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A designer uses clients' stories to transform their homes into representations of who they are. From turning love notes into wallpaper to creating a ceiling to match a wedding night's sky, every home's decor is unique.

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One of a Kind Reveals

Pitch It Like a Tent

Grace expands the space of a small cottage while keeping a cozy feel.

About Grace

Grace Mitchell

Grace Mitchell’s fun, unexpected and personalized room designs tell each homeowner’s unique story in HGTV’s One of a Kind. The home renovator and interior designer creates eclectic, imaginative spaces that illustrate the spirit of those who live there. Read more about Grace.

Meet Grace Mitchell 00:55

Grace isn't just a designer — she's a storyteller.

Grace's Personal Touches

Canoe Light Fixture

Grace is inspired to use a canoe as a light fixture at a lake house.

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Season 1, Episode 7

Out of the Box Design: Canoe Believe It?

Check out these out-of-the-box designs and extra features as Grace transforms a couple's midcentury modern lake house and creates a unique kitchen backsplash using wood from a basketball court as a tribute to where they first met.

Jan 20
6am | 5c
Season 1, Episode 8

Out of the Box Design: From Pink to Palace

Check out these out-of-the-box designs and extra features as Grace and her team update a couple's very pink home by opening up the kitchen, transforming the upstairs sunroom and adding a variety of custom details.

Jan 20
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 2, Episode 1

Out of the Box: Southern Revival

Featuring pop-up facts, Grace Mitchell tackles the home of a chef and her husband where the interior doesn't reflect their Southern roots. To bring in that charm, Grace creates an elegant dining room and gives the homeowner a proper kitchen of her own.

Jan 20
7am | 6c
Season 2, Episode 3

Out of the Box: From Groovy to Gorgeous

Featuring pop-up facts, a couple is moving back into her childhood house and calls on Grace to update the space. She pulls inspiration from the vintage wallpaper, angled fireplace and more to create a home that can be passed down for generations.

Jan 20
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 2, Episode 2

Out of the Box: A House for Six

Featuring pop-up facts, a family of six can't wait to move into their 1920s home, but it needs a massive overhaul to make life with four kids more manageable. Grace uses design to blend the couple's histories and bring the property back to life.

Jan 20
8am | 7c
Season 2, Episode 4

Out of the Box: The Wine Cellar Bathroom

Featuring pop-up facts, a couple whose house flooded reach out to Grace Mitchell and her team for a fresh start. They hope to remodel their damaged living room and turn their quirky mother-in-law suite into a bedroom retreat filled with their story.

Jan 20
8:30am | 7:30c

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