Rocks and Stars and Utensils, Oh My!

April 10, 2019
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Meet the Homeowners

Amy and Isaac Flores met while working at a restaurant together 17 years ago. While they aren’t in the restaurant business anymore, they still love to serve, host, and entertain. However, their house — especially the kitchen — didn’t lend itself very well to entertaining.


The Flores’ original kitchen was a small square with very little counterspace not suited for two people who love to entertain. So Grace opened it up, gave them a big beautiful island with plenty of prepping space, and added gorgeous touches of tile to remind Amy and Isaac of one of their favorite places: the Italian Riviera.


Another view of the kitchen. The doors pictured in the background were something Grace added in so that there would be easy access to the yard, especially if guests are hanging out outside.


Checkout this gorgeous stovetop with the custom backsplash.


Grace purchased these vintage windows from the salvage yard for $200 a piece. When she took a closer look, she discovered that there was copper hiding underneath the paint.

Party Pantry

What was their old dining room is now the Flores’ party pantry. The pantry allows for more counter space but most importantly storage, which Amy was in desperate need of for her collection of serving platters.

Party Pantry

Grace used this vintage utensil wallpaper on the ceiling of the party pantry.

Party Pantry

To complement the wallpaper on the ceiling, Grace also glued 63 vintage utensils to the walls creating a 3D wallpaper.

Dining Room

In order to tell the story of how the homeowners met, Grace and her team created a fiber optic star ceiling that recreated the night sky from the evening Amy and Isaac’s paths first crossed. You can read more about the star ceiling here.

Dining Table

On top of collecting serving platters, Amy and Isaac also love to collect rocks with their kids. To play that up, Grace created this custom piece with a second-hand glass dining table and agate coasters she purchased for $2 each.


A look at the gorgeous railing.


Another nod to the Flores Family's love of rocks is the wallpaper Grace chose on the stairs. Although Miss Becky might think it looks like monster eyes, it's actually malachite — Amy's favorite rock.

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