14 Nostalgia-Inducing School Supplies That Will Give You All the Feels

Remember when school-supply shopping was all about getting the hottest Trapper Keeper and the best gel pen colors to put in your two-tone SpaceMaker? HGTV.com editors look back on their favorite '90s school supplies just in time for the back-to-school season.

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June 20, 2019

Gelly Roll Pens

"I was my elementary school’s resident gel-pen tattoo artist. I had every pearlescent shade you could dream of and a clientele ranging from second to fifth grade. Kids lined around the blacktop for puppy faces with heart eyes to be drawn on their extremities. Needless to say, there are a ton of 20-somethings out there thankful my work was not permanent." — Maria Conti, Editorial Intern

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Trapper Keepers

"You weren't cool unless you had a really cool Trapper Keeper. I remember crying the day before fifth grade because my mom waited too late to go school shopping, and the Lisa Frank ones were sold out. I had to settle for one with planets on it. #fifthgradeprobz" — Chelsea Faulkner, Assistant Editor

Buy It: Etsy, $99.95

Mini Erasers

"I had a lot of erasers in the shape of food — pumpkins, carrots, burgers, etc. I never wanted to use them because they also doubled as food for my dolls." — Sam Taylor, Digital Intern

Buy It: Target, $5

Lisa Frank Accessories

"Nothing quite said 'I'm the coolest girl in the room' in elementary school than having school supplies entirely comprised of Lisa Frank products. I was never that girl, so I can’t speak to that experience on a personal level but like…we all remember that girl. She was cool, right? Like, cooler than cool. Ice cold, some might say." — Maria Conti, Editorial Intern

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Push-Point Pencils

"You lose that eraser, you’re SOOL." — Chelsea Faulkner, Assistant Editor

Buy It: Amazon, $11.39

Stretchy Fabric Book Covers

"My favorite part about this attempt to 'dress up' the books you hated to read was when you'd carry them to class and drop all of them because 50-pound books dressed in silk just doesn’t work." — Kayla Suazo, Editorial Intern

Buy It: Office Depot, $2.99

Eraser Caps

"Eraser caps were a MUST for me in school. I write really fast and make lots of mistakes as I go, so I can burn through a pencil's built-in eraser in no time — and there was nothing worse than taking a test with a flat, used-up eraser. These little guys saved me from all kinds of anxiety." — Shannon Petrie, Managing Editor

Buy It: Target, $0.59

Spacemaker Pencil Boxes

"I loved my pencil box in elementary school. Not only did my SpaceMaker — which was blue, BTW — hold all of my colored pencils, markers and crayons, but it was also part of one of my earliest DIY projects — colorful bookmarks! With a little parental supervision (thanks, Dad), I colored designs with either markers or nail polish in the indented logo section on the lid, then poured clear glue over it. I’d let the glue dry, peel it off and voila! I had one of the coolest bookmarks around." — Laura James, Assistant Editor

Buy It: Etsy, $12.60

Mechanical Pencil Lead

"I'm a big advocate for mechanical pencils, especially because I hold my pencil in a strange way that inevitably develops a mark on my finger. But not all was perfect in Mechanical Pencil Land thanks to different lead sizes. If you accidentally bought .5 lead for a .7 pencil and tried to put it in the pencil, you were in a bad spot as the lead would fall right out of the pencil and into the floor. The worst." — Jordan Lawson, Online Editor

Buy It: Target, $2.89

Multicolor Click Pens

"Why lug around 10 different pens when you could have just one? I used to click mine as fast as possible to see if it would push out the right color every time. It always did." — Keri Sanders, Assistant Editor

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Plastic Lunch Box + Thermos

"I still wonder where my Lion King lunchbox and thermos set ended up. I'm going to quote a John Mayer song here: 'Whatever happened to my lunchbox? When came the day that it got thrown away? And don’t you think I should have had some say in that decision?'" — Chelsea Faulkner, Assistant Editor

Buy It: Etsy, $19.99

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

"I always went with the brown grocery bag as a book cover alternative to fit my textbook. I'd use Mr. Sketch scented markers to put my name, class subject and usually my favorite sports team logos all over the cover. If you used enough of the markers, then your book bag would smell like cherries, apples and blueberries. Pretty awesome." — Ryan Reed, Editor

Buy It: Target, $8.99

Pencil Grippers

"Pencil grips are supposed to be ergonomic and all that, but in my middle school world they were nothing but a 'cool' accessory that I had to have." — Kayla Kitts, Managing Editor

Buy It: Amazon, $9.93

Pencil Toppers

"Who could pay attention in class when you had pencil toppers to play with? I distinctly remember that mine were shaped like little trolls. (And that I may or may not have launched them at other people instead of doing busy work.)" — Katie Friedman, Digital Intern

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