33 Easy DIY Decorating Ideas for Your Next Party

Give your party a creative and one-of-a-kind touch with these easy-to-create DIY decor ideas for any occasion.

By: Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien

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Ice Cream Balloons

These floating cones are a sweet way to decorate  for an ice cream social, kid’s birthday party or wedding or baby shower. Plus, they couldn't be any easier! Get the instructions here.

Neon Animal Garland

Whether you’re planning a dinosaur-themed party or want to spice up a bland area of your home, try your hand at this easy neon animal garland. From dinos to farm animals (or any plastic object), you can create your dream garland with little more than twine and spray paint. Courtesy of Erin Loechner at DesignForMankind

Sparkling Garland

Tassel garland is totally hot right now. Rather than shelling out your hard-earned money for this shiny goodness, try your hand at our DIY take on the trend. Get step-by-step instructions.

Pretty Paper Flowers

These adorable paper flowers made from cupcake liners could not be simpler to make. And they're so inexpensive, you can cover the entire house in colorful paper blooms. Find the full tutorial here.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

These tissue paper pom poms are super inexpensive, but look impressive when hanging in groups from chandeliers. Get the step-by-step instructions.

Cupcakes for Everyone

When hosting a small party, serving individual portions of food adds an intimate feel to the table. And because cupcakes are always a hit, why not give them the pedestal treatment they deserve? All you need for these mini cupcake stands are candlesticks, wooden circles, wood glue and spray paint. The project might be easy, but the final look is deliciously elegant. Design and photography by Jessica Wilcox of Modern Moments

Falling Confetti

You're never too old to revel in the magic of falling confetti. Here's a way to get the look for your next party without the mess. Cover a wall with your choice of wrapping paper (something shiny adds a bit of glam). Use a circle punch to cut out your confetti, apply spray glue on the wrapping paper, and pat the confetti on to stick. Pair the confetti wall with fringe garland or balloons for an added touch of drama. Design and photography by Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave

Confetti Wall, Take Two

Or, you can skip the wallpaper all together and create a colorful focal point using confetti wall dots to emphasize a dessert table, gift table or even a cute picture spot. Get the instructions here.

DIY Photo Booth

From wedding receptions to baby showers to birthday parties, photo booths are all the rage. Skip the expensive rental booth and create a one-of-a-kind booth for your next party or event with our step-by-step instructions.

Instant Ice Cream Parlor

An ice cream bar makes a happy ending to any summer soiree. We love these DIY ice cream cone holders that are a snap to pull together with a vintage wooden box, card stock, striped paper, glue and a hole punch. Once you add the cones, you and your friends can scoop your favorite flavor. Design by Jillian Clark of 100 Layer Cake. Photography by Scott Clark Photography

Colorful Book Bunting

Whether you are planning a Dr. Seuss birthday party or a book-themed baby shower, this easy bunting will make an adorable statement. Download our free printable template to get started.

Super-Sized Menu

The handwritten look of calligraphy adds a charming touch to any occasion. Write out your menu in fancy script on a black chalkboard. Or, if your handwriting is anything but display-worthy, consider this option: Calligraphy designer Jenna Hein of Love, Jenna offers custom menu signs that she can enlarge and print for your next event. Plus, her calligraphy signs still represent the cool look of a chalkboard. Styled by Jillian Clark of 100 Layer Cake. Photography by Scott Clark Photography

Watercolor Decor

Perfect for a summer party, now you can deck out your home with easy watercolor decor. And the best part is, you'll only need this simple technique and your home printer!

Dessert Is Served

Whether you're hosting a special birthday party or anniversary gathering, top your cakes and cupcakes with simple paper toppers highlighting the reason for the celebration. Use bamboo skewers to stick the numbers in the cake for display. If you're spelling out a number, be sure to cut the skewers at different heights for a less fussy look. Photography by Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Giant Wall Flowers

Create major impact with a wall of oversized flowers using materials you likely already have on hand: scrapbook paper, cardboard circles, scissors and double-sided tape. Get the instructions here.

Flowers Without the Fuss

As Chelsea Fuss of Frolic! proves, you don't need a florist degree to create a centerpiece of fresh blooms that will wow guests. For a similar rustic farmhouse style, use a ceramic pot with a liner as your vase and use a ball of chicken wire to secure stems. To arrange flowers, choose a bloom to arch to the right and a larger bloom to arch down toward the floor. And don't be afraid to use fruit — this centerpiece includes hydrangea (pulled apart so it doesn't overwhelm the arrangement), honeysuckle and apples right from the tree. Photography by Chelsea Fuss

No-Sew Garlands

Garlands add an eye-catching backdrop to any party, but most DIY garlands require a sewing machine and a trip to the craft store for supplies. That's why we love these no-sew recycled paper garlands that make use of materials you have lying around the house. All you need is string or thread, recycled catalogs or magazines, a glue stick and scissors. (And if you have a circle hole punch, that will make the project even easier.) Style your garland with a fun sign to greet guests as they enter the party. Design and photography by Brittni Mehlhoff of Papernstitch

Map Tablecloth

Give old maps new use as tablecloths. Hold on to any road maps or country/city maps; then cover your table surface with them before guests arrive. This will help protect the surface while also adding color and pattern.

The Soda Stand Is Open

Make your cooler of drinks part of the decor by creating a fun soda stand. Prepare two wooden dowels of the same length by screwing an eyehook into the ends. Prop them up in a bucket full of ice and bottled drinks, and hang a paper banner between the two dowels. Now everyone will definitely know where to go for ice-cold drinks. Design and photography by Olivia Kanaley of A Field Journal

Star Power

When hosting a large group for a summer bash, paper cups are the most economical drinkware, but that doesn't mean you have to abandon your design style. Customize any paper cups with a shape or motif that fits your party's theme or color palette. You can use a sticker maker or print directly on label paper to adhere the shapes to the cups. Design and photography by Olivia Kanaley of A Field Journal

Light Up Your Garden

String up lights and lanterns around your outdoor space to give an enchanting twinkle to any garden party. The soft glow will invite everyone to linger outside in the nighttime summer air. Line lanterns and smaller string lights around your seating area, and hang a few off tree branches for a touch of ambiance. Tip: Lighting helps define the intimate entertaining space where everyone will hang out, so use various forms of string lights and lanterns to create your party zones. Photography by Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Festive Flower Arrangement

Adorable for a Valentine's Day party and just as cute for year-round party decor, this oversized paper flower arrangement is sure to delight your guests. Find the instructions here.

Mix Veggies and Flowers

Look to your local farmers' market for the makings of a beautiful (and unexpected) centerpiece. Simply tie in fresh summertime produce with flowers as a table display. Look for petite cherry tomatoes on the vine in different shades, baby artichokes and even herbs like oregano and mint. Finish off the arrangement with your pick of flowers, like these blooming peonies. Flower design by Poppies & Posies. Photography by Jen Huang Photography

Temporary Chevron Wall Art

To create a festive chevron border that you can easily remove after the party, choose several different colors of duct or washi tape to pop against the walls. To keep the angles straight, pencil in guidelines and use an X-Acto knife to cut the tape. Be sure to take your time and use a ruler or some other hard-edged object to smooth out any bubbles in the tape. This simple project will go fairly quickly after the first chevron.

Duct Tape Party Hats

Skip the store-bought version and try your hand at these easy party hats made from construction paper and duct tape. Or better yet, let the kids decorate their own colorful party hats as an easy party activity. Cut a large sheet of construction paper into a big circle. Cut a slit into the center and fold into the shape of a party hat. Then simply add a few pops of color with duct tape.

Succulent Love

Accent the table with succulents for a simply modern centerpiece that wows and lasts long after the party ends. An eclectic mix of containers works best to display the succulents — think thrift store jars, vases, glasses and even old tin cans. Design by Jesi Haack of Jesi Haack Design. Photography by Sarah K. Chen

Decorated Cork Coasters

All you'll need are a few paint pens and inexpensive cork coasters for these cute party coasters that also double as awesome favors. Watch our video for easy decorating tips. 

Update Plain Vases

Make even the most simple centerpieces stand out with a little washi tape, like wedding designer Michelle Edgemont did here. Select tape with pretty patterns and colors that match your party color palette. Then adorn bottles, votive candles, menus — anything that needs a jolt of style. 

DIY Bunting

A breezy bunting for your spring or summer party can tie everything together at an outdoor or garden event. Just print our template, assemble and hang from nearby structures or two poles staked into the ground.

Geometric Chalkboard Sign

Welcome guests with a fresh and graphic wooden hanging sign. Just follow a few simple instructions, and your front door will be party ready in no time.

Fabric Rockets

Whether you're hosting a July 4th party or just want a creative way to line your walkway, these simple fabric rockets couldn't be cuter, and you can create them by simply covering empty toilet paper rolls with fabric. Cut a cone out of paper, or use a cone shaped paper cup and cover with fabric for the top. Hot glue the pieces together, and glue some ribbons to the bottom of your rocket. You can decorate with more ribbons, fabric or paint, or leave them as is. Line the walkway to your party with little rockets, or hang them from the trees and let them blow in the wind!

Must-Have Mustache Straws

Have fun with faux facial hair! These mustache drink toppers are sure to make your guests smile. Get step-by-step instructions.

Upcycled Tin Cans

Don't toss that colorful can! Instead, thoroughly wash the interior and use it to hold a few cut blooms from the backyard or grocery store.  

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