How to Make Little Explorer Binoculars

These colorful, easy-to-make binoculars will have kids on the lookout for backyard adventure all year long.

DIY Binoculars

DIY Binoculars

These colorful, easy to make binoculars will have kids on the look-out for fun and adventure 24-7.

Materials Needed

  • two cardboard rolls
  • string or paracord
  • duct tape, in bright colors
  • 1" hole punch
  • scissors

Color Coordinate

As you gather your materials, coordinate your tape colors with your cord color for a fun look that kids will love.

DIY Binoculars Supplies

DIY Binoculars Supplies

These colorful, easy to make binoculars will have kids on the look-out for fun and adventure 24-7.

Photo by: Tomas Espinoza

Tomas Espinoza

Embellish With Tape

Start by adding a piece of colorful tape to the top edge of the first cardboard roll, making sure to leave a 1/2-inch overhang. Make a few cuts along the edge of the tape so it's easy to fold inside the roll and finish the edges (Image A). Add more tape in a different color to the middle of the roll (Image B). Finish off the rest of the roll in a third color, using the same method to finish the edge. Repeat on the second cardboard roll so you have an identical pair. Then, tape the two rolls together using a coordinated color.

Punch Holes for Cord

Using a one-hole punch, make a hole on either side of the binoculars, about 3/4-inch from the top edge.

Step 3- Punch Holes for Cord

Step 3- Punch Holes for Cord

Using a one-hole punch make a hole on either side of the binoculars, about ¾ inch from the top edge.

Photo by: Tomas Espinoza

Tomas Espinoza

Add Cord

Cut the cord to approximately 28 inches, then thread each end of the cord through the holes of the binoculars. Create a small knot inside the binoculars at the ends, then trim excess cord (Image A, B).

Start Exploring

DIY Kiddie Binoculars

DIY Kiddie Binoculars

Kiddos can scout out the yard all day long with these cute, easy to make paper binoculars.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

These easy-to-make binoculars are perfect for exploring the backyard and beyond. You can even make multiples for party favors at your kid's next themed party.

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