How to Keep Your Pet at Ease During a Home Renovation

Follow these tips to keep your pet safe and comfortable while your home’s a construction zone.

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The last thing anyone wants — pet owners or contractors alike are animals on-site that are unsafe, unhappy or feeling threatened during a renovation or remodel in their home. Take your pet’s individual temperament into account, and gauge how best to adapt their day to minimize the impact of construction on their well-being. Here are some ideas to help with planning:

Introduce Your Pet to Workers

If your pet is friendly, let them meet and sniff the contractors who will be entering and exiting the home. Allowing them to familiarize with scents and voices may make them more at ease during the overall experience, even if those voices are out of sight for the better part of each day.

Hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines show homeowners Lee and Laura Pahmiyer their
potential new homes. Laura Pahmiyer is wanting to pick the "Cat House," because of this cute cat, as seen on Fixer Upper.

Hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines show homeowners Lee and Laura Pahmiyer their potential new homes. Laura Pahmiyer is wanting to pick the "Cat House," because of this cute cat, as seen on Fixer Upper.

Photo by: Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones

Crate Your Pet

Eliminate the risk of a pet escaping out of a propped door by keeping the animal safely crated, or in a comfortable, locked space of its own during the workday. A little inconvenience for the pet far outweighs the dangers of allowing a pet to be underfoot or unleashed in a construction zone.

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Get Outdoors

Get your pet out and about more often to escape the noises associated with construction. Take longer walks through the neighborhood or drives in the car. Frequent local parks, fenced backyards or homes belonging to friends. Dedicate lunch breaks to your pet to give them a midday opportunity to stretch their legs, get some exercise and hear a familiar voice.

Get outside with your pet during a busy renovation.

Pet Fears During Renovation

HGTV shows you how to put your pet at ease during a renovation.

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Emily Fazio

Hire a Caretaker

Consider hiring a local pet sitter such as a professional dog walker or a teen looking for an after-school gig if your work schedule isn’t flexible enough to accommodate easy check-ins during the workday.

Kids Running with a Dog

Kids Running with a Dog

If Fido likes to have puppy playdates now and again, walk around a neighborhood you’re considering with your fury pal in search of other dogs.

Photo by: Shutterstock / Monkey Business Images

Shutterstock / Monkey Business Images

Opt for Daycare

Getting your pet out of the home entirely is another popular option for some homeowners. Completely eliminating the risk for distress during construction hours is a favorable option for pets with certain temperaments, and you’ll rest easier during the workday knowing that your pet is cared for, comfortable and getting plenty of attention.

Dogs at daycare.

Dog Daycare to Keep Pets Calm During Renovation

Send pets to daycare to put them more at ease during a renovation at home.

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Rotate in New Toys and Treats

If you’re at home with your pet during a construction day, keep a stash of new, exciting toys and treats at your disposal. They’ll help distract and entertain pets that are bothered by the construction process.

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