12 Ways to Feng Shui Your Dorm Room or Small Apartment

The ancient Chinese tradition of feng shui can mostly be boiled down to trying to balance your home's energy intentionally to create good fortune and health in your life. But what happens when you go away to college and want to do the same at your new home away from home?

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July 09, 2019

Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Some feng shui practices are almost 6,000 years old, so many of these principles have been fine-tuned over the years. Crystals have always been present in the feng shui arsenal and are often used in spaces to bring about healing and protection. This gorgeous amethyst crystal is thought to bring about calm, balance and peace. If you happen to have college roommates who bring, well, the opposite of that, then you need some crystals in your life.

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Infinity Round Mirror

Sometimes called the "aspirin" of feng shui, mirrors are one of the most popular cure-alls for balancing your space. A round mirror like this one with a gold edge brings the energy of wealth and abundance into your space. You can also use it to bring in harmonious energy from nature by hanging it in a spot that reflects something pretty outside your window.

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Buddha Faux Succulent Planter

Much like a mirror, Buddhas are a common cure-all in feng shui. They are used to bring good luck, abundance, happiness, success and good health. Want some more of that in your room? One of the best spots for your Buddha is by the front door, so you can see it every time you come and go and use that energy to balance you out both in your space and outside in the world.

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Elephant Incense Burner

Elephants are thought to be signs of protection, wisdom and good luck in feng shui. When an elephant has its trunk up like this one, it's meant to bring good fortune to your space. Best of all, since it's an incense burner, it will also bring some yummy smells, too.

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Foo Dog Statue

Almost always displayed together in pairs, foo dogs are one of the most traditional feng shui protection symbols. This is a reason you'll often see them in front of palaces and temples throughout Asia. With elephants and foo dogs protecting your space, you can keep everything safe and sound.

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Red Flannel Blanket

In feng shui, the color red symbolizes the fire element and brings that energy into your space. This cozy, flannel blanket is the perfect way to do it. You can use it to bring the power of joy, excitement and passion into your room. In Chinese culture, red is also the color of luck and happiness, so we predict this blanket may help you get straight A's, too.

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Bamboo Tea Light Candle

Considered one of the luckiest symbols in feng shui, bamboo is something you want to get into your space ASAP. This glass tea light candle holder is meant to replicate the look of bamboo. Bamboo is thought to bring peaceful and wise energy into your home while also teaching the ultimate wisdom of how to be flexible.

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Dragon Statue

Dragons are another common symbol in the practice of feng shui. They're associated with water and are often thought of as symbols of abundant life, strength and prosperity. They also bring wealth, power and opportunity into your space and can be super effective if you put them in your office, or in the case of a dorm room, near your desk.

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Desktop Chimes

Wind chimes are often used as another cure in feng shui, but in your dorm room, you likely won't have anywhere to hang them outside. We love these desktop chimes as the perfect alternative. Chimes are traditionally used to cure negative energy in your space (like annoying roommates), but they're also thought to help bring in positive elements of energy and flow.

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Boho Elephant Pillow

Here's another elephant option to add to your space with some boho vibes. Since this one has his trunk down, feng shui principles say that it would represent study and curiosity, which makes it a perfect choice to put near your workspace.

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Fishbowl Planter

When you want to attract more wealth into your life, feng shui law says that you can use fish to do it, which is why we love this fishbowl-inspired planter. Fish are closely associated with water and its freedom of movement, which is the sort of easy-flowing energy most of us could use more of in our lives.

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Horse Head Bookend

Success, fame (Insta fame counts, too), freedom and speed are all associated with the horse symbol in feng shui. This handsome metal bookend would make a great addition to your bookshelf or desk. If you want to go all-in on the success and fame thing, snap up a couple of them.

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