#WineWednesday: 13 Spooky-Chic Labels That Match Your Halloween Decor

It's a win-win!

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Wine is the perfect drink for Halloween. Why? Because, number one, red wine's deep, crimson hue makes it the ideal candidate for a creepy, "bloody" drink; number two, wine and candy go together like PB & J; and, number three, beautiful-yet-moody labels blend in with existing Halloween decor or serve as decoration all their own.

So, even if you don't carve a single pumpkin or hang a festive wreath, these bottles will set the mood in more ways than one. Display your bottles proudly, wine lovers.

Photo by: Bogle


Bogle's Old Vine Zinfandel and the Essential Red also feature eerie labels, with gnarly, smoky grapevines. However, the Phantom bottle (a red blend) looks particularly menacing.

Photo by: Paranoia Wines

Paranoia Wines

You can't tell in this photo, but the label is a hologram, so the eyes "follow you." Set this one out in plain sight to really spook guests.

Photo by: Michael David

Michael David

Not only does this label win in the imagery department, but it actually tastes great, too. (Speaking from experience here.)

Photo by: Michael David

Michael David

A clever play on words with an equally clever label.

Photo by: Charles Smith

Charles Smith

For the minimalists who prefer graphic labels, this would look great among modern black-and-white Halloween decor.

Is it just me or does this label totally have The Scarlet Letter meets Little Red Riding Hood vibes?

Photo by: Owen Roe

Owen Roe

There's a pretty interesting story behind this label involving feuding families and a rowing race to claim land, making this bottle the perfect conversation starter.

Photo by: World Market

World Market

OK, so there's no label on this one, but, out of all of the other bottles, this cat-shaped one would blend in the best with the rest of your Halloween decorations.

Inspired by true stories of convicts, 19 Crimes wines boast images of men who were "criminals and scholars." Having actually had this wine, I can attest that it is indeed delicious.

For those not ready to fully plunge into creepy label-territory, Southern Belle, part of a Southern Gothic collection from The Grateful Palate winery, features a ghostly-yet-alluring image of a floating woman that's a little bit feminine and a whole lot mysterious.

Photo by: World Market

World Market

Granted this bottle from World Market doesn't have the scariest label, but the name alone makes it a perfectly appropriate pick.

Photo by: Vincoeur Catalan

Vincoeur Catalan

If you prefer something more subtle and whimsical, this label features a simple witch silhouette and cluster of stars. The French have such good taste.

Photo by: Elk Creek Vineyards

Elk Creek Vineyards

Don't be scared by the label. According to the tasting notes it's "crisp and light" with apricot, melon and peach flavors.

Looking for more #WineWednesday inspiration? Check out our sister blogs, Roam and Made+Remade, for more ideas.

Editor's Note: Unless otherwise noted, I cannot guarantee the quality or taste of these wines. They were chosen purely for aesthetics.

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