Make a Fruit Arrangement For Your Next Summer Party

Follow our simple fruit carving tips to make the sweetest arrangement for any summer get-together.

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Fruit Arrangement With Mom 12:34

Farima's mom shows how to carve pretty shapes into fruit for a charming display.

Bring a summer-y, fresh look to your tablescape with an assortment of colorful fruits. We used cantaloupe, berries, grapes, kiwi, pineapple and oranges.

What You'll Need:

Make a Cantaloupe Bowl

Make sure you choose a ripe cantaloupe. A ripe cantaloupe is fragrant and has orange skin (as opposed to green). Cut the ends and score the center all the way around using a knife (Image 1). Then, use a large sharp knife to cut zigzags all the way around, using the scored line to stay at the center (Image 2). Make sure you cut all the way through. Gently pull apart to reveal two halves (Image 3). Scoop out the seeds (Clean, salt and roast them if you like!) (Image 4), and fill the hollow center with colorful berries like blueberries (Image 5).

Make a Watermelon Flower

Start by cutting a thick slice of watermelon (Image 1). Use a metal cookie cutter to cut out a flower shape from the slice (Images 2 and 3). Set aside. Next, insert green grapes onto a skewer for the flower stem (Image 4). Insert the watermelon flower on top. For extra color, add a blueberry to the center of the flower by inserting it with a toothpick. Cut the excess toothpick (Image 5). Repeat steps for every flower. Tip: Save the leftover watermelon for smoothies.

Make an Orange Sunshine

Cut thick slices from an orange (Image 1). Use a small, sharp knife or fruit carving tool to cut zigzags out of the rind (Image 2). Carefully insert onto a skewer (Image 3). Repeat steps for every orange sunshine.

Make More Fruit Kabobs

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Get creative! Make an assortment of watermelon flowers, orange sunshines and other fruit skewers.

Make a Kiwi Lily

Making kiwi lilies is similar to the cantaloupe bowl. Cut the ends and a zigzag all the way around the center of the kiwi using a small, sharp knife or carving tool (Image 1). Gently pull the two halves apart (Image 2). Score the edges at each zigzag using a small knife (Image 3). Peel the skin with the same knife, and carefully pull the skin back so it resembles a lily (Image 4). Repeat steps for every kiwi lily.

Make a Strawberry Rose

This is the easiest since strawberries already resemble blooming flowers. Cut thin slices about three-fourths down the strawberry (large strawberries work best). Layer the slices, and gently fan them out so they resemble rose petals (Image 1). You can also slice them to resemble tulips by cutting only a few slices. Repeat steps for every rose (Image 2).

Arrange Fruit

You'll want to assemble your tray wherever you'll display it at your party because it will be difficult to transport once filled. Start with a large sanitized tray or cutting board. Place the cantaloupe bowls first. We used an upside-down flower pot to elevate one (Image 1). Insert the watermelon flowers, orange sunshines and other fruit skewers into the cantaloupe bowl (Image 2). Lastly, fill the gaps on the tray with grapes, berries, strawberry roses, kiwi lilies and any other leftover fruit (Image 3).

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