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Floating Wood Deck With Dining Table and Chairs

Floating Wood Deck With Dining Table and Chairs

As seen on HGTV's Yard Crashers, this floating wood deck is the perfect spot for an outdoor dinner party. Its unique chandelier stretches out above the table, suspended from a long metal rod attached to an adjacent wall.

From: Yard Crashers

By: Sean McEvoy

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Deck building can be a daunting project, but if you're willing to elevate your approach a bit, floating decks can provide a fairly simple, elegant design addition to any outdoor space.

The design idea behind a floating deck is simple: instead of sitting flush with the ground, a floating deck gives the impression of "floating" a few inches off the surface. It's an aesthetically pleasing touch, and it also provides guests a great vantage point from which to survey the natural beauty of the backyard.

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Beach House Deck With Oculus

An oculus sets this oceanfront deck apart, making the somewhat smaller space feel more open and light filled. The circular shape is echoed by a trio of bowls.

Photo By: Resolution: 4 Architecture

Bistro Set on Deck with Multicolored Seating

Recover wood or metal chairs in a fun fabric, to add panache to a bistro set.

Photo By: Thomas S. England/Dwell With Dignity Atlanta

Overview of a Deck Composed of Bison Ipe Pallets

The view from this deck may be spectacular but demanding equal attention is the innovative floor design from Sogno Design Group which arranged Bison Ipe pallets on a leveler system over roofing.

Photo By: Sogno Design Group, photo by Shawn-Paul Luchin

Deck With Orange Armchair

This deck mixes contemporary and global pieces for a look that stylish and unique: a brown sectional, relaxed, rust-colored lounge chair, a Frank Gehry Twist cube, sculpted planters and throw pillows with tribal-inspired fabrics.

Outdoor Terrace With Picnic Table and Benches

Situated just off the kitchen, this petite terrace leads down to a garden, handy for grabbing spices as well as offering a pretty view.

Photo By: Hulya Kolabas

A View from the Balcony of a Pressure-Treated Wood Deck

A sweeping view can be yours if you opt for an open deck design like this one made of pressure-treated wood. Tip for DIY installation: If the wood is wet when first purchased, you can install the boards close together and the gaps will not be very wide when natural shrinkage occurs. If the wood is already dry, you need to leave some room between the boards so they can expand naturally over time.

Photo By: MOSAIC Group [Architects and Remodelers], www.mosaicgroupatlanta.com

A Redwood Deck Offers Treetop Viewing

A spacious deck from California Redwood serves as both an observation overlook and an outdoor entertainment space enhanced by its up-in-the-trees setting.

Photo By: California Redwood Association, www.realstrongredwood.com

Cedar Deck with a Spectacular Lake View

An ideal setting with spectacular sightlines is the best reason to add a deck and this creation from JW Architects takes full advantage of the view with a stylish design of cedar decking and TPO membrane (Thermoplastic polyolefin).

Photo By: JW Architects, jwaseattle.com; photo by Lara Swimmer

Covered Terrace and Sun Deck

Covered terraces connect to sunny decks to let residents and guests take in the setting in shade or the open air. There's an easy flow between indoors and out with wide doorways.

From: Smiths Gore Limited and Luxury Portfolio International®

Photo By: Smiths Gore Limited, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Private Lakefront Dock and Deck

On the lakefront, a private dock hosts boats and jet skis. Up top is a deck with 360-degree views.

Photo By: Texas Hill Country Photography

The steps for creating a floating deck are fairly straightforward. First, you'll want to level the area you've chosen for the deck. Excavate down to hard, flat ground, then use a laser level to ensure the area is totally flat.

Next, you'll need to set and level four corners of blocking. Blocks should be spaced to make a 7' x 19' rectangle, leaving enough space from each block for deck boards to add another 8' x 20' rectangle. Use a laser level or string level to ensure that each block is level.

Now you need to create lines for the interior blocks. Measure two feet from the corners, then spray paint a straight line down the short portion of the deck (this is the line for the interior blocks). Spray another line two feet between two interior lines. You should now have three horizontal lines—dig a six-inch trench along the lines, then dig a trench between your corner blocks.

On each trench line, space four interior blocks two feet apart from one another. Level the interior blocks and corner blocks. You'll have two blocks between horizontal corners and three between vertical corners.

If all blocks are equally spaced, set them and make sure they're level, adding and removing wet concrete as necessary. Make sure the concrete has dried, then lay the 2" x 6" pressure-treated deck joists. Make sure they are evenly spaced two feet apart.

Finally, lay down your deck boards. Start with one board in the middle of the deck, and make sure it hangs evenly off each end of the 2x6s. Deck planks should have a space between them, so use a small nail as your spacing guide. Where the plank meets the joist, screw two square head trim screws 1-1/4 inch from each side of the deck plank. Hammer the screws down, then repeat on each plank.

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