The Best Gifts Based on Their Zodiac Sign

Leave them starry-eyed with these astrological-inspired buys.

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November 22, 2022

Let me let you in on my little secret that takes the drama out of gift shopping and leaves loved ones smiling from ear to ear every year: astrology. The perfect gifts for everyone on your list are written in the stars, and, as luck would have it, I had a little conflab with the constellations. Now, I’m here to deliver all the top gifts for each astrological sign down below, and all you need to get started is the recipient’s birthday.

Whether you’re shopping for a choosey Taurus, dramatic-in-the-best-way Leo or an adventure-seeking Sagittarius, I’ve compiled the goodies and gifts you’ll need to knock their socks off. Want to take your gift game to the next level? Use their birthday, time of birth and location to determine the giftee’s big three: their sun sign, moon sign and rising sign. Scoop up a token from each of their big three to get the ultimate astrology-inspired gift catered to their unique personality.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the fiery, fun-loving Aries people love nothing more than taking the lead in their day-to-day lives. Whether they’re edging out the competition at work, beating their personal best at the gym or stealing the spotlight at Friday night karaoke, Aries use their bold, trailblazing personality to climb their way to number one.

Gift the unstoppable Aries in your life a token that taps into their competitive nature and endless well of energy. A set of fitness dice brings spontaneity to their workouts, while a smart jump rope gives them data points to motivate them when they hit the gym. Boxing gloves in their signature red hue give Aries an outlet to distress; classic roller skates and a karaoke mic provide an opportunity to show up and show out.

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Second in the zodiac is the sensual, steady and tenacious Taurus. The elegant earth sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and luxury and symbolized by the bull. The horned mascot signifies Taurus’ signature stubbornness, as well as their dogged determination and persevering nature.

Shopping for a Taurus is simple. Seek classic, high-quality goods that combine beauty and function while appealing to their senses. Satisfy their appetite for indulgent sips and sweets with a self-warming coffee mug, a personalized marble charcuterie board or decadent artisan chocolate truffles. Treat your Taurus to little everyday luxuries that feel sumptuous to touch, like a pair of buttery cashmere tech gloves, a monogrammed throw blanket or embroidered bamboo pajamas. Or, snag a spa-worthy bath bundle from Nécessaire to give them that fragrance fix that will keep them feeling relaxed and refreshed after each shower.


Two is better than one with the third sign of the zodiac: Gemini. The clever, creative and quick-witted air sign is Mercury-ruled and sees heavy influence from the planet of communication, technology and intellect. The Twins are their symbol, representing Gemini's dynamic personality and dual nature. The curious Gemini has ever-evolving interests, making gift shopping challenging at times. The good news? I am a Gemini, and I will not lead you astray.

Choose gifts that tap into your Gem’s way with words and a spirited personality. Scrabble offers your Gemini a platform for their vast vocab. A thought-provoking card game satisfies their need for information, allowing them to ask hard-hitting questions without earning a reputation for being nosey. Trust me: Your Gemini will count down the days until they can pull out their new auspicious serving board and wooden shot paddle at their next big party. And the Grecian bust bookends will make the perfect, twin-inspired touch to tidy up their overflowing bookcase.


The fourth zodiac sign is Cancer. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is a compassionate, kind and sensitive water sign. The moon bestows many gifts to Cancer people, including unparalleled intuition, vivid dreams and a nurturing, maternal personality. The moon may or may not influence Cancer people with a splash of moodiness, too.

Cancer is the sign associated with home and family, and Cancer people are at their happiest in their little bubble, tucked away from the outside world. Gifts that will speak to their tender-hearted souls include all things cozy and sentimental. A hardcover photo book filled with family photos may bring tears to their eyes but don't worry because they'll disappear as soon as your Cancer spots their new fluffy slippers and a matching sherpa blanket. A sleek tea kettle and sweet cookie recipe book will brighten their kitchen, while a moon-phase-inspired bath soak and aromatherapy sleep mist will set them up for a night of restful dreams.

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Sun-ruled Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac. The regal, iconic and raring-to-go Leo has the symbol of a lion, representing their commanding nature and fierce loyalty to loved ones. Like their fellow fire signs, Leos sets the world ablaze with their passionate personality and generous spirit. These born entertainers have a penchant for (playful) drama and harness their courageous spirit to rise to any occasion.

Pro tip: Use the Midas touch and go for gold when spoiling the Leo in your pack. Elevated items like luxurious gold-velvet oven mitts will add theatrics to their daily routine, while a golden Leo necklace adds sparkle to any ensemble. Help them maintain their signature mane with a silk pillowcase set and give them tools to show off the finished look with an instant camera. An aspirational coffee table book and tarot card set will dial up the drama at home, while a portable projector allows them to take their theatrics on the road.


Earth sign Virgo is sixth in the zodiac. Mercury-ruled Virgo people are dedicated and practical and possess unmatched attention to detail. In other words? They’re perfectionists, and they have the results to prove it. Virgos are generous with their knowledge and are always first to lend a helping hand (or take the reins) where they can.

Virgos are happiest in a tidy environment, spending time with animals, flawlessly executing a challenging recipe or tending to their garden. Choose gifts that encourage them to put themselves first, like a leatherbound Julia Child cookbook, a watercolor paint set or an organized home planner. And, when in doubt, coasters will always bring a smile to your Virgo’s face.


Libra brings a bushel of beauty, love and balance to the zodiac. This effervescent air sign is Venus-ruled and is the ultimate hopeless romantic. Venus’ influence breeds Libra’s love of feminine aesthetics, luxurious fashion, and indulgent, embellished treats. The Libra symbol is the scales of justice, nodding to their innate commitment to fairness and equality.

Use Libra’s ruling planet as your gift-shopping guru and select items that will encourage your Libra to romanticize their life. Pink designer wine glasses, a kissable coffee mug and a pure silk pillowcase add an opulent touch to their daily routine. A coco rose bath soak bundle, polished brass vanity mirror and plush therapeutic pillow give them an at-home spa experience; sleek acrylic office tools add a little something-something to their cubicle.

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Strategic, mysterious and magnetic Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. The water sign is Pluto-ruled, lending Scorpios an intense and powerful energy that commands respect from others. Scorpio people appreciate deep conversations, games of strategy, mysticism and anything that explores things hidden or dark.

Appeal to your favorite scorpion’s fascination with darkness with edgy gifts in their signature color: black. Inky leather ankle and wrist weights add a cool factor to their gym ensemble, while a moody leather valet tray does the same for their entryway. A sleek, leather-bound cocktail book, a smoked old-fashioned glass set and golden snake napkin rings will pack Plutonian personality into their next dinner party. A luxury marble chess game and moody puzzle provide an opportunity to exercise their mind.


Adventure awaits! Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and these fiery folks have unmatched optimism, enthusiasm, and confident spirit. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, Sagittarius people have good fortune on their side and often make leaps of faith without blinking an eye because it always seems to work out. The Sagittarius symbol is the archer or centaur, representing Sags’ aim for higher knowledge and spirituality throughout life.

And one of the only ways for Sagittarius to find the knowledge they seek is to do what they do best – travel! Gift the archer in your circle with travel-ready gear like a laptop duffle bag, a cheeky sweatshirt or a travel journal. Expand their minds through thought-provoking reads and an inspiring travel-themed coffee table book. If your Sagittarius just returned from Bali or Barcelona, gift them a hardcover travel photo book to capture their favorite moments in one compact locale. Or, if they’re gearing up for their next big journey, go ahead and throw in a box of luck to send them off with good juju.


Ambitious and hard-working Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. Saturn-ruled Capricorn is an earth sign marked with maturity, devotion, and determination. Capricorns see the value in structure, long-term goals, and a hard day’s work. These people are happiest when working consistently towards their goals and making money, honey.

The best gift for the Capricorn in your life is practical, high quality and aids them in their efforts at work. A sleek wireless charging tray, desk organizer and retro-inspired clock will elevate their work and bring organization that makes their daily duties a breeze. Treat them to a heated neck massager and acupressure pad to relieve some stress (they tend to be chronically stressed). Another solid idea? Enable their caffeine dependence with a sleek new Nespresso machine.


Coming in at the eleventh spot in the zodiac, we have open-minded Aquarius. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of originality, Aquarians are unique, communicative and forward-thinking. Aquarius is an air sign defined by the spirit of teamwork, humanitarianism and innovative technology. The water bearer is their symbol, representing Aquarius' desire for progress and evolution.

While all Aquarians are unique, they share an appreciation for things like niche records, activism and quirky home accessories. Speak to their soul with the Activists Portraits of Courage book and a suitcase turntable. Or appeal to their devotion to whimsy with a Warhol-inspired candle and disco planter.


Last but certainly not least, we have our wise and healing water sign, Pisces. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, and Pisceans have the wondrous imagination to show for it. These dreamers are always there to offer comforting words and soothing affirmations for their loved ones and yearn for unconditional love in return. Their symbol is a pair of fish facing opposite directions, depicting the unique Piscean struggle between living in reality and fantasy.

Treat your Pisces pal to a gift that brings them the comfort they give others. Treat them to tranquil gemstones, navy nail polish and a beautiful wall print that allow them to embrace their essence at home or on the go. Spoil them with a soul-soothing spiritual healing book or dreamer’s journal to process their sea of emotions healthily.

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