12 Father's Day Gifts for the Adventure-Loving Dad

Give Dad the gift he ALWAYS needs but never has on hand.

If you have a dad in your life who loves to travel, explore and is always ready for the next adventure, then this gift guide is for you.



Collage of different mobile effects with smiling father and son / Mobilestock photo

Photo by: Photo: ©iStockphoto.com/Aleksandar Nakic | Graphic: Erica Reitman

Photo: ©iStockphoto.com/Aleksandar Nakic | Graphic: Erica Reitman

We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite ideas for the daddios out there who have an incurable case of wanderlust.

Photo by: via Amazon

via Amazon

For the guys in your life who love to go camping or like to just simply hang out in the great oudoors, this portable hammock is an amazing gift. It's easy to set up and will provide your dude with hours of relaxation.

Photo by: via Amazon

via Amazon

If your guy is addicted to listening to music, podcasts or audio books as he drifts off to sleep, these headphones are a must. Designed to allow you to be comfortable and keep your headphones out of the way, it’s the perfect solution for the dude who always seems to be drifting off to sleep with his headphones on.

Photo by: via Bluesmart

via Bluesmart

This "smart" suitcase is worth a splurge for the dad in your life who is constantly on the go. There's a built-in digital scale, USB chargers, a digital lock, and 3G and GPS coverage. Plus, the whole shebang can be controlled by an app on your guy’s phone. And no more lost luggage; if your dude loses his suitcase, he can easily find it by simply tracking it with his app.

Photo by: via Amazon

via Amazon

Now that many of us have multiple smart devices, it’s much more of a challenge to keep everything charged and ready to go when we’re on a trip. If you have a dad on your gift list who fits this description, a portable battery pack might be the perfect gift.

Photo by: via Amazon

via Amazon

For the guy in your life who’s not quite ready to take on a bulky DSLR, this chic camera is a fantastic option. While it doesn’t quite fit in a pocket, it’s still sleek enough to easily fit into a small bag. And best of all, it has built in wifi, so your guy can easily transfer pics from his camera to his phone or computer on the go.

Photo by: via Amazon

via Amazon

Packing cubes are one of those travel necessities that you don’t realize you need until you try them. They’re a gamechanger for anyone who travels a lot and favors using carry-on luggage. You can easily keep your items organized and accessible, and the cubes help to reduce the space your clothing and toiletries take up in your bag.

Photo by: via Parabo Press

via Parabo Press

If you have a dad on your list who loves to document his adventures, a Parabo Press gift card could be the perfect solution. The site offers a number of different options for your photos, including books, larger engineer prints and even newsprints. And you can easily upload your snaps from your computer or a mobile device.

Photo by: via Bed Bath & Beyond

via Bed Bath & Beyond

With all of the additional fees airlines have been instituting, you definitely want to make sure you’re never going over the maximum luggage weight. But it’s difficult to figure out without the proper tools. Enter: the digital luggage scale. This handy gadget will allow you to easily weigh your luggage so there are never any unexpected surprises (or fees!) at the airport.

Photo by: via Bed Bath & Beyond

via Bed Bath & Beyond

A neck pillow is always a must-have on long flight, but this one really takes it to the next level. This comfy neck pillow will allow your guy to catch some extra shuteye on his flight by blocking out the light and providing a bit of extra privacy.

Photo by: via Amazon

via Amazon

Airport liquid restrictions have thrown a real wrench into the travel experience for wine lovers. Gone are the days when you could bring a few choice bottles of wine back on the plane with you. However, these travel wine bags are the best way around that.

Photo by: via Amazon

via Amazon

If your guy is often in a rental car in a strange city or country, they’re likely using their phone as a navigation tool. This portable mount would really be an ideal gift, as it allows you to easily mount any smartphone in the air conditioning vents of any make or model car.

Photo by: via Etsy

via Etsy

There’s nothing more annoying than opening up your bag and finding that your earbuds are in a tangled mess. This simple leather cord holder is a great solution for avoiding that. And if your guy has several pairs (one in the car, one for his travel bag, etc.), you might want to consider giving him a few.

Don't Forget a Card!

See All Photos

Father's Day Card

All you need to give Dad a personalized, handmade card this Father's day are a few craft supplies and some plants from your own yard. Kids of all ages can participate in making these cards, although the little ones may need a helping hand.


To make your Father's Day cards you will need: blank cards / scissors / glue / colored paper / pencils / pens / paints / dried elements from your yard or garden. Look for leaves, small twigs, ornamental grass or anything from dad's favorite plant. You can buy blank cards with precut windows, or you can cut your own windows into your cards. We suggest creating your colored paper by painting it for extra texture, but you can use colored cardstock or construction paper.

Tracing the Window

Begin with a blank, folded greeting card. If it doesn't already have a window, cut one in the shape and size of your choosing. Trace this window onto the inside of your card. This shape will allow you to know what will show through when the card is closed.

Write Your Message

Once you have your window traced, it's time to write your message. You can fit all or part of your message carefully in the window, or let parts of it overlap so the window only shows a preview. Use pens, pencils or paint. Don't worry about getting it perfect, let your personality show through. Kids' handwriting is especially sweet peeking through the window once the card is closed!

Creating a Frame

Once the inside of your card is finished, place a colored piece of paper inside and trace the shape of the window again. Use this guideline to create a frame for your window. Cut the window shape out of the paper, leaving a frame the size of your choice intact around it.

Glue the Frame

Glue your frame onto the front of the card, surrounding the window. You can cut multiple frames in different colors and layer them to create a dimensional effect. Your frames don't have to be perfectly straight—try cutting wavy, uneven frames for a more organic look.

Adding Sticks

When the frames are dry, you can add your natural elements. You'll need a liquid glue or hot glue for this part—a glue stick won't be strong enough, but a regular school glue will work just fine.

Perfect Twigs

Twigs are a great, simple decoration for a card. If your dad likes things clean and straightforward, this might be perfect for him. You can use the sticks to accent the frame, or try something more unusual. Look for twigs of different colors, textures and sizes so they don't all look the same. Be sure not to choose large or heavy ones or your card won't be able to hold the weight.

Adding Leaves

If twigs aren't quite right for you, try using leaves to decorate your card. Look for additional items from your yard that contrast with the leaf color and texture. Thin, ornamental grasses go well with the dark, purple leaves on this card because together they create interesting texture.

Hiding the Glue

If you're gluing something delicate, like grass, you may find that the glue clumps and shows. This is the perfect place to use something larger, like a leaf, to cover any imperfections.

Choosing Leaves

Leaves are easy to use for this project and you can find really interesting colors, even in the summer. Look for unusual color or texture. Sometimes the most beautiful leaves are the ones that aren't quite perfect! Set your leaves in a cool, dry place until they are completely dry. Don't press them, but let them curl up into interesting shapes.

Repurposing Weeds

If you want to give your gardening dad an extra special gift, pull some of the weeds from the garden or yard to use for your card. When dried, some weeds can be really beautiful, and he's sure to appreciate your hard work!

Finishing Touches

If you want to protect your card, you can use a sealing spray on the front once the glue is dry. You can use a spray from the arts or crafts store, but cheap hairspray will work as well. Use a hairspray containing acrylate and no added conditioners. Set your card outdoors to spray it, and leave it outside until it is completely dry. Then you're ready to pass your beautiful creation on to dad.

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