Ceiling Beams with Recessed Lights

Watch us define a bachelor's living room and stop it from creeping into the dining room.

Materials and Tools:

Stainmaster paint, color Jeff's Java
paint brushes
paint rollers
painters tape
three 4-packs puck lights
wood glue
six 8-foot pine 2x4s
12 12-foot pine 1x6s
air compressor
nail gun
construction nails
table saw
drywall cutting wheel


1. Measure the ceiling area where the new lights will be installed. Then mark those measurements on the 2x4s. Cut the 2x4s to size on the table saw. Each beam will have a top and two sides; miter the edges so that the three pieces fit together seamlessly. Glue and nail the 2x4 beams together.

2. Measure where the holes for the recess lights will go. Then use a hammer and a drywall cutting wheel to draw the circles where the recessed lights will go on each beam. Drill a small hole in the center of each drawn circle, then finish cutting out the opening with a jigsaw. Install the puck lights into hole so the electrical cords stick out the bottom.

3. Have an electrician wire the room so you can install the new ceiling beams. Run the ceiling wires to the boxes and make sure the lights work before continuing installation.

4. Cut out two small blocks of 2x4 to act as support for each end of the ceiling beams. Anchor the blocks into a rafter in the ceiling and nail them into place. Bring the boxes towards the blocks on the ceiling, making sure the wires are tucked inside each of the boxes. You will need two people for this job.

5. Slide the beams over the blocks of wood on the ceiling. Once the beams are in place, secure them in place to the blocks with the nail gun. Continue installation of the remaining beams.

6. Use painter's tape to tape off the lights and the ceiling. Paint the ceiling beams and let dry.

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