21+ Healthy Infused-Water Recipes and the Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Find out the benefits of water and how much water you should drink every day. Learn the extra nutritional benefits of (we're looking at you lemon water) fruit-infused water.

March 04, 2021
Glass Bottle with Drinking Glasses

Glass Bottle at Baby Shower Brunch

Include your drink ware in the baby shower by color coordinating them. Decorate a glass bottle and drinking glasses with lemons and a yellow napkin to match the color scheme of the shower.

Health Benefits of Water

We all know that we should be drinking more water every day.

Woman Drinking Water To Stay Hydrated After Workout

Young Woman Drinking Water After Working Out

Dehydration drains energy, so it’s important to replenish your body throughout the day. Plain water is a good choice.

Photo by: Shutterstock/Mimagephotography


The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recommends about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men and about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women. That includes water, liquids from other beverages and liquids in foods.

There are myriad benefits to drinking enough water every day including its positive impact on your digestive system. Water also lubricates joints, can help in weight loss, can improve your skin as well as optimizing cell and organ function. Drinking water can also boost your energy. Your body is composed of up to 70% water and we need to stay hydrated to stay healthy. Experts advise 4-6 cups of water a day for healthy people, though you should check with your doctor for the best amount for you if you have existing health issues. One way to check if you are drinking enough water is to look pay attention to your urine color. A light slightly yellow color means you are probably getting enough water but anything darker and you may need to up your water intake.

But gulping down glass after glass of plain water can often feel overwhelming. And kind of boring.

The Benefits of Lemon Water

Photo by: Giada De Laurentiis, FoodNetwork.com

Giada De Laurentiis, FoodNetwork.com

Which is why lemon water has become such a thing. It not only keeps you hydrated, but can help curb cravings. Lemon peel also contains antioxidants and flavonoids and the vitamin C in lemon is good for your skin. If you drink warm lemon water, it can also aid in digestion.

Luckily, there’s a way to make managing your water intake easier. Infused water recipes add a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs to water to amp up the taste.

Here are some of our favorite infused water recipes to help you easily meet your daily requirement. So, drink up and get healthy!

Food Network Kitchen
Infused Water Lemon
Healthy Recipes
Food Netowrk

Food Network Kitchen Infused Water Lemon Healthy Recipes Food Netowrk

Photo by: Stephen Johnson, Food Network Kitchens

Stephen Johnson, Food Network Kitchens

Frozen Fruit Sparkling Water

This delicious infusion uses sparkling instead of flat water. This one includes frozen mixed berries, lemons, limes, oranges and torn basil leaves. And it’s as pretty as it is refreshing.

Summer Drinks: The Agua Fresca

Try one of these recipes for a refreshing sip blending garden herbs, veggies and fruit.

Lemon Water

Photo by: Food Network Kitchens

Food Network Kitchens

Integrating lemon water into your daily routine might be the easiest and most common way to improve your daily water habit.

Many people swear by starting off their day with hot water and lemon. In fact, there are many health benefits associated with lemon water, including boosting your immune system and balancing your body’s pH levels.

For an extra treat, add some chopped lemons to your ice tray with water, then freeze overnight. You can use these in your water or even in a big glass of lemonade.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz, CookingChannelTV.com

Matt Armendariz, CookingChannelTV.com

Strawberry-Cucumber Water

This spa water recipe is both fruity and fresh. It’s another great warm-weather go-to, since it includes strawberries and cucumbers. Add some basil for an herbal note.

Photo by: Food Network Kitchens

Food Network Kitchens

Watermelon-Mint Agua Fresca

If you’re looking for more of an agua fresca-type recipe, this one might be a perfect fit. This infused water is chock-full of watermelon, mint and limes. You can add sugar or a sugar substitute to sweeten things up, depending on the sweetness of your melon.

Photo by: Food Network Kitchens

Food Network Kitchens

Orange-Fennel Water

This infused water has a zesty, herbacious kick to it. Using fresh fennel herbs, add thin slices of orange and let it infuse in your water for several hours. You can also add some lemon slices to amp up the flavor profile.

Photo by: Food Network Kitchens

Food Network Kitchens

Tomato-Pepper-Celery Water

If you close your eyes, this infused water recipe might trick you into thinking you’re drinking a (healthy) bloody Mary. This fresh combo includes chopped celery, tomatoes and bell peppers. You can use stalks of celery as an additional garnish.

Photo by: Giada De Laurentiis, FoodNetwork.com

Giada De Laurentiis, FoodNetwork.com

Pineapple-Mint-Ginger Water

Here’s an unusual infused water recipe that will appeal to pineapple lovers. Add chopped pineapple, fresh mint and a bit of ginger to a big pitcher of either sparkling or flat water.

Outdoor Drinks

Summer Chill

Make fruity ice cubes for a summer treat that's tasty and refreshing. Simply fill an ice cube tray with water, then drop in raspberries and slices of lemon, lime and orange. Once frozen, the infused cubes are perfect for adding flavor and cooling down a glass of water or fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Berry Water

This simple recipe includes plump blueberries and sliced strawberries. It’s the perfect, fresh, warm-weather indulgence. For a fun get-together, include skewers with additional berries in each glass.

DIY Infused Water Combos

Feel like going even more DIY in your fruit and veggie water infusions?

The process is simple. Slice, cube or chop freshly-washed fruits and vegetables, then add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of produce per quart of water in an airtight container. To extract more flavor produce can be muddled, but will lose some of its visual appeal. Herbs can also be used to add flavor to water. Use 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of your favorites to a quart of water and bruise or muddle to help release flavor.

Refrigerate water overnight to allow flavors to infuse. Fruits and vegetables will usually last 2 to 3 days in the water before they begin to break down. Small batches are recommended, but the water may be strained to extend its shelf life.

Infused water can be strained and transferred into your favorite bottle for hydration on the go, or poured into serving pitchers with the fruit or vegetables left in to add a splash of color to the table. The following suggestions will get you started, but this list is far from comprehensive.


Slice or cube into 1- to 2-inch pieces. Thick-skinned berries should be cut or lightly crushed to help release flavor. Citrus can be used in smaller amounts.

  • Citrus: Lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit
  • Berries: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
  • Melons: Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew
  • Other: Mango, apples, peaches, cherries


Cucumber-infused water is becoming more common, but other vegetables can be used to add subtle flavor to drinking water. Slice thin to impart more flavor. If using hot peppers, start with a single pepper per quart to gauge intensity.

  • Cucumbers
  • Celery
  • Peppers
  • Carrots


Crush or bruise herbs to draw the most flavor. Herbs can be used on their own or combined with fruits or vegetables for more impact. The herbs we recommend here all pair well with a wide variety of produce:

  • Mint
  • Cilantro
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Basil
  • Thyme


Try these refreshing flavor mashups or make up your own!

  • Cucumber-Mint
  • Peach-Basil
  • Blueberry-Lime
  • Orange-Rosemary
  • Carrot-Ginger
  • Watermelon-Mint
  • Lavender-Lemon
  • Apple-Cilantro
  • Cherry-Thyme
  • Cantaloupe-Hot Pepper
  • Lemon-Lime
  • Grapefruit-Tarragon
  • Strawberry-Celery

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