This One of a Kind Renovation Will Make You Want to Grab a Plate

With a budget of $150K, Grace brightened up the Findley home, making sure it reflected themes of hope and community.

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Amazing Grace

When Lauren and Robbie Findley first purchased their home, they anticipated putting work into it — especially in the closed off kitchen. However, renovations were put on hold when their young son suffered a stroke at 4 years old. With their son doing much better these days, Lauren and Robbie were ready to bring in Grace to help them renovate their living room, kitchen, and exterior. With a budget of $150K, Grace brightened up their home, making sure it reflected themes of hope and community.

Living Room, After

The original living room felt very disconnected from the rest of the house. By taking down the wall on the left-hand side of the fireplace, Grace was able to brighten the space and create flow into the kitchen area. A key feature in this room is the double-sided fireplace! The crew was skeptical at first, but Grace was persistent. Hanging above the fireplace is a subtle yet meaningful sign that says "hope" — a concept very important to Lauren and Robbie.

Living Room, After

As another personal nod to the Findleys, Grace incorporated wallpaper with a handmade feel on the ceiling. The wallpaper design is made up of leaves and swallows to represent new growth and hope.

Dining Room, After

This dining room set belonged to Robbie’s grandparents and dates back to 1910. It wasn’t in the best of shape, so Grace had it restored, bringing it back to its original color.

Dining Room LIght

A close up look at the dining room light fixture.

Fireplace, After

Grace wanted to create a welcoming feel in the Findley home. The idea that anyone can sit down and "grab a plate", inspired her to glue 55 plates to the fireplace. She also incorporated a strip of plate wallpaper on the rear wall.

Kitchen, After

Because the Findleys absolutely love the beach and the water, Grace wanted to give their kitchen a beach house-feel. She chose blue cabinetry and old boat lights made of copper and brass. She gave Lauren and Robbie a much bigger window over the kitchen sink as well.

Kitchen, After

One of Grace’s favorite elements from the Findley home are the old fridge doors she incorporated. She knew she wanted to use glass shelving, but the doors completed the look! Grace found them at a salvage yard for just $125!

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