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Ideas for Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Feb 20, 2015 by Melissa Webster

Ready for a change? Discover the difference refacing kitchen cabinets makes.

Building Kitchen Cabinets

Feb 20, 2015 by Amy McEvoy

Learn how you can build kitchen cabinets from scratch and find out whether building your own cabinets is right for you.

Cheap Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Feb 20, 2015

Building an outdoor kitchen on a budget doesn't have to mean sacrificing style or function.

Tile Kitchen Countertops

Feb 20, 2015

Get creative with the kitchen countertop (or a limited budget) by using natural stone or ceramic tiles to achieve a surface that’s both high-quality and long-lasting.

Tiled Kitchen Countertops

Feb 20, 2015

Update your kitchen countertops for less: at as little as $10 per square foot installed, tiled kitchen countertops are a great solution for style-savvy, cost-conscious consumers.

Curtains for Kitchen Windows

Feb 20, 2015 by Lauren West

Curtains for kitchen window treatments can make a tremendous impact on your space. For the most personalized effect, choose resources that express your lifestyle: texture, colors and style.

Kitchen Countertop Prices

Feb 20, 2015

What should you expect to pay when upgrading and installing new kitchen counters? HGTV uncovers the most cost-effective materials.

Small Galley Kitchen Design

Feb 20, 2015 by Sean McEvoy

Get inspiration for a small galley kitchen design, and prepare to add an efficient and attractive design to your kitchen space.

Pantry Cabinet Plans

Feb 19, 2015 by Melissa Webster

Creating the right pantry cabinet plans for your needs will breathe new life into an old kitchen and get you organized.

Refinish Kitchen Countertops

Feb 19, 2015

Don't replace your kitchen countertops—refinish them with stylish options like faux granite refinishing kits, stone-look stick-on sheets, or a fresh recoating.