10 Mini Fridges That Are Actually Stylish

Appliances don’t have to be boring. Outfit your dorm, garage, tiny home or workspace with a practical yet trendy design, from retro-inspired pastels to a refrigerator that looks just like a guitar amp.

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July 10, 2019

Mini Frigidaire

There are mini fridges, and then there's this super-compact model. It's perfect for small dorms where you're short on floor space, but don’t let the size fool you. At 1.6 cubic feet, this fridge can store a two-liter bottle. It even comes with an ice cube tray for the freezer.

Buy It: Walmart, $94 (Originally $129)

Marshall Amp Fridge

Whether you're shopping for college or outfitting your garage studio, this fridge is for all the music lovers. The refrigerator door looks just like the front of a Marshall amp--complete with knobs to crank it up to 11.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters, $379

Mini Fridge With Freezer

There are so many fun, retro-style refrigerators on the market, but we love this 3.1 cubic feet fridge from Galanz because it features a separate freezer door. You can grab what you need from each compartment without letting all the cold air out.

Buy It: Target, $199.99 (Originally $219.99)

Coffee Table Fridge

Don't have space for a mini fridge? Let your coffee table double as a refrigerator. Available in white, black and a faux wood finish, this next-level coffee table from Sobro may be pricier than a traditional mini fridge, but it features a pull-out drawer to keep your snacks and drinks perfectly chilled, four USB ports for charging, two outlets, Bluetooth speaker system, LED lights and a touch screen control top. Food and a fully charged phone at the ready? You might never leave the couch.

Buy It: Macy's, $1,899

Mini Beverage Cooler

Office refrigerators are the worst. Instead of fighting for space and cramming your stuff, outfit your desk with a mini fridge. This adorable Frigidaire beverage cooler is great for storing drinks and keeping your snacks chilled...without getting squished by Linda from accounting and her monster lunch tote.

Buy It: Overstock, $44.99

Chic Gold Mini Fridge

If retro isn't your thing, check out this super sleek, modern fridge from Cooluli. The model features a white body with five different front door colors to choose from, but our favorite is the super-luxe matte gold.

Buy It: Amazon, $99.99

Tool Box Fridge

This "tool box" is the perfect gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in the garage. The top two drawers pull out for organized storage, but the rest is actually a hidden mini fridge door!

Buy It: Amazon, $399.00

Retro Mint Green Fridge

Mint green is the epitome of '50s style. If you’re shopping for your first dorm, look no further than this adorable retro fridge. Daewoo even makes a matching mint green microwave. The two products were designed to combine so that the fridge and the microwave only use one outlet.

Buy It: Walmart, $199.99

Eraser Board Fridge

The fridge is your canvas with this 3.2 cubic feet fridge from Igloo. While the design may be basic, the door is actually a dry erase board so you can leave reminders, jot down notes or just doodle.

Buy It: Amazon, $199.99

Smeg Mini Fridge

Oh, SMEG. If you're looking to splurge, this is the dream fridge. Even in miniature, one of these beauties will set you back about a grand. But lefties rejoice! You can choose between a left or right handle when you order on Williams-Sonoma's website.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $999.00