Laminate Countertop Crack

Home repair expert Henry Harrison shows a homeowner how to repair a crack in the curved backsplash of a laminate countertop.

Materials and Tools:

putty knife
slotted screwdriver
philips-head screwdriver
utility knife
iron bar
circuit tester
butter knife
needle-nose pliers
broom handle
two-part laminate repairing glue




1. In this case there was an electrical outlet near the crack, so it made the repair easier by accessing the countertop through the outlet opening.

2. First turn off power to the outlet at the breaker box and test the outlet with a circuit tester to make sure it's off.

3. Remove outlet cover with flathead screwdriver and remove screws holding outlet in place. Remove outlet, first making note of color-coding so you can hook it up later.

4. Probe area behind counter with butter knife and putty knife to loosen laminate until you reach the cracked area.



5. Clean debris from crack in counter with tip of utility knife. Push crack together and fill with two-part adhesive.

6. Pull laminate forward while you brace it from the front to push crack together and hold while adhesive dries.



7. Replace electrical outlet, making sure you have wiring correct. Turn back on power.

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