18 Accessories for a Cooler Dorm Room

The ultimate micro-living challenge, dorm rooms might seem impossible to trick out – in all of 200 square feet, only half of which is yours. But where there's tech, there's a way. Here are 18 great gadgets and products for a more fun, functional dorm room.

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Pod Power

Inevitably, whenever your computer needs a charge, your roommate and her boyfriend are hogging the outlets. This nine-foot extension cord has three extra outlets incorporated into it, so you can all keep charging without needing to have “a friendly talk.”

Smartphone Projector

You don’t need a big screen in order to enlarge what’s on your phone. Slide your device into this cardboard box with a glass lens (what?!), then project whatever’s on-screen onto the surface of your choice. It’ll blow up the image to as much as 8x magnification. Can you say, “movie night”?

Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Whether you have a roommate who stays up late while you need to sleep (5 a.m. crew practice!) or you just want to disappear into your own space for a while, this bed tent can do the trick. It can also eliminate awkward “Next time, can you knock first?” moments.

Flameless Candles

There’s nothing like candlelight to set a mood, but your RA will never let ’em pass. These flameless, battery-operated candles have wax bases and they actually flicker, so they look like the real thing, without the fire hazard.

Fujifilm Instax Share

For an instantly awesome bulletin board, print out your cellphone photos with this little machine. It instantly prints images from your smart devices, using miniature film. Think: Polaroid 2.0.

LCD Tablet

Hang one of these outside your door, and expect your friends’ creative notes and artwork to follow. It’s like those old lift-to-erase boards, but it uses light; jot with any stylus, then press a button to electronically erase and start over.

3-in-1 Breakfast Center

This itty-bitty appliance has been compared to an EasyBake oven, but it makes real coffee, toast and even eggs on its 6” griddle. So when you can’t get away from your desk for a meal break, you can still whip up actual food in your room. Take that, Cup o’ Noodles.

Withings Aura

You’ve got to hit the water by daybreak. Your roommate goes to sleep at 3 a.m. You’ll both appreciate this alarm clock that wakes you with gentle music and a sunrise-like light. It charges your phone too, but automatically turns it off so there’s no dinging and buzzing in the middle of the night. 

Charging Station

The Belkin Powerhouse Charging Dock Duo ensures that there’s a charging spot for two of your devices, smartphones or tablets. Plus, it charges at the fastest possible speed, getting you back on a screen in no time.

Canary Security System

With all the people coming in and out, sometimes, your dorm feels like Grand Central Station. Canary is a plug-and-play security hub that can help you keep tabs on your room. With an HD camera and sensors, it monitors movement and noise, and will send you alerts if it picks up anything weird.

Snooze Alarm Clock

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could whack your iPhone to turn off its alarm in the morning, the way you can with an old-school clock? This clever holder turns your phone into a freestanding alarm clock with a slappable snooze button … plus it’s a charging station.


Anyone who thinks you can’t lose something in an itsy-bitsy dorm room has never spent 30 minutes searching for a credit card in a clutch purse (cough, cough). Tile is a set of eight Bluetooth-enabled white squares that attach to essentials like your keys, your wallet and your thesis. It connects with an app that essentially plays Marco Polo with your lost items, letting you know when you’re near them.

Belkin Mr. Coffee With WeMo

After partying — er, cramming — all night, then sleeping through breakfast hours, you can find some solace in this clever coffeepot. Program it via app and it will brew when you tell it to, so you don’t even need to get out of bed before the java is ready.

Space Bar

Spare desk space in a dorm? Not so much. That’s where this smart gizmo comes in. It’s got room to stash your keyboard while it supports your monitor on top and charges your devices via six USB ports.

Bed Risers

How do you crush a semester’s worth of textbooks, your winter wardrobe and a case of non-perishable food under a single bed? Add bed risers. One of the risers has a killer feature: Two extra power outlets and two spare USB ports.

Mini Fridge

When you’re burning the midnight oil, you need fuel — and you can do better than warm Jolt Cola. A mini fridge makes possible such delights as milk with cereal, ice cream (there’s a freezer!) and leftovers from “real” meals.


No more squinting at your smart device to binge-watch Orange Is the New Black. The Chromecast dongle can send what’s on your device to the big screen; just plug it into the back of your set. And oh yeah, you can send your schoolwork to the TV screen, too. 

HDTV/Monitor Combo

This hi-def TV doubles as a monitor, so when you’re done catching up on House of Cards, you can use the same set to perfect your art history PowerPoint presentation.

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