Living the #TinyKitchen Life? Keep Cooking With These Compact Appliances

Small appliances that work hard.

Living with a super tiny kitchen? (Me, too.) You're probably always making tough decisions based on what you can and can’t do in your space. And sometimes it probably feels like a big puzzle. Living with a tiny kitchen often means that you can’t even fit standard-sized appliances in your cook space. But the good news is, there are lots of options out there for more compact appliances designed especially for people like us.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite compact appliances for anyone who's trying to make their tiny kitchen as functional as possible. Take a look:

SMEG 24-Inch Two-Door Refrigerator

Photo by: West Elm

West Elm

If you’re a fan of the vintage look, you might fall in love with this slim SMEG refrigerator. This retro-style fridge comes in 11 different colors and can be ordered with either a right- or left-hinge door, which ensures it will work best in your kitchen no matter your layout.


Dishwasher Drawer

Photo by: Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel

If you love the idea of a refrigerator or freezer drawer, then you'll be smitten with this dishwasher drawer. This is a great solution for a kitchen where you may not even have space for a slim dishwasher. Believe it or not, you can fit up to 12 plates inside.

18-Inch Dishwasher

Photo by: Bosch


This super slim dishwasher can fit into most tiny kitchens. It’s a great choice for a smaller family or a couple. Despite its small size, you can still fit about 10 place settings in each load. Buttons and controls are also hidden on the door, so the dishwasher will look super sleek in your space.


Cube Microwave

Photo by: Amazon


Counter space is truly precious in a tiny kitchen. This means that a compact cube microwave is a perfect choice when you don’t have a lot of room. If you don’t have any space on your counter, consider putting your microwave on top of your fridge or even on a separate cart in your kitchen.


Counter-Depth 24-Inch Refrigerator

Photo by: Summit Appliance

Summit Appliance

We have this tall, skinny Summit refrigerator in our tiny kitchen, and it’s a great choice if you want a full-size fridge but are stuck with just a narrow space. A typical refrigerator is usually 30 to 36 inches wide, so you really enjoy some significant space savings with a 24-inch-wide model like this one. If you have the vertical space and simply lack the space for a wider fridge, using one like this might be the perfect choice for you.


24-Inch Gas Oven

Photo by: Frigidaire


Most average stoves are 30 inches wide, but this Frigidaire model clocks in at only 24 inches wide. It’s a gas oven, so it will still appeal to anyone who likes that flexibility when cooking; it just requires much less real estate in your tiny kitchen. With a cooktop and an oven, it’s a great choice for cooks and bakers alike.

Compact Washer + Dryer

Photo by: Electrolux


If you’re lucky to have space for a washer and dryer, chances are you will need a compact version. This pair from Electrolux is a great choice for apartment dwellers; the dryer is electric and doesn't need to be vented the same way that a classic gas dryer does.

Washer: $899,; Dryer: $899,

Slim Wine Cooler

Photo by: Koolatron at Hayneedle

Koolatron at Hayneedle

For tiny kitchen dwellers who are also wine lovers, you might be willing to give up some of your precious counter space for a wine fridge like this one. This slim wine cooler is perfect, as it’s only 12 inches wide.

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