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Dig In: Plant a Pizza Garden May 24, 2016

Create delicious homemade pizzas with fresh-grown herbs and tomatoes from your garden.

Grow a Kitchen Herb Garden Feb 25, 2016

Herb gardens make an easy, tasty addition to your winter kitchen.

Landscaping Ideas: Take a Chicago Garden Tour May 20, 2016

Find design ideas and inspiration in this personal garden.

Butterfly Garden Design May 19, 2016

Plant a garden that caters to butterflies, and you’ll be rewarded with flitting, fluttering color—along with drifts of flowers.

Grow Your Own Salad Garden Feb 17, 2016

Learn how to grow crisp greens and veggies for homemade salads.

Planting for Pollinators May 18, 2016

Bring beneficial birds, bees and butterflies to your garden by growing plants and flowers they love.

Plant a Wildlife-Friendly Edible Garden May 18, 2016

Strategic planting invites beneficial critters into your vegetable garden while deterring the annoying pests.

Evergreen Container Garden Ideas Feb 17, 2016

Count on conifers to brighten your potted gardens this winter.

Grow Up! Make a Vertical Strawberry Tower May 18, 2016

HGTV blogger Mick Telkamp describes his creation of a strawberry tower to grow his berries vertically.

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