One of a Kind: A Storied Style

The homeowners’ stories were no where to be found in their home — until Grace got there! After a $150K renovation, Mark and Trista’s passions and family histories were on display in some seriously beautiful and thoughtful ways.

April 03, 2019
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Meet the Homeowners

After five years of saving up for a renovation, Mark and Trista Thinnes brought Grace in to help finish up their home and tell their story. Fun facts about the Thinnes family: Trista is passionate about gardening and cooking and Mark’s great great grandfather was one of the founders of Abilene, Texas. With this information at her disposal, Grace completely transformed their home’s exterior, their kitchen, living area, and dining room.

Living Room, Before

The living room was the best room in the house even before the renovation. Grace in particular loved the vaulted ceilings

Living Room, After

So much of this room tells the Thinnes story. For starters, the windmill fan! Mark’s family owns property in Abilene, so he gave Grace permission to explore the land. While there, she found pieces of windmill and had it turned into a fan. From the living room, you can also see the hallway where Grace showcased illustrations of early Texas drawn by another ancestor of Mark’s.

Windmill Fan

A closer look at the incredible windmill fan created by Windmill Ceiling Fans of Texas.

Kitchen, Before

With minimal counterspace, a rusted sink, and just ONE outlet, the original kitchen needed a lot of work.

Kitchen, After

Because Trista is passionate about cooking, Grace wanted to give her a dream kitchen with plenty of counterspace but also incorporate the outdoors — where the Thinnes family loves to spend the majority of their time. The floors have the feel of an old barn, the cabinets are a pale blue, and the space is completely open with the sink now facing the outdoors.

Kitchen, After

Another view of the kitchen.


A closer look at the green backsplash.

Playroom/Office, Before

This room didn't really have a distinct purpose. Part playroom and part office, Grace decided this space was better off a dining room, and decided to blow out the wall so it could open up into the kitchen.

Dining Room, After

With the walls down and the former playroom/office opening into the kitchen, Grace continued the cabinetry into the new dining room and outfitted it with a picnic feel to pay homage to the family's love for eating outdoors.

Custom Artwork

Grace had her friend Kelly Kay create the art for the dining space so that flowers could be blooming all year round in the Thinnes home.

Entryway, Before

The original entryway was very tight and uninviting.

Entryway, After

Grace said she wanted to do something outstanding here, and she did just that! Besides removing a wall and replacing the front door, she incorporated illustrations of early Texas drawn by Mark’s ancestors.

Entryway, After

A closer look at the historical illustrations of Abilene, Texas.

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