9 Father's Day Gifts That Will Leave Him Smiling, Crying Or Both

It's time to treat Dad to something truly special.

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Dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, especially because they tend to be evasive when it comes to what they actually want in a gift. Which means buying a Father's Day gift is pretty much always a gamble.

The conversation tends to go something like this...

"What do you want for Father's Day?" you’ll ask him, hoping this time he'll give you a straight answer and tell you something specific instead of making you guess. He'll pretend to think (if he's in a congenial mood) and then say, "Nothing. I'm happy as long as I have you." It's flattering, but it doesn't help you narrow down the long list of things you're considering buying him.

Fear not! These nine Father's Day gift ideas won't end up with a regift or return with a receipt. Instead, they’ll end with a laugh, a tear or both. Bye bye, guessing game!

1: Grill Master

Photo by: Amazon.com


If he loves cooking on the grill and is always checking out new recipes, this set of spices will help him heat things up. Try buying a few cuts of his favorite meat to go with it. Don’t offer to cook though. It might be his day, but his grill skills can’t be matched.

$24.99; amazon.com

2: Classic Man

Photo by: Jack Black

Jack Black

Is Dad’s beard getting a little out of control? This grooming kit from Jack Black (no, not School of Rock, Dad!) will help him change direction from Duck Dynasty to dapper without too much muss or fuss. This gift will keep it simple and save him a trip to the barber.

3: Friendly Reminder

Photo by: Etsy


Get him a mug that can do double duty. In this case, the personalized, engraved beer mug serves not only as a sentimental gift but also a reminder. He’ll never forget your birthday with this brew-based cheat sheet.

$17; etsy.com

4: Pampered Pop

Photo by: Lush


Dads need a little "me" time, too. Let him relax with a bubble bath that not only cleans and revives dry or dull skin but also energizes and revives. Maybe he said you gave him a few grey hairs as a teenager; this will help him recharge.

$36.95; lushusa.com

5: Hey, DJ

Photo by: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

If he can’t get enough of his favorite old-school hits, give him a little spin-spiration with a new record player. Let’s face it, he’s not figuring out Spotify and/or the aux cord anytime soon. As a bonus, give him copies of his favorite records. Extra points for vintage finds. Signed copies will seal your deal as the golden child.

6: Adventures Ahead

Photo by: World Market

World Market

Maybe you’ve loved traveling and seeing new places with your old man. Give him this gorgeous globe as a reminder of where you’ve been and the places you’re still planning on visiting. If you’re feeling extra sentimental, including a copy of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go will take it the extra mile.

$24.99; worldmarket.com

7: Father's Day Flashback

Photo by: Man Crates Store

Man Crates Store

Beat him to the “back in my day” with this crate of ‘80s throwbacks. His sweet tooth will thank you. Remember: It’s his day to indulge, so NO lectures about eating healthy or watching weight. Eat up!

$79.99; mancrates.com

8: Fond Memories

Photo by: PersonalizationMall.com


Add some photos to this personalized album and try looking through it without getting a little misty-eyed. Fun notes, old photos and other pieces of family memorabilia will keep the stories and memories flowing.

9: Quality Time

Photo by: Overstock.com


Father’s Day just got a little bit cozier thanks to this warm and welcoming fire pit. He’ll be so excited to see his backyard go from normal hangout spot to family party homebase, even if he pretends to mind having to fire up the grill every time.

$146.99; overstock.com

Father's Day Recipes + Cocktails

See All Photos
Top off the day with our easy recipes and cocktails that Dad will love.

Cowboy Breakfast Skillet

Start Father's Day off right by serving Dad breakfast in bed. This Tex-Mex-inspired breakfast gets its flavor from jalapeños, beans and fire-roasted tomatoes. Get the recipe>>

Pizza Hand Pies

Make his favorite food easy to eat. These pizza hand pies are great as an appetizer or as a meal. Fill them with his favorite toppings and serve with marinara dipping sauce. Get the recipe>>

Stout Pancakes

Start his day off right with a sweet and salty breakfast. The secret ingredient in these pancakes — stout! Get the recipe>>

Ale Pretzel Caramels

The surprise ingredient in these soft caramel chews is beer. The distinct ale flavor combined with sweet caramel will have Dad coming back for more. Get the recipe>>

Blue Moon Beer Cupcake

The main ingredient in this cupcake recipe is Blue Moon beer. The orange-amber flavor adds a tangy twist to the sweet taste of the cupcake. Get the recipe>>

White Negroni Cocktail

This cocktail is the perfect drink for the trendy, sophisticated dad. Unexpected bitters give it a punch of flavor. Get the recipe>>

Grilled Citrus Herb Branzino

For a healthy treat, give Dad grilled citrus herb branzino for dinner. The fish is packed with citrus flavor; serve it with parsley radish salad for a colorful summertime meal. Get the recipe>>

Chocolate Tea Biscuit Cake

This chocolate cake is fit for royalty. The tea biscuits and rich chocolatey flavor resemble Prince William's groom cake — your dad will love being treated like a prince. Get the recipe>>

Sourdough Stuffing With Parmesan and Leeks

The vegetarian dad will be getting seconds of this sourdough stuffing recipe. The bread absorbs the right amount of flavor from the Parmesan and leeks. Get the recipe>>

Cocoa Freeze Cocktail

This frozen hot chocolate recipe will be sure to cool off Dad from the summer heat. Add tequila or Kahlua and finely chopped chocolate for a rich flavor. Get the recipe>>

Beer Cheese Dip

This year, give Dad the perfect snack to accompany his favorite beer. This beer cheese dip gets its spicy flavor from horseradish sauce. Serve it with pretzel sticks or on top of toasted crostinis as an appetizer. Get the recipe>>

Greek Chicken-Stuffed Pita

Who doesn't love a pita-bread sandwich? Serve this chicken recipe with tzatziki sauce made with nonfat Greek yogurt for a healthier approach Dad will thank you for. Get the recipe>>

Frozen Mint Julep

The Southern dad will love this mint julep cocktail. Make it in the blender with ice for a refreshing summer treat. Get the recipe>>

Salt-Encrusted Branzino

Making branzino may seem overwhelming, but even a novice cook can successfully make this recipe. The encrusted salt gives the fish its flavor without drying it out. Get the recipe>>

Stout Caramel Corn

Plan a movie night and serve a delicious popcorn recipe. This salted caramel popcorn — flavored with stout — will be Dad's new favorite treat. Get the recipe>>

Baked Piña Colada Doughnuts

The glaze on these doughnuts is infused with pineapple juice for an extra-flavorful bite. Bake them instead of frying for a healthier treat. Get the recipe>>

Pub-Style Pretzels

Make your dad feel as if he's hanging out at his favorite pub. Serve these delicious, salty pretzels with beer cheese sauce and his beer of choice. Get the recipe>>

Frozen Orange Cocktail

This cocktail gets its potency from orange-flavored French liqueur and vanilla-infused vodka. Orange sherbet adds a rich, fruity flavor, masking the taste of the alcohol. Get the recipe>>

Coca-Cola Cupcake With Salted PB Frosting

Soda gives this cupcake its rich, full flavor. Top it with salted peanut butter frosting for a sweet and salty bite. Get the recipe>>

Applewood Bacon Shortbread Cookies

This may look like bacon, but it's actually shortbread cookie. The buttery flavor of the shortbread complements the applewood smoked salt seasoning that adds a bacon-like flavor to the cookie. Get the recipe>>

From: Heather Baird

Photo By: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Bloody Mary With a Twist

Carrot juice gives this classic Bloody Mary recipe a fun twist. Add cherry tomatoes and yellow pepper slices as garnish for a delicious treat Dad will love to drink while relaxing. Get the recipe>>


Chicken and Sausage Pasta

This chicken and sausage pasta gets its spiciness from Creole-inspired sauce. Dad won't be disappointed with this hearty meal. Get the recipe>>

From: Chrissy Barua

Irish Mexican Coffee

Surprise Dad with Irish coffee topped with whiskey-infused whipped cream. Just make sure he doesn't operate any heavy machinery after drinking this warm cocktail. Get the recipe>>

Photo By: Abigail Barnes

Nacho Dip

This hearty dip is packed with flavor. Whipping up this dip is easy — all it requires is mixing! Get the recipe>>

Photo By: Abigail Barnes

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