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How to Choose Garden Paving

8 Photos

Vastly different moods are created depending on the flooring you choose for your garden design. Just take a look at these hard landscaping options.

Here Comes the Sun—and Shade

13 Photos

Understanding your garden's exposure can help you make smarter landscape design decisions.

Before and After: Dramatic Ottoman Makeover

Feb 9, 2016

<i>HGTV Magazine</i> asks, 'Would you let this ottoman in your house?' Before, maybe not. After, absolutely!

Gray Gardens: 34 Shades of Gray In the Garden!

34 Photos

Gray is a hot interior design color, so why not take the chic outdoors? There are plenty of ways to incorporate gray in the garden, from silvery pussy willows and thistle to galvanized metal and on-trend chickens.

Inside Vern Yip's Newly Remodeled Kitchen

12 Photos

<i>HGTV Magazine</i> discovers how the designer cooked up a one-of-a-kind space in his Atlanta home.

10 Colorful Egg-cessories

10 Photos

<i>HGTV Magazine</i> rounds up fun finds for cooking, serving and enjoying the tasty breakfast (and lunch and dinner) treat.

The Latest From Ellen's Design Challenge: Pick Your Favorite Travel-Inspired Furniture

Feb 9, 2016 by Liz Gray

Take a design trip around the world with the final five designers' internationally-inspired pieces.

Change Out Art in Seconds With This DIY Frame Hack From Matt Muenster

Feb 8, 2016 by Jordan Lawson

The 'Ellen’s Design Challenge' carpenter shows you how to make simple frames with a secret weapon: Rare earth magnets!

Coldplay or Beyonce and Bruno: Whose Super Bowl 50 Halftime Look Stole the Show?

Feb 8, 2016 by Beth Rucker

Coldplay's dreamy display of color or Beyonce and Bruno Mars's bewitching black and gold? Dive deeper into the looks of Super Bowl 50's two halftime acts and decide which one would steal the show in your own home.

How to Make a Rainbow Paper Wreath

Feb 8, 2016 by Abigail Barnes

Help your kids make this colorful paper wreath this St. Patrick's Day.