11 Clever, Crafty Ways to Use the Things You're Hoarding

You know those wine corks, Mason jars and spare buttons you've been saving for future craft projects? Here are 11 DIYs you'll actually want to use them on.
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If you're a crafter, chances are you've got some buttons, wine corks, yarn or fabric stashed away for future crafting endeavors. Or maybe you're the type who can't bear to part with back issues of your favorite magazines, well-worn clothes or toys your kids have outgrown. Either way, you've probably got some stuff cluttering up your home that you'd like to do something with. Well, we've got you covered. Try these 11 decorative and functional ways to actually use all those items you've been saving "for someday."

Mason Jars = Hanging Storage

Hanging Glass Mason Jar Storage for Kitchens

Hanging Glass Mason Jar Storage for Kitchens

Photo by: Lincoln Barbour

Lincoln Barbour

Ahh, Mason jars. You probably have a Pinterest board chockfull of ways to craft with them and a cabinet overflowing with unused ones. Here's a Mason jar project from HGTV Magazine that's both pretty and practical: mount them to the underside of your kitchen cabinets for extra storage.

More Mason Jar Projects

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Snow Globes

Photo By: Buff Strickland Photography

Soap Dispenser

DIY Detergent

Homemade Toothpaste

Rustic Vases

Photo By: Jason Kisner

Christmas Lights

Cherry Limeade

©She-n-He Photography

Nautical Art

Photo By: Frank Murray

Halloween Terrariums

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Glass Bottles = Hand-Painted Vases

Bohemian-Inspired Vases and Jars

Bohemian-Inspired Vases and Jars

If a hoard of pretty beverage bottles or food storage jars is eating up your precious storage space, make them into a cohesive collection you'll want to display with hand-drawn, bohemian-inspired designs. All you need is an oil-based paint marker to create these stylish vases.

Wine Corks = Backsplash

Wine Cork Backsplash

Wine Cork Backsplash

Photo by: Chris Campbell; Design By: Luke Perisich, Blue Sky Building Company LLC

If you've been collecting the corks from every bottle of wine you've imbibed over the years, showcase them with a DIY backsplash. In this bar area, Luke Perisich of Blue Sky Building Company alternated horizontally and vertically stacked corks for visual interest.

15 Unusual Backsplashes

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Pennies From Heaven

Bright Design

Put a Cork in It

Cork Backsplash Close-Up

  1. wine corks

Photo By: Chris Campbell; Design By: Luke Perisich, Blue Sky Building Company LLC

Glass Act

Photo By: Andrei Neamtu; Design By: Ioana Mezei, Primera Interiors SRL

Seashell Chic

Top Choice

  1. kitchens

Photo By: Casey Dunn; Design By: Natalie Howe Design

Cute as a Button

Quirky Charm

Rock Solid

Second Time Around

Shining Example

Great Connection

Modern Rustic

(Coco)nutty Idea

Basket Case

Copper Care

Geometry Lesson

Ski Style

Magazines = Coasters

DIY Magazine Coasters

DIY Magazine Coasters

Even if you only have a handful of subscriptions, magazines can quickly stack up in your home and create clutter. Repurpose old issues into these colorful coasters.

Buttons = Silhouette Art

Silhouette Art

Silhouette Art

Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

If a bag of buttons is lurking in your house somewhere (for garments you may or may not even own anymore), give them a new purpose as adorable wall art. Paint the cardboard backing in a picture frame, then trace a silhouette to the backing with a pencil. Cover the traced silhouette with colorful buttons, fastening them in place with hot glue.

9 Easy Button Crafts

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Votive Updates

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Silhouette Art

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Decorative Tea Towel

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Decoden Phone Case

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Tree Ornament

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Door Knob Wreath

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Snowball Garland

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Gift Box

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Upcycled Objects

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

T-Shirts = Rug

Old T-Shirt Rug

Old T-Shirt Rug

5Ks, blood drives, concerts, sports teams — it seems like you get a T-shirt for nearly everything you do these days. If your dresser drawers just can't accommodate any more tees, upcycle some of them into a cute rug for your bathroom, kitchen or mudroom.

Gift Wrap = Servingware Liner

Tray Liners

Tray Liners

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

Don't you hate it when you get to the end of a roll of wrapping paper, and you're stuck with a piece that's just barely too small for your present? Instead of saving it for a gift that's just the right size, use it to dress up your servingware the next time you entertain. Just trim the gift wrap to size, then line your favorite trays and platters to give them a fresh, sophisticated look.

9 Uses for Extra Gift Wrap

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Tray Liners

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Book Covers

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions


Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Haute Notebooks

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Wall Art

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Drawer Liners

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo Mattes

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions


Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Paper Tree

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Box Filler

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Yarn = Lampshade

Colorful Yarn Lampshade

Colorful Yarn Lampshade



So your knitting or crocheting hobby didn't pan out — that's okay. Use up the yarn that's lying around by making this super-easy lampshade. If you can tie a knot, you can do this project.

Make This: Yarn Lampshade

Paint Chips = Wall Art



If you've recently finished up a painting project at home, chances are you have some paint chips lying around. Make this easy geometric paint chip art to fill in bare spots on your walls.

23 DIY Wall Art Projects

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Make Your Own Cork World Map

Bulldog Cork Art

Photo By: David A. Land

Black and White Photo Wall

Painted Baby Food Hanging Vases

Photo By: Melissa Edgemont

Coffee Filter Installation

DIY Monogrammed String Art

Painted Ombre Canvas

Photo By: Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Create a Herringbone Design With Washi Tape

Floral China Wall Art

Photo By: Thomas Liggett

Oversized Plywood Artwork

Make Faux-Screenprinted Pop Art

Photo By: Chelsea Costa

Oversized Family Portraits

Make a Personalized Photo Mural

Make an Oversized Shadowbox Facade

Turn a Rug Into a Wall Tapestry

Fractured, Framed Map Art

Modern Map Art

Modern Geometric Painting

Turn Leaves and Foliage Into DIY Canvas Wall Art

Group Instant Photos Into Color-Coded Wall Art

Modern Melted Crayon Art

Turn Paint Chips Into Geometric Art

Create Origami Paper Wall Garlands

Fabric = Wreath

Homemade Charm Christmas Wreath

Homemade Charm Christmas Wreath

Hanging onto lots of little fabric scraps from previous projects? Put them to good use by making a festive DIY wreath. There's no sewing involved in this project, so it's perfect for kids or beginning crafters.

Make This: Easy Rag Wreath

Toys = Bookends



Your child never plays with his formerly beloved animal figurines anymore, but you can't bring yourself to part with them. With a can of spray paint, transform them into colorful, sturdy bookends to dress up your bookshelves.

50 Things You Can Do With a Can of Paint

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Make a Neon Animal Garland

Make DIY Contemporary Art

Add Stripes to a Staircase

Revamp a Yard Sale Dresser

Photo By: Lara Robby/Studio D

Modernize a Traditional Brass Chandelier

Paint Thrift Store Candlesticks

Photo By: Photography by Philip Friedman/Studio D

Modernize Drapery Rods

Create a Faux Stair Runner

Add Color to a Tired Coat Rack

Photo By: Photography by Philip Friedman/Studio D

Paint a Pattern

Add Detail to a Basic Door

Paint an End Table

Make Your Own Abstract Art

Upgrade Bamboo Furniture

Paint the Front Door

Photo By: David Tsay

Paint the China Cabinet Shelves

Photo By: David Tsay

Give a Bathroom Vanity a Modern Update

Make Quick Painted Animal Bookends

Give Basic Pots a Modern Touch

Embellish a Lamp Base

Photo By: Courtesy of Emily Hart

Make Custom Desk Organizers

Painted Picture Frames

Customize a Basic Bookcase

Add Bright Trim

Make a DIY Painted Headboard

Turn Hula Hoops Into A Chandelier

Make a Dropcloth Tablecloth

Stenciled Baskets

Made-Over Modern Desk

Photo By: Thomas Liggett

Just a Little Paint? Mix and Match

Photo By: Thomas Liggett

Paint Vintage Luggage

Photo By: Marko Metzinger

Milk Bottle Makeover

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Nesting Tables

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Vintage Egg Basket Lighting

Photo By: Thomas Liggett

Stencil Floral Plates

Photo By: Thomas Liggett

Stencil a Basic Table

Photo By: Thomas Liggett

Make Modern, Geometric Wall Art

Paint a Chair's Spindles

From: HGTV Magazine and HGTV Magazine

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Add Splash to a Set of Frames

From: HGTV Magazine and HGTV Magazine

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Make Hanging Ombre Vases

Photo By: Melissa Edgemont

Bold Bathroom Door Trim

Paint Inside Your Drawers

Paint the Mailbox Flag

Dip-Dyed Stool

Chevron-Patterned Dresser

Painted Bottles

From: Erinn Valencich

Make Painted Utensils

Photo By: Kayla Kitts

Make a Painted Market Basket

Photo By: Kayla Kitts

Ginger Jar Lamp Makeover

Turn Foliage Into Artwork

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