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Can't-Miss Color Tips from David Bromstad 6 Videos

The Color Splash host dishes out his best and brightest tricks for making your space glow.

Decorating With Bright Colors 01:07

David Bromstad shares expert tips for decorating a room with bright colors.

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The Easiest Ways to Spruce up Your Hallways 10 Photos

Hallways can be pretty lackluster spots. From their narrow width to their awkward shapes, it's often easy to overlook these corridors. Well, it's time to finally show these areas some love. From statement runners to gallery walls, these tips will help you transform yours into a noteworthy part of your home.

New Traditional Style: Classic With a Modern Touch 20 Photos

New traditional blends elements of modern and classic style together to create elegant, tasteful and timeless design. See examples on

Industrial Style: Modern + Edgy 22 Photos

Exposed structural elements, a mixture of textures and sleek, urban-style details define this cool, edgy trend. Learn more about industrial style at

Scandinavian Style: Functional Simplicity 20 Photos

Scandinavian design celebrated minimalism and functionality over luxury. Browse through photos on to see how these simple spaces showcase high style.

Midcentury Modern Style: Simple and Functional 20 Photos

Clean lines and the combination of new and old materials characterize this timeless design trend. See best examples on

Hollywood Glam Style: All Things Glitzy + Gold 35 Photos

Originating in the 1930s during Hollywood's Golden Age, this style celebrates larger-than-life details, Art Deco elements and gold accents. Check out this fabulous style on

Houseplants: Bringing Your Home Decor to Life 31 Photos

Whatever your green thumb prefers, there's no question that a houseplant adds life to interior design. See these ideas for how to work your favorite fiddle leaf fig, pothos, snake plant or succulent into your decor.

Fiber Art: Weave This Decorative Trend Into Your Home Decor 19 Photos

Forget the macrame and fur decor of the 1970s and '80s. Today's handcrafted fiber art and decor has a fresh look that adds instant coziness and a touch of bohemian chic to any home.

Statement Chandeliers: These Grand Light Fixtures Speak Volumes 48 Photos

Like the sparkly earrings or an eye-catching necklace, stylish statement chandeliers put the perfect finishing touches on beautifully designed rooms. See some of HGTV's favorite light fixtures.

Make Your Home Stand Out With a Feature Wall 27 Photos

A feature wall will freshen up you space and act as an accent that will make your home unfotgettable.

Personalize Your Space With a Gallery Wall 24 Photos

Gallery walls offer an eclectic mix of artwork + personal pieces - making an otherwise blank wall an eye-catching design trend.

Up Your Kitchen's Game With Open Shelving 26 Photos

Whether you choose to display your dishes, glassware or artwork - these images will make you want to rip out your cabinets and opt for open shelving.

Not Your Mother's Wallpaper: Trendier Than Ever 40 Photos

HGTV loves the versatility of wallpaper and how effectively it can add color, texture, dimension and personality to a room.

Tropical Prints: A Lively, Bold Pattern to Try 21 Photos

HGTV loves the trend of using tropical patterns to add a fun, bold and colorful liveliness to any style or room.

Watercolor: A Trend Perfect for Controlling Color in Your Design 22 Photos

HGTV loves the trend of using watercolor to add color ranging from subtle to bold to walls, fabrics and artwork.

Large Floral Gives Life to Design 26 Photos

HGTV loves the trend of using large floral patterns to add life, color, boldness and personality to a space.

Herringbone: A Versatile Pattern That Works With Any Style 22 Photos

HGTV loves the trend of adding the herringbone pattern to a design to create visual interest and add contrast and uniqueness to a space.

3-D + Geometric Shapes Take Your Design to the Next Level 23 Photos

HGTV loves the trend of using 3-D textures and geometric shapes to add visual interest and personality to a design.

Natural Grass: Wicker, Rattan, Sisal, Bamboo and More 25 Photos

Often used to lend a casual feel, natural grass materials can tend toward beachy or Boho, traditional or trendy.

Marble Makes It Marvelous 25 Photos

The fluid look of marble works with styles from truly traditional to completely contemporary. See examples of marble, both the stone and materials inspired by it, to see how this texture can make a space.

To the Matte: A Soft + Strong Finish 20 Photos

Matte finishes are having a moment — often in black but also seen in greens, blues and grays, the look is earthy and upscale at the same time.

The Live-Edge Wood Look 18 Photos

When it come to materials direct from nature, live-edge wood pieces prove its best not to mess with a good thing.

Mind Your Metallics 30 Photos

We're seeing metallics on everything from walls to furniture to fixtures. See some of our favorite shiny surfaces and decide whether metallics are your texture of choice.

Are You Vibing on Velvet? 27 Photos

The design experts at are loving the hot trend in plush rich velvets.

Jazz Up Your Decor with Pops of Turquoise + Red 22 Photos

HGTV shows you how to bring an energetic glow to your home decor by using the color combo, turquoise and red.

Ultra Violet + Jewel Tones, Hues That Will Make Your Space Look Like a Gem 24 Photos inspires you how to add a little sparkle to your space.

Millennial Pink + Gray, Not Just for Millennials 26 Photos hows you how to incorporate millennial pink and gray into your home decor!

Black + White Makes for an Incredible Color Fusion 55 Photos

Be inspired by designs that incorporate the black and white color palette seen on!

Sage + Forest Green: An Enchanting Color Palette You'll Want to Try 34 Photos

Check out the trendy Sage and Forest Green color palette on

Blue + White, a Classic Color Combo 38 Photos

Get inspired by these blue and white color combos for your space seen on