Easy-to-Make Monogram Bath Towels

Monogramming is a great way to customize bath towels, but not everyone has access to a fancy embroidery machine. For this DIY project, an extra washcloth and a simple zigzag stitch will do the trick to make these gift-worthy towels.

Monogram Bath Towel and Sink

Beautiful Handmade Monogram Bath Towel

Photo By: Marian Parsons

Marian Parsons

Materials Needed:

  • bath or hand towels
  • washcloth, towel or hand towel in contrasting color
  • coordinating all-purpose thread
  • sewing machine with zigzag stitch
  • scissors
  • computer
  • printer and printer paper
  • pins

Cut Out Monogram

Prewash all towels. Select desired size and style of monogram in a word processing computer program. Print letter and place on towel to ensure proportions are visually appealing. Pin letter to washcloth, hand towel or towel selected in a color that contrasts with the towel that will be monogrammed. Use sharp scissors to cut around letter, leaving about 1/4-inch border. Remove pins and paper from letter. Trim and clean edges with scissors, if necessary. Tip: Select a block letter style. A font with lots of curves, details and skinny lines will be hard to cut and sew.

Pin Monogram

Center monogram cut-out on towel about an inch or two above bottom border. Pin letter into place, making sure it's straight and centered.

Pinning Blue Letter to White Towel

Pin Letter on Bath Towel

Photo By: Marian Parsons

Marian Parsons

Sew Monogram

Set sewing machine to straight-stitch setting. Since terrycloth can bunch easily, use a long stitch for this step. Using a thread color that matches monogram, sew around letter perimeter, tacking it into place. Remove pins. If letter accidentally shifted while sewing, use a seam ripper, reposition letter and sew again. Once letter is tacked into place, trim edges, if necessary, to make them sharp. Tip: Terrycloth will unravel and shed a lot. Trimming the edges on this step will give a neater edge and minimize bulk for step 4.

Cover Raw Edges

To prevent shedding and give the monogram a clean edge, sew around perimeter of letter. Use a thread that matches monogram and set sewing machine on a zigzag stitch with a 0 stitch length. Allow machine to sew back and forth over edge of monogram, making sure all raw edges are covered. Trim loose threads. Tip: If using zigzag setting for first time, practice on an old towel or piece of fabric until satisfied with results. Terrycloth can be a challenge to work with, but using it for the monogram makes the entire towel absorbent, so it's functional and looks great.

Sewing Letter on Bath Towel

How to Make a Monogram Bath Towel

Photo By: Marian Parsons

Marian Parsons

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