One of a Kind: A Tired Victorian Goes Green

Grace livened up the exterior, updated the kitchen, and created the Coolest Bedroom Ever in what was once an unlivable attic space.

March 26, 2019
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A Lively Renovation

Homeowners Mandy and Alex asked Grace for help with their home’s exterior, their kitchen, and their daughter Bella’s bedroom. Inspired by Mandy and Alex’s passions for cooking and gardening, Grace gave them a one of a kind kitchen that tells their story. As for Bella’s bedroom, you’ll be green with envy when you see it!

Meet the Homeowners

The Anthis family is passionate about cooking and gardening. Here they are with their most recent harvest in their backyard vegetable garden.

Menu Mural

Alex's parents, originally from El Salvador, moved to North America when Alex was 2 years old and opened a restaurant in Alberta, Canada. To help tell the story of their family, Grace blew up a copy of the restaurant's menu and turned it into wallpaper. The ink on the menu perfectly matches the paint on the brand new kitchen cabinets.

A Splash Of Gardening

This customized backsplash over the range features pages from Mandy's grandmother's gardening books.

Germination Station

Previously, Mandy's germination station was being housed in the living room. Grace gave her a new one in the nook off of the kitchen, this time with proper grow lights. A chef's table was also salvaged off site, refinished, and installed to give the Anthis family ample space to store their ingredients and cooking utensils.

Easy Garden Access

Also included in the renovation was a new set of doors to allow the Anthis family easy access to their vegetable garden.

Upgraded Attic

What used to be a completely unlivable attic is now literally the coolest bedroom ever. The family's daughter, Bella, told Grace she liked two things: art and treehouses. So Grace gave her a bedroom/art nook with treehouse influences such as a loft bed and tree branch light.

Attic Details

A closer look at the custom wallpaper that perfectly reflects the cornucopia of color featured throughout the room.

Attic Details

A fun little desk area for Bella.

The Tree Branch Light

Grace's brilliant tree branch light she created especially for Bella.

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