How to Make Punny Paper Quilling Cards for Mother's Day

Paper quilling is the art of curling strips of paper to create amazing designs. Here's how to use the technique to make three Mother's Day cards featuring funny puns.

DIY Punny Mother's Day Cards 02:28

Play around with the paper craft quilling to make punny cards for Mom.


  • quilling kit (available at most craft stores)
  • card stock
  • craft glue
  • scissors


Quill Paper

Print our free templates as a guide. To make the watermelon, use varying shades of green and pink paper strips, and roll into spirals. Cut a dark brown paper strip in half, and roll tiny spirals for seeds.

Attach to Card

Arrange the spirals in the shape of a watermelon slice following our template, and attach to card stock with glue. Use tweezers to help put the seeds in place.

Write Pun

Use the felt tip marker to write a cute pun like, "You're one in a melon."


Quill Paper

Use our free template as a guide, and create small teardrop shapes by quilling a small spiral with green paper, then pinching one corner. Repeat until you get desired amount. Make larger teardrops using the same method but with larger spirals. Create tiny flowers by making three small loops with red paper and connecting them with glue at the bottom. Make small square shapes out of orange or brown paper by pinching the four sides of small spirals.

Attach to Card

Use our printable template as a guide, and glue paper teardrops and flowers to the card stock to make the cactus. Glue the paper squares in a pot shape to the card stock to finish.

Write Pun

Use the felt tip marker to add a cute pun like, "You're stuck with me."


Quill Paper

Create spirals of varying sizes in shades of blue. Use a large spiral to create the head. Make the beak from a tiny yellow teardrop shape, and the tail from large looping. Cut a small section of a yellow paper strip, and make a tight spiral halfway up for the leg. Repeat for the second leg.

Attach to Card

Use our free bird template as a guide, and arrange the spirals into a horizontal oval shape for the body and the large spiral for the head. Glue on the tail, beak and feet.

Write Pun

Use the felt tip marker to add a cute pun like, "You're the tweetest mom."

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