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Knit Easy: Finger Knitting and Arm Knitting Projects We Love

Master the art of knitting without the use of needles. Using only your fingers and your arms, learn how to weave an assortment of projects ranging from summer camp crafts to totally luxe home decor accessories. (And never again will you worry if you're allowed to bring knitting needles in your carry-on bag.)

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Photo: Emily Fazio. From: Emily Fazio.

What Kinds of Projects Can You Make?

Embrace the art of knitting without needles using your arms and fingers to artfully weave creative pieces of all kinds. Believe it when we say that this is a craft that kids as young as age 4 can learn to enjoy.

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Photo: Anette at

Cozy Seat Cushions Using Unspun Wool Roving

The thickness of the yarns you choose for your project lend to different applications. These seat cushions were created by by Anette at, and demonstrate the art of finger knitting and felting unspun wool roving to add warmth and comfort to a hard seat.

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Photo: Anne Weil, Flax and Twine

Colorful Wall Hanging Using Lengths of Finger-Knit Fibers

Anne Weil, author of Knitting Without Needles: A Stylish Introduction to Finger and Arm Knitting created this woven wall hanging using lengths of finger knit yarns and a hula hoop. You can see how she made it in this step-by-step tutorial on her blog, Flax & Twine.

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Photo: Audra Kurtz,

A Memorable DIY New Baby Gift

Surprise the parents-to-be with handmade animal ears. They're the perfect accessory for a newborn photoshoot, and a keepsake bound to be adored. Audra Kurtz of The Kurtz Corner shares how to finger knit your own in 30-minutes in this video tutorial.

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