10 Sports-Themed Designer Spaces for True Fans

Add subtle (or no-so-subtle) sports-inspired decor to your space with these superfan ideas.

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In addition to an insanely successful career in the NBA, Kobe Bryant's show-stopping 60-point final game with the Lakers, means we’ve got sports on the brain. And while a love of sports is pretty common, it’s not exactly obvious how you might be able to incorporate that obsession into your home’s decorating scheme…at least in a non-cheesy way.

So we’ve rounded up some sports-inspired decorating tips that will help showcase your fanfare (minus the foam fingers).

Displaying a Collection

Home Theater: Duane and Devi Brown’s Home in Bellaire, Texas

Home Theater: Duane and Devi Brown’s Home in Bellaire, Texas

The theater room is outfitted with a projection system, five flat-screen televisions and custom seating complete with richly embroidered Texans logos on the headrests.

Photo by: Jill Hunter

Jill Hunter

You might already have an existing sports-themed collection on hand. If so, there are lots of chic, fun ways to display your items, such as using built-in cabinets. However, any shelf or bookcase would work just as well.

You can also get creative with your collections and make use of things like cake stands, flute vases, hooks or a coat rack to display medals. These choices will really help your sports-themed collections blend into your space with ease.

Using Team Colors

Elaborate Black and Gold Home Office

Elaborate Black and Gold Home Office

This bright and airy study is styled with vintage flair that's modernized with framed sports memorabilia. The custom striped bamboo flooring and paneled wainscoting add graphic contrast.

A more undercover approach to honoring your favorite team might be to simply make use of the team’s colors in a particular spot in your home. While this approach is a bit more subtle, it’s still a great way to give a shoutout to your favorite team.

Keeping a Game Night Kit

Basket of Blankets

Basket of Blankets

As the sun goes down at the stadium, temperatures can drop drastically. Keep your guests warm and comfy with a basket filled with woven throw blankets. In addition to adding comfort, blankets offer another opportunity to work your team colors into the party.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

If you’re someone who prefers to only break out the sports-related decor on game nights, you can put together an accessory kit to have on hand. Include sports-related throws, hats and throw pillows in your team’s colors.

Store it all in a basket in your closet, and it will be easily accessible the next time you have friends over to watch the big game. Afterwards, you can pack it up and put it away until next time.

Adding Vintage Touches

Sports Writer's Loft With Antique Sports Prints

Sports Writer's Loft With Antique Sports Prints

In this sports writer's downtown loft, 20th century antique prints of sporting activities are framed to create a gallery wall in the living room.

Photo by: Frank Slesinski

Frank Slesinski

Going the vintage route with your sports memoribilia is another great way to add a bit more interest and sophistication to your sports-themed decor plan.

Ebay is a fantastic resource for sports-themed items, as well as local antique or thrift shops in your area. Think about special dates or events when you’re deciding what to collect or display. For example, if you want to remember a special baseball game that your dad took you to when you were a kid, try to find something from the teams you saw play or the year the game happened.

Creating an Athletic Rec Room

Sports Themed Basement Bar

Sports Themed Basement Bar

The vision for this ground floor sports room was to provide a comfortable space for the family while maximizing the seating for guests. Using the concepts of scale and proportion, the designers were able to accommodate seating for up to 10 people, which was far better than the five they could fit on the old sectional.

Photo by: A. Clore Interiors

A. Clore Interiors

If you’re lucky enough to have the space and really want to showcase your love of sports, consider creating a bold, sports-themed rec room. You can build the entire room around your sports watching or playing, and use unusual decor elements like this football-field chair rail to jazz up the space.

Create a movie theater feel with a large projection screen to watch games, and incorporate stadium-type snacks like a popcorn machine to really bring the look home.

Using Sports-Themed Art

Framed Boxing Gloves Artwork in Red Living Room

Framed Boxing Gloves Artwork in Red Living Room

Masculine-style spaces often get the reputation for lacking sophistication, but you don’t have to sacrifice the fun stuff for a designer look. Swap out collegiate- or sports-themed posters for art that depicts these themes in a unique way. This print of boxing gloves is perfect for a sports fanatic's media room.

Another great way to honor your love of sports is through sports-themed artwork. Look for vintage posters or modern black and white photography. Players will often be photographed by fashion photographers for different magazines or events, and those photos are great for hanging around your home.

Decorating With Quotes

Framed Inspirational Quotes

Framed Inspirational Quotes

A set of inspirational quotes were framed and hung above the desk for a personal touch.

From: GordonDunning

Photo by: GordonDunning


Choose a favorite player and Google their name along with "quotes" to see if you can track down anything they’ve said that’s inspiring or motivating. You can then create a simple design on your computer to print out and frame. Or if you’re looking for a bolder approach, you could even paint the quote on a wall with some letter stencils.

Creating a Chic Sports Display

Stylish Home Office for Football Fan

Stylish Home Office for Football Fan

The home office serves as a shrine to Alabama Football with treasured memorabilia displayed on backlit shelves. Dark floors, modern furnishings and football decor keep the look edgy and masculine.

Photo by: Melanie Millner

Melanie Millner

You can choose one particular corner or area of a room to create a sports-themed display. Again, this type of display usually works best in a more casual attic, basement or rec room, but you could really make it work anywhere in your home. If you prefer a display like this to be a bit more out of the way, you could create one in a bedroom or even in the back of a closet.

Mixing in Sports Decor

Bookshelf With Dimension

Bookshelf With Dimension

Create visual interest on your bookshelf by varying the shelf heights and displaying taller objects. Here, a combination of photos, sports memorabilia and industrial decor adds a personal touch to the built-in shelf.

Photo by: Bruce Bennett

Bruce Bennett

You can easily mix in sports decor with your existing accessories fairly seamlessly. If you happen to have a few pieces of sports-themed pieces and don’t feel the need to create a dedicated space, simply mix them in with the existing decor on your shelves.

Decorating With Lockers

Bold Blue Boy's Room

Bold Blue Boy's Room

A vibrant shade of blue, this kids bedroom is the perfect design for a boy. Space was limited, so a slipcovered armchair and small acrylic desk provide a place to work on homework, while the mirror includes an indoor basketball hoop to practice the perfect shot. The dresser resembles a locker, adding to the cool factor.

Photo by: John Bessler

John Bessler

Using lockers in your home can be a fun way to add a sporty vibe to your space. They, of course, work great in a kids' room, but would also look fab in a mudroom, guest bedroom or even in an entryway for storing your family’s basics. If you happen to find some vintage lockers, consider spray-painting them a fun color to really jazz up your space.

"Step" Into These Team Mascot Doghouses

See All Photos

The Citadel

The Citadel's mascots, Boo X (left) and Gen. Robert P. Carson (right) debuted as the mascots for The Citadel in fall 2014. Their impressive doghouse is modeled after barracks on the South Carolina campus, with air conditioning and dog beds inside. See Citadel's mascots going back to 1920s in this video.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of The Citadel

University of Georgia

The Georgia Bulldogs mascot, UGA IX, enjoys an air-conditioned doghouse in Sanford Stadium, especially on hot days early in the season.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of UGA Athletic Department

Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia Bulldogs fans love to take photos of the school's mascot and the doghouse, which has air conditioning and a door. The mascot, Russ, is also known as Uga IX.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of UGA Athletic Department

Georgetown University

The doghouse for Georgetown University's bulldog mascot, Jack, was designed by alum Fiona Hanly and was built by Georgetown's employees. It is modeled after Healy Hall, Georgetown's main building, says McKenzie Stough, Jack's caretaker.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of McKenzie Stough

Butler University

Mascot Blue II seems to enjoy his doghouse, which is on display in the Butler Bookstore when not used at a football or basketball game. The doghouse was designed to replicate its famous basketball arena and constructed by Shiel Sexton, a local contractor. Butler student Amber Mills designed the graphics. 

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Butler University

Butler University

Butler University's doghouse mirrors historic Hinkle Fieldhouse, the school's famous basketball arena. Some of the cool features include an arched and hinged roof. It can be wheeled to the stadium for football games and the fieldhouse for basketball games, and was designed to fit on a garden cart, says Michael Kaltenmark, Butler's director of external relations and caretaker of mascot Butler Blue III.

Peek Inside the Butler Doghouse

The floor inside this doghouse is real hardwood. Butler's Hinkle Fieldhouse is over 85 years old and still has the original basketball floor inside. Maker Cincinnati Flooring Co. produced a custom, replica floor for the doghouse. Butler student Amber Mills designed the graphics inside and outside the doghouse, which contractor Shiel Sexton designed and constructed.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Butler University

Wofford College

Wofford College's doghouse is made by Blue Ridge Log Cabins, owned by Wofford alum Chip Smith. The doghouse is made of solid wood, says Lenny Mathis, associate athletic director for marketing at the South Carolina school. He adds that the mascots typically don't sit in the doghouse during the games, but it can keep mascots warm when temperatures drop later in the year.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Wofford

Wofford College

The log-cabin style doghouse used by Wofford College in South Carolina is accessorized with a sign bearing the school's "Beware of Dog" logo. Blitz III “Magnolia” is the school's youngest mascot, at just 1 year old.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Wofford

Louisiana Tech

Louisiana Tech architecture students designed and built the doghouse, which is air conditioned, for bulldog mascot Tech XXI.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Louisiana Tech/Donny Crowe

James Madison University

At James Madison University, the doghouse is decked out in team colors and logos, with a prominent spot on the field (photographed for StadiumJourney.com).

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Stadium Journey/Jason Bullock

Milwaukee Brewers

Mascot doghouses aren't just for football teams. The Milwaukee Brewers debuted a Cape Cod-style doghouse for mascot Hank in 2014 at Miller Park.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers

Pup Hank's doghouse comes with extra features such as a slide for the Milwaukee Brewers mascot.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Brewers

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