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Best Flowers For Fragrance 10 Photos showcases the best flowers for fragrance, including Oriental lily, sweet pea, rose, hyacinth, lilac, peony, lotus and gardenia.

10 Plants for Gardens With Acidic Soil 10 Photos

Find the best plants to grow in acidic soils with the experts at

10 Plants for Gardens with Alkaline Soil 11 Photos

Find the best flowers and foliage for alkaline soil with the pros at

12 Tips for Saving Money at the Garden Center Feb 1, 2018

Learn how to green up your garden while keeping more green in your wallet.

Evergreen Shrubs Bring Non-Stop Color 20 Photos showcases 20 evergreen shrubs for year long color, including holly, pine, rosemary, boxwood, camellia, rhododendron and lavender.

10 Great New Fruit and Vegetable Varieties to Grow in 2018 10 Photos

Find great new fruit and vegetable varieties to grow in your garden with

Winter's Coming: When To Stop Mowing Your Lawn Dec 11, 2017

Itching to retire your lawn mower for winter? Learn when to stop cutting the grass.

What To Prune In Late Fall Dec 1, 2017

To prune or not to prune? Get answers to your late-year pruning questions.

Learn How to Speak Chicken Nov 29, 2017

By: Jacquelyn McGilvray

Meet Creative Genius Melissa Caughey, she’s a nurse practitioner, a mom, an author, beekeeper, regular contributor — but her most impressive talent? — she's fluent in chicken!

How to Prune Fall Raspberries Nov 15, 2017

The plump, juicy fruit of a raspberry is one of summer’s greatest joys, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

How to Welcome Bluebirds to Your Yard Nov 21, 2017

Want blue in your garden? Invite bluebirds to set up housekeeping.

40 Garden Trends for 2018 40 Photos

From meditation gardens to edibles for plant-based diets, HGTV shares the top garden trends for 2018 and shows you how to bring the latest looks into your backyard.

Planting and Growing Basics 7 Videos

Improve your gardening IQ with tips for buying plants, building healthy soil and more.

Create Healthy, Delicious Homemade Kale Pesto Nov 2, 2017

Move over basil! Frost-hardy kale is the star of this yummy pesto.

Fairy Gardens 5 Videos

Learn to grow a magical world in miniature.

Creative Ways to Grow Veggies 6 Videos

Raise healthy eats from seed to harvest — no yard required.

10 Beautiful New Roses to Grow for 2018 10 Photos

Find new roses to grow for 2018 with

What You Need to Know to Force Bulbs Oct 26, 2017

Brighten dull winter days with pots of spring bulbs you plant this fall.

4 Stunning British Celebrity Gardens You Have to See 13 Photos

Get a look into some of the most stunning celebrity gardens in the U.K. with

Freeze-Proof Plants 20 Photos

Discover plants that can withstand freezing temperatures and cold winters, plus get growing tips from

5 Desk-Perfect Plant Pals Oct 18, 2017

Ease your separation anxiety (from your houseplants) and make your boring office feel more like home with some perfectly styled buddies to keep you company at your desk.

Horrible Houseplants to Grow for Halloween Oct 18, 2017

These plants aren't really horrible. They're just twisted, contorted, prickly and fun to grow for spooky decorations.

Blooming BFFs: Great Choices to Pair With Peonies This Fall Oct 2, 2017

Fall is peony planting time. Take your peonies to the next level by pairing them with plants that really make them sparkle.

9 Fall and Winter Greens to Grow Other Than Kale 9 Photos

At HGTV, we love kale, but it's not the only healthy green in the seed catalog worth ordering. Consider adding these other nutritious, easy-to-grow crops to your fall garden repertoire.

3 Gardening Podcasts to Get You Through the Slow Season Oct 2, 2017

Gardeners: International Podcast Day is Saturday, September 30. To celebrate, start listening to one of these gardening podcasts to satisfy your plant habit during the lean times (they’re coming).

Book Review: Herbal Cooking for Self-Care Sep 20, 2017

In Recipes From The Herbalist’s Kitchen, discover how herbs can help create meals that are not only delicious, but help you live your best life.

Meditation Garden Retreats 43 Photos

Make your yard a peaceful escape with garden design ideas from

5 Colorful Heirloom Bulbs to Plant This Fall Sep 11, 2017

Forget tulips and daffodils. Stoke spring fever in your yard by planting uncommon bulbs that offer outstanding color.

Make a Labor Day Garden Arrangement Aug 24, 2017

Celebrate the holiday with flowers and foliage in patriotic red, white and blue.

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