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Get all the inspiration you'll need for home theater seating ideas, and prepare to create a comfortable and stylish entertainment space in your home.


The tiered seating in this home theater, ensures unobstructed visibility from any seat and the wall to wall carpet provides additional sound absorption.

From: Ron Nathan

Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

By: Sean McEvoy

If you're planning a new home theater installation or looking to upgrade an existing home theater, one or your first tasks will be to explore home theater seating ideas. Comfortable, stylish seating options abound for home theaters, which have become much more prevalent in modern homes. The in-home theater experience can be greatly enhanced by a well-planned seating scheme, so you'll want to put seating style and design high on the list of home theater to-dos.

Amazing Home Theater Designs

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1920s Style Home Theater

The pinnacle of class and elegance, this home theater was designed to resemble a 1920s movie palace, complete with 12 plush chairs with custom-patterned fabric, a chandelier and wall sconces to add warmth. The space also features a coffered ceiling treatment with custom moldings and an embossed copper ceiling. Photo courtesy of Elite Home Theater Seating

User-Friendly Home Theater Controls

In this home theater the control system provides easy, full-featured use, and a custom screen allows for an optimum viewing experience in a room that is shallow in depth. The seating is arranged in tiers, and the room is completely blocked off from light and outside sound. Photo courtesy of Dynamic A/V, Inc.

Photo By: Wes Calvin, Platinum Productions

To the Batcave!

The Batcave is the perfect place to watch a flick. This home theater is designed for the ultimate Batman fan, and it also features a life-size replica of the Bat Mobile seen in The Dark Knight, which sits in an adjacent room. Photo courtesy of Elite Home Theater Seating

Trendy Theater

This modern home theater was designed to create a high-performance space for movies and sporting events. Isolated acoustically and equipped with complete surround sound, the room provides a high-quality, immersive experience. The sound system features 20 discrete channels: the main left, center and right speakers; four side surrounds; two back-wall surrounds; and 11 subwoofers. The room also has an independent cooling system to provide ultimate comfort. Photo courtesy of La Scala in Vancouver, B.C.

Classic Old-Time Home Theater

A traditional red velvet curtain gives this beautiful space an old Hollywood feel. The patterned carpet, columns and wood detailing also contribute to the classic look of the space. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Music Maker

This home theater was designed to maintain the integrity of the Arabian theme throughout the home. The space features state-of-the-art electronics and acoustics, not only to play movies but also to reproduce music throughout the home. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Photo By: HOWARD TUCKER 216-696-4616

High-Dollar Home Theater

This stunning home theater is a world-class screening room with two-and-a-half-inch-thick acrylic windows that look into the 98,000-gallon pool. The chairs are from Radio City Music Hall, and the carpet and wall materials were custom dyed to match. Design by Future Home in Los Angeles, Calif.

Classic Hollywood Regency Style

This home theater was designed in the Hollywood Regency style, adding glitz and glamour to the space. The center aisle, theater seating and curtains around the screen give viewers a true theater feeling. Art deco details add a touch of Tinseltown style.

Clean Comfort

This home theater was created as a space where a family could gather to enjoy movies and TV together. The cool color scheme and yellow accent lights give the room a fun feel. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Wooden Elegance

This handsome space was designed as the centerpiece of the home. With tiered seating and beautiful leather chairs, the home theater also features an easy control system. The wood-paneled wall and framed artwork make the space even more luxurious.

Decked-Out Theater

This extravagant home theater was designed with comfortable theater-style seating to accommodate young children and a large extended family. All amenities contribute to the true movie theater experience, including a candy counter, popcorn machine and refrigerator for cold drinks. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Photo By: Patty Schuchman

Star-Studded Wonder

Why go to the movies when you have this space? This theater features a 180-inch screen, exclusive projector, star-field ceiling, 15-person seating, surround channels for each row of seating, custom-built speakers, and audio/video components that rival the real theater experience. Photo courtesy of Admit One, Inc. in Edina, Minn.

Grecian-Style Home Theater

White columns and arches lend a Grecian feel to this home theater. The tall ceilings are emphasized by the half columns, ceiling beams and dramatic wall sconces. A muted color palette and leather seats add a touch of elegance.

Beneath the Garage

This theater room is built in a large, enclosed concrete space below the home’s garage. The room's design mimics that of the home, which features tons of dark cherry wood. This classy space seats at least 12 people. Photo courtesy of Home Technology Systems in Wichita, Kan.

Silver Screen Space

The beautiful woodwork, coffered ceiling, deep-blue walls and rich leather seats make this room the perfect space to watch a flick. The classic space has an old Hollywood feel.

Jaw-Dropping Home Theater

This theater will drop jaws when people see and hear it. Along with a crystal-clear sound and picture, the space has beautiful woodwork and leather seats. It also features a star field ceiling. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Cool and Contemporary

This contemporary home theater is fully light-controlled, with no natural light present. The room has 3-D capability and provides an excellent gaming experience and outstanding movie-watching reproduction. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Form and Function

This visually stunning theater is large enough to accommodate friends and family and also rivals the audio-visual performance of the best commercial theaters. The space features comfortable seating, a huge screen, 3-D capability, theater-quality audio and high-end decorative elements, which add to the luxury. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Photo By: Alan Gilbert

Your first choice when it comes to home theater seating will be whether to emulate the feel of a traditional cinema or to explore a seating scheme that's a little more "media room" than "immersive theater experience."

If you choose to configure your home theater space in a way that's similar to an actual cinema—with, for example, stadium seating, dramatic curtains covering the walls and projection or TV screen, and cinema-style floor and wall lighting—then you'll probably want your seating design to feel like a traditional cinema's as well. Your options to reflect this design will be broad. If an authentic movie-house feel is what you're looking for, you could choose to feature actual cinema seats, with classic flip-up seating and velour upholstery—or go even further back and explore vintage wooden theater seats. Theater seats from the silent film era to the present are available via online and brick-and-mortar antique shops if vintage seating is on the marquee for your home theater.

If you're looking for a more updated experience but still want your home theater to have that movie-house feel, there are a multitude of options for modern home theater seating. Many homeowners choose to reflect a classic cinema layout, with rows of seating, potentially arranged stadium-style. The seats themselves are often plush, arm-chair-like single seats or rows of seats, often featuring individual cup holders, trays and other convenient accessories to help guests enjoy the show. Pricing tiers for these home theater seats run the gamut from quite affordable models with fabric or faux-leather upholstery, to extremely high-end versions in top-quality leather, with electronic adjustability and even the ability to rumble underneath guests when the action on screen gets particularly intense.

If your home theater is a smaller affair or falls somewhere between the multiplex and the media room, stadium seating and multiple banks of theater-style chairs may be a bit dramatic for the space. Instead, you may want to consider a more traditional, understated approach, with a simple array of couches and armchairs. For smaller spaces in particular, a comfortable wrap-around couch framing the room and potentially complemented by one or two armchairs can ably serve the purpose of providing plenty of great seating options for large numbers of guests.

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