The Best Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Stumped on what to get the beer lover in your life? We've got an array of gifts for every taste and budget.

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May 27, 2020

You may have a family member that loves and knows everything about beer. Gift them something that'll have them enjoying their favorite pastime — a nice, cold brew. Check out our top gift ideas, from beer glasses to sandals with a built-in bottle opener.

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If their favorite pastime is drinking a shower beer, then they'll enjoy this beer holder that sticks to the shower wall. It can hold cans, bottles and even wine glasses.

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This freezable beer glass ices the outside of your beverage, not the inside. It will cool your drink down to just above freezing and will keep it cool for up to two hours. The cork base acts as a built-in coaster to prevent condensation from escaping, and it also protects your hands from the chill.

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Few things go better together in this world than beer and barbecue, so why not combine the two into one delicious gift? This trio of sauces combines pale ale, pilsner and dark lager. Choose from a Belgian style flavored with Fat Tire ale, sweet and smoky Kansas City style or peppery Texas style.

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Featuring double-walled stainless steel and a copper layer, this can insulator will keep your drink 20-times colder for hours. It fits all slim cans and doesn't create any condensation so your hands stay dry.

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You love a good beer. You love to cook. Now learn how to marry good beer with good food in The Beer Pantry. These aren’t your typical “beer” recipes; instead, think smoked beef brisket with rosemary confit potatoes and malted oat pecan cookies. With more than 70 recipes to try, you'll be ready to sip and snack with your favorite ingredient.

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To the untrained taster, any glass will do, but a true aficionado knows that the shape of the glass will actually affect how you taste the beer. From the amount of foam it will allow at the top to how much oxygen is mixed while taking a glug, each beer deserves its rightful glass. This set of six includes a classic pilsner, English pub, Belgian ale, craft pub, porter/stout and a wheat beer glass. It's sure to please the budding beer snob on your shopping list.

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You're probably dreaming of the warm summer days to come. These flip-flops from Reef are the perfect companion for a day at the beach or a trip to the park. What makes these a gift for the beer lover? Take a look at the bottom and you'll see the built-in bottle opener.

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Give them a beer carrier that's just as stylish as their favorite craft beer label. It's a great companion on picnics, camping and more. It even comes with its own bottle opener.

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Nothing is more disappointing than a warm beer. Rather than sit around and wait for your beer to get cold, just pop one of these beer chillers in the bottle. Dubbed the Corkcicle, this ingenious invention is stored in your freezer and will instantly make your bottled beer ice-cold without the wait and without watering it down.

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Most beer drinkers have a good sense of humor. Share a laugh with your beer buddy with a punny shirt.

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Wear a little cheer close to your heart with this adorable pendant that proclaims "prost," the German word for cheers. The prost charm is also available as a key ring.

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Sometimes getting out of the pool to grab a beverage is just too much to ask. This is where the Big Bobber comes into play. This cooler can hold 12 cans and is perfect for long days at the pool or lounging at the beach, and best of all, it floats!

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A beer-making kit is a perfect gift for a friend if you also like beer. They'll likely share the finished product with you, but you won’t have to do any of the work. This kit includes all the basic equipment, ingredients and instructions for a single batch. The equipment can be reused to brew additional batches; just buy more ingredients.

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In the past five years, Yetis have become synonymous with quality. People will even call them by name rather than saying cooler. "Grab me a beer from the Yeti" is often heard around many a campfire. Yes, they're pricey, but they're also a lifetime investment. They are built to stand up to anything, even a grizzly bear (they actually tested that). This model can hold up to 28 cans of beer and keeps them ice-cold even in the dead of summer.

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With its playful shape and generous size, this novelty glass makes an ideal gift for the beer lover on your list.

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Much more than your average growler, this ruggedly-constructed stainless-steel vessel is built to last. Featuring a completely airtight cap and double-walled insulation, this growler will keep four pints of beer carbonated and cold for more than 24 hours. You can also buy an optional keg cap to turn this growler into the perfect camping accessory.

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These candies play on the sweet notes found in your favorite brew and are delightfully delicious. Each bag comes with approximately 25 candies with a mixture of three different flavors: honey ale, hoppy IPA and a coffee-like stout.

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These socks will let everyone know what you'd rather be doing. Made from moisture-wicking micro-denier acrylic and spandex, these socks are perfect for everything from cycling to lounging around after a long day.

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Show your state pride with this beautifully handcrafted wooden bottle opener. This functional piece of wall art does more than just look good — it also opens up your favorite bottled beverage.

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This outdoor table is an eight-gallon cooler and a trendy cocktail table all in one. The handsome woven texture is made from a weather-resistant resin. The lid can be propped 10 inches above the rim for a small, handy table that makes it easy to grab an ice-cold beverage.

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If beer is your drink of choice or you're shopping for a gift for a brew lover, check out these handy products for enjoying a cold beer at home, outdoors or even in the shower.

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