These Affordable Walmart Finds Will Keep Your House Warm When It’s Freezing Out

Ensure your home is nice and warm this winter with these must-buys.

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December 10, 2020

It's time to prepare your living space for the chilliest days of the year. Whether you're looking to heat up a living room or keep the winter chill from sneaking in through your windows, these Walmart products are affordable and can arrive at your house in days. Here are our top indoor heating picks, perfect for any house or apartment.

Heaters for Large Spaces

If you're trying to heat a larger space without having to increase your electric bill, try out a tower or radiator heater. There's a number of benefits to heating up your space with these: many use less energy, they come with certain protections (like automatic-shut off and tip-over protection) and you can customize the amount of heat it produces. A traditional electric tower heater simply needs to be plugged in and often comes with different settings. If your space is extra-large, you might want to try an oscillating tower heater to help it warm the whole room easily. A radiator heater is another great option. It uses oil to heat up a space. Although it takes longer to warm a room up, the heat will last longer (even after you turn it off). Finally, if you're prone to losing electricity, a natural gas wall heater works without it and can also be used to heat up a garage.


This ceramic heater from Lasko has a few fantastic features: it comes with a remote control for ease of use and can oscillate 90, 170 and 360 degrees. The digital reader makes it easy to see what temperature your home is, and it has two heat settings. The filter is easy-to-clean and helps it run smoothly all winter long.

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This ceramic heater proves you don't have to sacrifice style in order to heat up your room; it looks fantastic on any countertop, and will still heat up larger spaces. It has a seven-hour timer, oscillates and even comes in a few sizes.

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Heaters for Small Spaces

If you're always the coldest in your house or simply want to keep warm while you're working at your desk, a small personal heater is the best option — and they're often much more affordable than the larger models. These are primarily electric and come with the same features as their larger counterparts. They can also be great to take with you easily from room to room.


This adorable mini heater is perfect for a desk and has a few features that make it both fun and functional: it has two heat settings, overheat protection and a power indicator light. It comes in a few different colors, too.

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Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace warms a room up but also adds gorgeous style to your space. This is a great option if you love the look of a fireplace but don't have access to the real deal. With the same look as a fireplace or stove, they make lovely substitutes: the flames flicker and look realistic but without all the wood and work to keep it going.


This rustic credenza from Better Homes & Gardens has storage space and can accommodate a 50-inch television, making it the perfect centerpiece for a household, as well as a way to heat it up. The extra storage space is helpful, and the electric fireplace heats up to 1,000 square feet.

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Another way to ensure your home stays warm this winter is to keep it properly insulated, and if it's not as insulated as you like, there are ways to improve it with ease. Adding some additional insulation to your windows, doors and any spaces the wind gets in can make a serious difference. They're affordable, easy to install and a smart way to winterize your space.


This insulation kit includes everything you need to keep the chill out this winter, including all-weather repair tape, 16 outlet sealers, six switch plate sealers, two switch plate covers and silicone weatherstripping seal. It’s perfect for apartments, so if you have a house you may want to snag two.

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Other Must-Haves

Firelogs, smart thermostats and electric blankets are other must-have accessories to keep your house warm this winter without having to spend a fortune. Additionally, don't forget another winter must-buy: humidifiers. While humidifiers won't keep your house warm, it's a great accessory to pair with a heater. Since your house may be drier as the air gets colder, a humidifier keeps moisture in the air. Your skin, hair and sinuses will thank you.


This filter-free cool mist humidifier has a tank that's easy to fill and clean. It can run up to 24 hours on one tank, too. It will help keep moisture in the air, which can be a huge issue as you heat your house.

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This incredibly soft sherpa blanket has heating elements to it with three different temperature settings and a two-hour automatic shut-off. It has a removable power cord and is made of stain-resistant materials.

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