20 Small Home Office Ideas

These clever home office ideas prove you don't have to give up your workspace just because you live in a small space.

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June 09, 2020

Photo By: Robert Peterson; Rustic White Photography

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Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Shelf Under the Stairs

An inspiring office space at home — even a small one — can make all the difference in your creativity and productivity levels. You don’t need to designate an entire room as your home office.

In this example, a floating shelf transforms a small space beneath the stairs into a tidy workstation. The corkboard on the wall displays clippings and reminders, and the front of the shelf opens with hinges to hide paper clutter.

Modern Artwork

The neutral color palette here doesn't steal too much focus from the rest of the room and the tidy desk and simple art display give the workstation a finished look.

Fully Functional Small Office

A built-in bookcase system with open and closed storage keeps this attractive home office efficient and organized.

Bachelor Pad Nook

Even the most unlikely corner can function as a work area. This master bedroom nook instantly became an office with the addition of a few floating shelves and a refined desk chair.

Small & Chic

Add touches that express your personality and make even a small space into an uplifting home office. In this home office, the large-scale artwork complements the color palette that includes vivid fuchsia.

Homework Helper

If you're able to renovate, building a custom study space may be the best option, as it was here for contractor Chip Wade, host of HGTV's Elbow Room. The station is private enough to curb distractions, but open enough that it still feels connected to the room.

Hidden Away

Take an awkward bit of empty space and put it to use. Here, the previously unused square footage just off of an apartment's entry is now occupied by a private office space.

Transform a Closet Shelf

Have a closet you could do without? Use a bottom shelf as a desk, then stock the top shelf with work supplies. Add some simple lighting and pull up a chair.

A Real Corner Office

Even a tiny corner can work as a small home office with the addition of shelving and filing containers. By using the vertical wall space and keeping desk accessories to a minimum, this home office allows for both maximum storage and productivity.

Bright Colors & Bright Ideas

It’s no secret that color affects our mood. The bright hues in this office keep you creative and alert, and visually designate the space for work.

Minimal & Modern

Choosing a white desk and chair is a smart strategy if you don't want to add too much visual weight to a room. The clean lines of these pieces also make them feel light and airy.

Use All Your Space

Yes, that's a desk behind a couch. Find a slim desk that fits with the look of the room and turn that awkward, unused space behind the couch into a small workstation.

Tiny But Flexible

This little cranny is only 3 feet by 3 feet, but it uses the 10-foot-high vertical space nicely with custom built-ins that are the same color as the wall (a bit of eye trickery), and all the surfaces can be stowed away or rolled out as needed.

Vintage With a View

Pick up a vintage desk and pair it with a woven chair. Plant both in front of a bedroom window. Decorate with framed photos, flowers and a lamp, and you've added form as well as function to an overlooked space.

Laundry Room Workspace

Can an office fit in a space the size of a stacked washer and dryer? This cozy little cubby proves it can! (Bonus: Bet you'll get your wash done more quickly by working next to the laundry, too.)

Closet Office

An unused closet has office area potential, as shown here in a home office designed by Jennifer Jones. The elegant wallpaper and shelving make it pretty enough to display, but she could also choose to conceal the office area with tension rods and a curtain.

Loft on Wheels

This industrial-modern desk set seems like it's monopolizing the loft, but all the pieces have casters, so they can easily be rolled out of the way. Mobility is key when you need to give the room another purpose.

Corner Curios

Don't overlook corners. You can buy a corner desk to effectively "hide" a workspace and make it blend into the room, or you can take a small, traditional desk and turn it into a room feature.

Select Comfy Seating

If you have an extra room that can be used as a home office, try making it a warm, livable workspace with comfy seating. Bonus: If you’re feeling stressed, the comfy cowhide chaise allows you to just kick up your feet for a quick snooze.

Portable Laptop Table

If you still think you can't squeeze an "office" into your space, think again. Consider a C-table for using your laptop in the bedroom. The bottom of the table has a C-shaped frame that tucks underneath the bed, keeping it out of the way. Now you don't even have to get out of bed to work.

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