Get Kids Crafting With These Easy Twig Ornaments

Craft memories with your family this season by helping the younger kids create handmade ornaments. Ideal for tiny hands, these colorful, simple keepsakes are made using natural sticks and an assortment of fibers.

Handmade Ornament Kid's Craft

Handmade Ornament Kid's Craft

Help your kids make memorable handmade ornaments from natural sticks and colorful fibers.

Photo by: Emily Fazio

Emily Fazio

Materials Needed

  • thin branches
  • clippers
  • hot glue
  • assorted strings, pipe cleaners, or fabric strips
  • pom-poms, sequins, other accessories

Assemble Materials

Assorted yarn, strings and twine are ideal materials for these handmade ornaments. They’re soft, easy to wrap and easy to source. Best of all, you likely have lots of bits and pieces in your own scrap materials bin that will work just perfectly for this crafty holiday project. Consider incorporating other materials as well, such as pipe cleaners, tissue paper strips and pom-poms, all of which are easier for children to use in crafting and practical for fostering small motor skills.

Handmade Ornament Kid's Craft

Handmade Ornament Kid's Craft

Help your kids make memorable handmade ornaments from natural sticks and colorful fibers.

Photo by: Emily Fazio

Emily Fazio

Trim and Glue Sticks

An adult will have to help trim the branches to length. Use gardening shears or clippers for clean cuts. Once the pieces are trimmed to length (Image 1), use a hot glue gun to assemble the sticks together, end-to-end, to form your desired ornament shape (Image 2). Note: We’re demonstrating how we created a reindeer and tree (both triangles) as well as a simple star, but follow your child’s imagination and allow them to dream up any shape or theme ornament they desire.

Wrap the Ornaments

Once the glue has cured and the structure is solid, tie one end of a piece of string to the wooden branch. Demonstrate for the children how easy it is to wrap and layer the strings over the branches (Image 1). You can tie on one end of the string, or trim it to length at any time; it’s also easy to add a dot of hot glue, and secure the end of the string without finagling a knot. Encourage the kids to add more colors and textures to their design, and allow them to craft to meet the demands of their imagination (Image 2). Pipe cleaners are great for the youngest of makers, since they hold shape well as the child bends it around the ornament (Image 3).

Add Finishing Touches

Once the ornaments are wrapped, add finishing touches. Consider sequins for sparkle, such as the star topping the Christmas tree (Image 1). You can also add antlers to the reindeer by cutting pieces of branches, and using a dot of hot glue to attach them to the string on the ornament (Image 2). Then, add a red Rudolph nose using a dab of hot glue (Image 3).

Add a Hanger

Handmade Ornament Kid's Craft

Handmade Ornament Kid's Craft

Help your kids make memorable handmade ornaments from natural sticks and colorful fibers.

Photo by: Emily Fazio

Emily Fazio

Finally, tie on a string loop on each ornament, and enjoy these keepsakes for years to come.

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