces, dried fruit and other add-ins. Your sweetheart will love the thoughtful, homemade mix. Get the recipe.

Creme Brulee

You don't have to be a professional chef to whip up a beautiful and delicious creme brulee. Surprise your sweetheart with this creamy culinary classic. Get the recipe.

Photo By: Branislav Senic

Chocolate Mousse Crepes

Jazz up breakfast in bed with handmade crepes filled with chocolate mousse and garnished with fresh raspberries and white chocolate shavings. Get the recipe.

Salted Caramel Bars

Looking for something to satisfy both sweet and salty taste buds? Bake these rich and gooey caramel bars with a sprinkle of sea salt flakes on top. Get the recipe.

Orange and Cranberry Bread Pudding

Oranges, cranberries, cinnamon and cloves combine to form a sweet bread pudding that's perfect for a mouthwatering breakfast or as an after-dinner treat. Get the recipe.

Photo By: Jason Kisner ©Copyright 2013, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


If baking isn't your forte, give this simple yet elegant dessert a try. Pair Italian espresso with ice cream, chocolate sauce and crispy biscotti. Get the recipe.

S'mores for Two

Bundle up and head outdoors with a cooler packed full of just enough marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate to make s'mores for two. Pull out all the ingredients once the fire's crackling. See more at DIYNetwork.com.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis © 2013 Kimberly Finkel Davis

BONUS STEP: Cook V-Day Breakfast

If you’re really looking to make Valentine’s Day a win, start the day with a breakfast full of heart-shaped carbs for your honey.

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