A One of a Kind Bank Bathroom

April 16, 2019

Banking on Grace

Courtney and Justin Holt had already done a great job renovating their colonial home, but they brought in Grace to help them out with their master bedroom and upstairs bathroom situation. With a budget of $100,000, Grace gave them a brand-new space that was not only way more functional but told their story!

Meet the Homeowners

Courtney and Justin with their two kids.

Master Bathroom

Originally, the master bathroom in the Holt house was non-existent: Courtney and Justin were sharing a bathroom with their four-year-old daughter. Not only did Grace give them their own master bath, but she incorporated marble from Justin’s great-great-great-grandfather’s 1907 bank.

Walk-in Shower

3,000 pounds of marble were used in the bathroom — and it still wasn’t enough! So, Grace found some tile that matched the bank-feel and worked it into the walk-in shower.

Master Bathroom

Where did Grace find the 300 square feet for this incredible master bathroom? She actually used a large portion of Justin and Courtney’s "porch shanty", which they weren’t using much of anyway!


Although a majority of the porch went to the new bathroom, Grace salvaged a good section of it and updated it with some great furniture and a cute black and white awning.

Master Bedroom

Originally, the master bedroom was one very large room that didn’t have much personality. Although unusual, Grace decided it was best to put a wall up, creating two separate spaces: the bedroom and the nook. For the bedroom, Grace said goodbye to the white walls and incorporated some really lovely colors and hummingbird wallpaper.

Master Bedroom Details

Besides wallpapering the ceiling, Grace also had Miss Becky wallpaper the frames on either side of the bed.

Memory Wall

One of the personal projects in the bedroom included this gallery wall of memories. Grace asked Courtney to hand over her box of sentimental things — you know, the box that everyone has stashed under their bed! Some of the items on display are Courtney and Justin’s wedding invitation, a christening gown, and other sweet sentimental things that tell their story.

A Family Crest

Another personal touch incorporated into the master bedroom was this family crest. Courtney loves to personalize and monogram everything — it’s a tradition she inherited from her grandmother. So, Grace thought it would be really special to have a family crest created. What makes this even more special is that Justin’s mom was the one who drew it!

The Mandolin Nook

In order to create this nook, Grace removed some closets and put up a wall. The nook is great for so many reasons, but one of them is that Justin and Courtney each have their own desk on either side of the room. There’s also an adorable window seat overlooking the magnolia trees, which is something Courtney’s always wanted.

Mandolin Nook Details

Justin is quite the mandolin player — and instead of keeping his mandolins hidden under the bed, Grace wanted to put them on display in the nook.


Previously, Courtney and Justin shared this bathroom with their 4-year-old daughter, Georgia. Now that they have their own master bath, Grace wanted to make this bathroom all about Georgia! Instead of walling off the old doorway to the master bedroom with drywall, Grace created a cute niche area perfect for drippy towels and bathing suits.

Bathroom Details

Grace kept the tub and the toilet from the original bathroom, but everything else was brought in, including this beautiful antique sink. For a personal touch, Grace used wallpaper with swans since Georgia loves them.

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