How to Paint a Velvet Chair

We've researched and tested so you don't have to. We share steps and tips on how to seamlessly paint velvet. (Yes, it really does work!)

August 15, 2019
How to Paint Velvet

How to Paint Velvet

We painted a velvet chair using one part chalk paint to two parts water and fine-grit sandpaper.

From: HGTV Handmade

Photo by: Clara MacLellan

Clara MacLellan

What You'll Need:

  • velvet chair
  • painter's tape
  • chalk paint
  • water
  • paint stirrer
  • paintbrush
  • fine-grit sandpaper
  • wet rag
  • dry rag
  • optional: blowdryer

Protect the Chair

Apply painter's tape to the parts of the chair you don't want painted.

Mix the Paint

Pour one part chalk paint to two parts water in a container. Mix the paint well until it's clump-free.

Apply the First Layer

Squeeze out excess paint from the paintbrush against the container. Apply long, thin strokes of paint from the back to the front of the velvet. Then, work the brush in circular motions to ensure you're covering the fibers in all directions. Set it in the sun to dry for at least an hour, or if you're impatient like us — use a blowdryer.

Soften the Fabric

Feel the fabric with your hand once the paint is dry. It will most likely feel stiff. Sand the velvet with fine-grit sandpaper to soften it.

Repeat the Process

Depending on your color choices, you may need to apply more coats. Repeat the steps above until you reach your desired look.

Touch Up Spots

We applied two coats of paint, but noticed a few spots that needed more paint. Repeat the process above, focusing only on the areas needed.

Photo by: Clara MacLellan

Clara MacLellan

Remove the Loose Dust

Once the paint has dried and you're happy with the look, sweep a wet rag across the velvet to remove any loose dust. Follow that with a dry rag to make sure you got all the dust.

Photo by: Clara MacLellan

Clara MacLellan

Let It Cure

Let the paint cure for 24 hours before removing the painter's tape.

Photo by: Clara MacLellan

Clara MacLellan

DIY Painted Velvet Chair

DIY Painted Velvet Chair

We researched and tested painting velvet, and it really does work. All you need is chalk paint, water and fine-grit sandpaper.

From: HGTV Handmade

Photo by: Clara MacLellan

Clara MacLellan

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