Deck Design Ideas

Get inspired and turn your outdoor living space into a family room and entertainment center.

Photo By: TimberTech

Photo By: TimberTech

Photo By: TimberTech

Photo By: TimberTech

Photo By: TimberTech

Photo By: TimberTech

Photo By: TimberTech

Outdoor Entertaining

You may think of your deck as just an innocuous wooden platform jutting out to your backyard, but with a little planning and a good design, that space can become a fabulous alfresco family room and entertainment center.

Don't Forget the Railing

There's no need to sacrifice railing style and design for efficiency and safety. If you're afraid of blocking a fabulous view, many contemporary railings are available with glass or see-through slats. When selecting deck railing, consider how easy it will be to maintain and how well it will hold up to weather conditions. And don't forget that the railing is as much an aesthetic component as is the deck's building material — think about style and congruity.

The Importance of Color

Selecting the perfect color for your deck will impact the overall look of your space. This dark deck utilizes is the perfect background for the cityscape, because it doesn't draw attention away from the urban views.

Work With Your Surroundings

Some of the most imaginative deck designs are the result of working with the terrain. This platform is perched in a spot perfect for relaxing and enjoying the ocean breeze.

Patterns Are Important

A panoramic view deserves a panoramic deck, but with wraparound decks come special challenges. One of the first things you'll need to do before you begin framing is to determine the decking pattern. Consider the most unifying patterns and the patterns that work best with the existing lines of the house. A well-designed wraparound could offer one spot for barbecuing, another for sunning and yet another for privacy — all with the turn of a corner.

Tiered Decks

If you want to highlight a view, having more than one level allows multiple vantage points. And you may choose to tier your deck space because you're seeking some public and some private outdoor areas or you want to devote an area to a specific activity, such as barbecuing.

Consider How You Will Use the Space

Built-in seating can vastly expand the versatility of your deck. If you expect to do a lot of entertaining, you'll need to add less furniture. The downside, however, is that once the built-ins are built in, they're there to stay and they'll dictate what you can do and how you move around your deck.

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