The Best Deals on Window-Mounted and Portable Air Conditioners Right Now

Find the right fit for your space, and stay cool this summer without breaking the bank.

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June 04, 2021

You would think that after growing up in the hot and humid South, where stepping outside felt like standing in front of an open oven, that I would be used to and unbothered by stagnant summer air at this point. But nope! I still dislike the feeling of sticky clothes and stifling heat, especially in my own home, and think that everyone should have an air conditioner they can rely on.

But some houses don't come with central air and might not allow you to permanently mount something to the wall, which is where things can get complicated. So, to help you stay nice and cool this summer, I'm breaking down the difference between window-mounted and portable AC units and sharing the best deals on both happening right now. Keep scrolling to get the details.

Window-Mounted Air Conditioners

If you can't have a wall-mounted air conditioner, a window unit is a great alternative for a few reasons. They're pretty affordable and easy to install, they don't take up any floor space (which is nice if you're living in a small studio or apartment), they're temporary and they cool rooms efficiently and quickly. The only catch is that they'll also block some of the natural light that comes in your room, and they have to fit the specific dimensions of your window.

$249.99 $220

If you need AC ASAP and you're on a tight budget, this is your best buy. It's smaller than most window units, both in size and BTUs, so it's ideal for a smaller room such as a home office or an apartment living room.

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$569.99 $479

For cities that get super hot in the summer and super cold in the winter, a 2-in-1 AC with supplemental heating is a great value. If you have a little wiggle room in the budget, this LG unit has slightly more power than the one above which means it can cool a larger area (up to 320 square feet) and it can help keep a specific room warm in the winter (which can lower energy bills).

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Portable Air Conditioners

If you don't love the idea of a box sitting on your window sill, you might prefer a portable air conditioner. Just as the name suggests, these units typically come on four caster wheels, so you can move them as needed. However, this means that even the most compact unit will take up some of your floor space, and high-powered ones can be pretty pricey. You'll also still need to vent your unit through a window, which means it will have to sit in a corner of your living room or bedroom.

$399.99 $332

We already named this Black + Decker unit the best overall portable AC in our shopping guide, and now it's on sale for a fraction of the cost over at Wayfair! This deal won't last long so pounce on it if you're shopping for an apartment or small room AC.

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$668.99 $609

Like kitchen appliances, not as many silver or black portable AC units go on sale. It's usually basic white models. But we spotted this sleek black Whynter on sale for more than $60 off!

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$659.99 $620

If you're tight on floor space, this Haier unit is a great option. It's more slender than other units in the same BTU range and can slide into more nooks and crannies when not in use. Reviewers on Target's website say it's super easy to install and set up.

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$429.99 $400

This AireMax checks all the boxes for a medium-sized room. It has a dust filter, comes with heating and is currently on sale for under $400.

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