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Check out some of our favorite HH clips, including a "House Hunters Writers' Room" parody.


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They looked at three houses and picked their favorite. What is life like in their dream house? Find out now!

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Follow along as home buyers go on the hunt for thier forever home. Which one will they chose?

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Tiny House Hunters

Love the idea of living in a small space? Check out Tiny House Hunters. Our home buyers go on a quest to find their perfect (very) humble abode.  

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Greek Revival-Style Front Porch

A cheery blue front door and large demilune front porch with Corinthian columns give this Greek Revival-style home in Huntsville, Ala. timeless curb appeal. The home's brick front steps keep the porch from feeling too formal.

Mediterranean-Style Home With Large Swimming Pool and Patio

A white pergola accompanies a bright blue swimming pool in this luxurious Mediterranean-style backyard.

Rippling Hot Tub With Sculptural Fountain

As seen on HGTV’s House Hunters, this cozy outdoor living space is quite enticing with its roomy hot tub surrounded by lush plantings, A sculptural fountain encased in tile serves as an interesting focal point for the space.

Traditional White Clapboard Home

This charming home features a wraparound columned porch, a second level balcony, custom landscaping and a sweeping lawn. The white siding accents the architectural style of the home and is complemented by the lush green surrounding.

Living in Luxury in a Miami Penthouse on HGTV's House Hunters

See how the rich and famous live on HGTV's House Hunters, such as this Miami penthouse, which boasts its own private deck as well as magnificent views of South Beach and the city skyline. Crisp white umbrellas contrast well with the striking blue of the ocean and add to the hip and trendy atmosphere.

Adirondack-Style Lake House With Spacious Driveway

This massive Adirondack-style lake house is trimmed in cranberry red and surrounded by gorgeous greenery and a spacious driveway. Dark woods and natural materials give the home a rustic appeal.

HGTV House Hunters: Million Dollar View From Maui

As seen on House Hunters on HGTV, homeowners can watch the setting sun over the Pacific Ocean from this beautiful Maui, Hawaii home, where a sunken fire pit and patterned pillows create a cozy atmosphere. The modern style and clean lines produce a simple and understated elegance without detracting from the breathtaking view.

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About the Show

House Hunters takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode shows the process as buyers search for a home.
Season 64, Episode 3

Parents Expecting Twins Need a Home in a Hurry

Brian and his wife Logan have twins on the way, but their current home is just too small for the new family members. They want a four-bedroom house with a swimming pool, which is not common in Syracuse, New York. And although they couple is in a hurry, Logan tends to take her time, visualizing where furniture will go, even using a measuring tape to check every last inch.

Oct 17
12pm | 11c
Season 99, Episode 6

Family of Nine Looks for a Big Enough Home in Portland

Eric and Gretchen recently moved to the Portland area and are looking for a house with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for themselves, and their seven children. They also need a big yard for their son's diabetic alert dog, and a room to use for homeschooling their younger kids. Is all of that possible with a $400,000 budget in Portlandia?

May 31
11pm | 10c
Season 90, Episode 10

Chicago Neat Freaks Seek Big City Condo

Danny and Ashley are self-confessed neat freaks buying their first home in downtown Chicago. They have some quirky deal breakers, including no bidet toilets. Ashley wants a sleek industrial loft in a luxe high rise, but Danny wants a traditional, warmer feeling condo. Working in a competetive market with a tight budget, can they find a germ-free home that they agree on?

Jun 18
12pm | 11c
Season 105, Episode 2

Twin Sisters Hunt for a Beach House in Galveston

Twin sisters looking to buy a house in Galveston, Texas, are hoping to score a place as close to the water as possible. Since one of them is a real estate agent, she'll be handing the deal. From ranch-style homes and bungalows to a pair of twin houses right next to each other, this hunt could cause a double take.

Jan 21
11pm | 10c
Season 112, Episode 9

Couple Wants a Historic Brownstone in Brooklyn

A couple seeks an iconic New York brownstone. But even with $1.8 million, finding something with historic charm in their trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint may prove much harder than they expected.

Jul 9
7:30pm | 6:30c
Season 111, Episode 1

Couple Moves From California to Bend, Oregon

After living in San Diego for a few years, a couple have decided they want to be closer to family and friends and have made the move to Bend, Oregon. They both love Pacific Northwest Craftsman style homes, but Jake also likes Victorians.

Aug 6
2am | 1c
Season 120, Episode 9

Bye Buffalo, Hello Greenville

A family of 5 from Buffalo, New York, relocates to Greenville, South Carolina. She has a wish list a mile long, including a dramatic exterior with a long driveway and side-facing garage. His number one must-have is a bonus space all to himself where he can watch the game.

Mar 20
7:30pm | 6:30c
Season 100, Episode 6

Tallahassee Husband and Wife Want Different Style Homes

A Tallahassee couple want out of their cramped condo, into a bigger place where they can start a family. Unfortunately, he has his heart set on a Colonial house like the one he grew up in back in New York. She wants to embrace the Florida style ranch. Plus, any house they get will need a huge closet to accommodate her growing collection of vintage clothing.

Apr 3
2:30pm | 1:30c
Season 119, Episode 10

A New Home in Newnan, Georgia

A professional fighter turned real estate agent helps his friends find a home in Newnan, Georgia. But with their differences of opinion, he may end up as the referee. One wants a two-story contemporary, while the other wants a low-maintenance ranch. One would like a large yard for their family to play in, but the other doesn't want to deal with the lawn care.

Jul 7
3pm | 2c
Season 128, Episode 11

More Affordable in New Jersey

Staten Islanders priced out of New York are looking for their first home in northern New Jersey. She wants a fixer-upper with a grassless concrete backyard, while he has his eye on a move-in ready home with a finished basement -- that has a urinal.

Aug 8
11:30pm | 10:30c
Season 129, Episode 12

Vintage Charmers in Beacon, New York

A couple is leaving Manhattan and buying their first home in Beacon, New York. She'd love a sprawling white farmhouse, but he loves Beacon's vintage charm and prefers a historic Queen Anne Victorian.

Sep 29
11pm | 10c
Season 135, Episode 7

Fit for a Princess in Peoria

An Illinois couple has just relocated to Peoria, but they don't agree on what sort of home to purchase. She's looking for something old, ornate and "fit for a princess," while he wants something newer with simpler design.

Jan 12
1am | 12c
Season 126, Episode 3

Room for Kids in Sacramento

With plans underway to adopt their foster son, a Sacramento, California, couple needs to buy a bigger home. But locating a house with the updates and space she needs but with a price well below his $600,000 budget will be a challenge.

Jan 27
9am | 8c
Season 127, Episode 2

Debating Fixer-Upper vs. Move-In Ready in Hawaii

An engaged couple house hunts on the beautiful island of Oahu, HI. She wants a fixer-upper with lots of character and is willing to put her future husband to work get it. He, however, is hoping to find a home that's move-in ready. Will Hawaii give them the perfect home where they can start their marriage?

Feb 24
4pm | 3c
Season 129, Episode 4

Mom Knows Best In Portland

A first-time buyer seeks help from her mom in Portland, Oregon. Mom thinks her daughter should put some sweat equity into one of the city's historic Craftsman bungalows. But the buyer's dog is also coming along for the hunt, and a big yard is his top priority.

Feb 24
4:30pm | 3:30c
Season 124, Episode 3

Music City Move in Nashville

New parents are looking for a home in Nashville, Tennessee. But while he wants room for his drums, she's looking for a space that will accommodate in-laws visiting their baby grandaughter. Can they find a home in Music City with plenty of room for everyone and everything?

Feb 24
5pm | 4c
Season 117, Episode 7

Couple Disagrees on New vs. Quirky in Phoenix

A couple is on the hunt for their first home together in Phoenix. He'd like a newly-built home with enough room to fit the dining table and hutch he inherited from his family. She wants a home out of a magazine and likes midcentury modern style.

Feb 24
5:30pm | 4:30c
Season 123, Episode 3

Seeking a Family Home in Philadelphia

A couple and their two small kids move to Philadelphia and need to buy a home. She wants one level with a bonus room for her photography business, but he would prefer a two-story Colonial or Cape Cod with a big yard. Will they be able to reach a compromise?

Feb 24
6pm | 5c
Season 129, Episode 8

Furry Friends in Florida

A woman searches for a home in Florida that has plenty of roaming space for her three cats. She quickly discovers that finding the perfect home with the tropical vibe she wants won't be easy. Will she find a place that satisfies both her and her cats?

Feb 24
6:30pm | 5:30c
Season 133, Episode 10

Young Couple Looks for a Fresh Start in Las Vegas

Boston natives are moving to Las Vegas to start an online tourism business, and they want to find a house as soon as possible. But while he wants a small, low-maintenance condo in the heart of the Strip, she wants a single-family home in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Can her powers of persuasion lure him away from the action?

Feb 24
7pm | 6c
Season 123, Episode 5

Wanting Water Views in Orange County, CA

Married actuaries are looking for a low-risk home with water views in Newport Beach, California. She wants a quaint cottage with water views and beachside living, but he's hoping for a Spanish-style home with a media room that feels like a vacation that never ends.

Feb 24
7:30pm | 6:30c
Season 142, Episode 4

A New Home in Kansas City

Feb 26
8pm | 7c
Season 134, Episode 8

Crowns and Gowns in Florida

A pageant queen and her husband are on the hunt for a home in Florida. She wants a master closet with enough space for all her gowns and crowns, but his number one priority is a home on a golf course.

Feb 26
8:30pm | 7:30c
Season 142, Episode 3

Lake House Getaway in Illinois

Feb 26
10pm | 9c
Season 137, Episode 10

Old vs. New in Salt Lake City

Feb 26
11pm | 10c
Season 142, Episode 3

Lake House Getaway in Illinois

Feb 27
1am | 12c

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